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Staphysagria - General symptoms - Nash

Stavesacre, Staphis, Staphisag, Staphisagria, Staph.

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HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Staphysagria in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Cross, ugly, scrawny, pot-bellied children; subject to colic; worse after food or drink. Extreme hunger even when stomach is full of food.

Styes, nodosities, chalazae, on eyelids, one after another, sometimes ulcerating.

Burning in the urethra when not urinating; very sensitive to slightest mental impressions; least action or harmless word offends.

Bad effects from sexual abuse; mind dwelling continually on sexual subjects.

Teeth decay early in children; cannot be kept clean.

Sensation as if stomach and abdomen were hanging down, relaxed; craving for tobacco.

"Great indignation about things done by others or himself, grieving about the consequences, continual concern about the future."

"Throws things away indignantly, or pushes them away on the table."

"Children are ill humored and cry for things which after getting they petulantly throw away; worse in the morning."

"Very sensitive to the least impression, the least word that seems wrong hurts her very much."

"Hypochondriasis, apathy; weak memory; caused by unmerited insults, sexual excess, or by persistently dwelling on sexual subjects."

"Ailments from indignation and vexation or reserved displeasure; sleeplessness."

I quote all these symptoms in order to impress the reader with the value of Staphisagria as a mind remedy. Chamomilla Chamomilla is often used when Staphisagria would be better, especially for children, and Nux Vomica Nux vomica is sometimes used for adults the same way.

Acid Phos Phosphoric acid is sometimes used for the results of onanism when Staphisagria would do better. You will also notice that Staphysagria may be indicated for the effects of anger instead of Chamomilla Chamomilla or Colocynthis Colocynth. Here are Chamomilla Chamomilla, Nux Vomica Nux vomica Cina Cina, Colocynthis Colocynth and Staphisagria standing very close to each other for cross, ugly, irritable subjects, and there are few cases that one or the other will not fit. Then we have Acid Phos Phosphoric acid, Natrum muriaticum, Anacardium Occidentale Anacardium, Aurum and Staphisagria for the apathetic or hypochondriacal.

Staphisagria has a sensation as if the stomach were hanging down relaxed. Ipecacuanha Ipecac and Tabacum Tabacum, have the same sensation.

Sometimes it is described as a sinking sensation. It also has the same sensation in the abdomen; feels as though it would drop, wants to support it with the hands. Colic, which might be styled "habitual colic," in scrawny, ugly, pot-bellied children, and especially if they suffer much with their teeth, which turn black, with tender, spongy gums, which are sensitive and painful.

Now when we add dysentery to the foregoing, we see that Staphisagria acts along the whole intestinal tract. Staphisagria is one of the remedies which has a marked characteristic aggravation after the least food or drink. Staphysagria has a very peculiar symptom, which appeared in the provings, and which I have verified, viz., "burning in the urethra when not urinating." While urinating the burning ceased. We have plenty of remedies for burning before, during and after urination, but Staphisagria is the only one having this burning all the time between the acts of urinating. In addition to being one of the best remedies for onanism, it is one of the best for affections of the prostrate gland in old men, with frequent urination and dribbling of urine afterwards. A very common and troublesome symptom found in connection with troubles of the genital organs, both male and female, is backache, which is very peculiar, in that it is always worse at night in bed and in the morning before rising. It is a very efficacious remedy here. Staphisagria is a good skin remedy. It cures both dry and moist eruptions. The eczema of Staphisagria oozes an acrid moisture from under the scabs, and new vesicles form from the contact of the exudation. They generally itch very severely, and one peculiarity is, that when the itching is relieved by scratching in one place it immediately appears in another. The eczema is often on the head, on the sides around the ears, but the most marked action is in the eyelids. Herring's card expresses it thus "Styes, nodosities, chalazae on eyelids, one after another, sometimes ulcerating." There is only one remedy that can compare with this one in chronic blepharitis, and that is Graphites Graphites (see also Borax Borax). It has some remarkable cures of cross, puny, sickly children, having the teeth and eyelid symptoms. Not only were the local troubles remedied, but the patient was cured every way.

I think of but two other uses of Staphisagria, which I wish to mention. First, its use in the cure of condylomata, figwarts, or cauliflower-like excrescences. In one case, with the 200th of Staphysagria, I removed an excrescence on the perinaeum of a lady in which the growth was an inch long and the appearance was exactly in appearance like cauliflower. It rapidly disappeared under the action of Staphysagria and never returned. Second, its use for Incised wounds. It is the best remedy here, where there is a clean cut as after surgical operations. It is to such wounds what Calendula Officinalis Calendula is to lacerations, Arnica Arnica, Hamamelis Virginica Hamamelis, Ledum Palustre Ledum and Sulphuricum Acidum Sulph. ac;id for bruises, Rhus Tox Rhus tox., Calc Carb Calcarea ostrearum and Nux Vomica Nux vomica for strains.

Calc phos Calcarea phosphorica and Symphytum for fractures.