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Stannum Iodatum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Stann. Iod, Stannum, Stann-i.

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HPUS indication of Stannum Iodatum: cough
Common symptom: Cough..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stannum Iodatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion and dulness of the head, as before coryza, which, however, did not occur, with sneezing,

General Head.

Heaviness and dulness of the head, worse in the evening,

Heaviness of the head during rest and motion, in the evening, lasting two hours (after nine hours),

Heaviness and tearings throughout the head (twenty-fifth day),

Almost constant heaviness throughout the head, sometimes only at the top (thirtieth day),

Now and then, violent heaviness in the head, sometimes general, sometimes partial; sometimes at one point, sometimes at another (twelfth day),

General heaviness throughout the head, especially in the occiput (twentieth day),

Feeling of weakness in the head, and sleepiness,

Painful sensation on shaking the head, as if the brain were loose and beat against the skull,

Constriction and sudden pressure in the whole upper part of the head, slowly increasing and decreasing,

Frequent sensation, as if screwed inward in the head, with slow jerks or drawing pressure here and there at times,

Pressive tearings from each side of the brain to the top of the skull (twenty-fifth day),

Sharp and deepseated stitches in the lower part of the left anterior lobe of the brain (above the arch of the orbit), (tenth day),

Tingling in the head; noise resounds in it,


Painful heaviness throughout the whole head, sometimes in the forehead only, or in the temples (tenth day),

Pain and heat in the head, in the morning on waking,

Headache mostly every morning, with loss of appetite; nausea and fretfulness,

The action of raising or of bowing the head causes pain in the muscles which are involved in these movements (twentieth day),

Boring, pressive, stupefying pain in the left half of the brain, on the surface,

Painful pressing in the brain towards the vertex and occipital bones, in the evening, also after lying down,

Pain, as if the brain were forced asunder, and were tense,

Cramplike pain, as if the head were externally constricted by a band,

Sharp jerking pains in the right anterior lobe of the brain, above the orbit (twenty-fourth day),

Headache in the frontal region,

Pain, as from a crashing, in the forehead,

Pressive stupefying pain in the brain, just above the eyebrows, during rest and motion,

Burning pain, like fire, in one-half of the forehead, as also in the nose and eyes, with external heat in the parts all alike, during rest and motion; was obliged to lie down, with nausea and retching as to vomiting, from morning till evening,

Tearing pain, but transient, in the forehead, the top of the head, and the occiput; afterwards shifting now to one point, then to another, and sometimes affecting the whole head; generally more violent in the forehead (twenty-fourth day),

Frequently during the day, cutting, penetrating pains in the left anterior portion of the brain; they last some moments, and cease, to be renewed subsequently (fortieth day),

Stitchlike headache, especially in the left side of the forehead, with fluent coryza,

Sticking headache in the forehead, even during rest, for several days, on stooping, everything presses outward at the forehead,

Boring pain in the left temple all day,

Boring pressive pain in the right temple, relieved by external pressure,

Pressive pain outward in the right temple, almost as if external,

Pain, like a pressing inward in the temples all day,

Often-recurring, sharp, but transient pains in the right temple (twenty-second day),

Sharp pains in the left temple; less severe in the right temple (seventh day),

Throbbing headache, in the temples,

Painful sensation of heaviness in the top of the head, almost at the forehead (seventh day),

Sometimes painful heaviness in the top of the head; now and then shootings in the right parietal region (seventeenth day),

Pressive pain outward, in the right side of the head,

Painful heaviness in the occiput (twenty-first day),

Painful and almost constant sense of weight on the occiput,

Headache in the occiput,

Constrictive pain in the right side of the occiput,

Pain, as from suppuration on the head, externally,


Sudden sharp pressure on the vertex, with a sensation as if the hair moved,

Burning tension on the forepart of the scalp, just above the right side of the forehead,


Pressure in the forehead,

Pressure in the forehead; aggravated by bending backward, relieved by pressure,

Pressing outward at the frontal eminence,

Pressure outward at the forehead, with sleepiness, relieved by pressure,

Dull pressure from within outward, in the forehead,

Pressure in the middle of the forehead, extending deep into the brain,

Pressure in the forehead, temples, and vertex, relieved by external pressure,

A sudden pressive jerk in the left forehead and temple, so that he cried aloud,

Violent jerks in the forehead, alternating with dull pressure,

Drawing through the forehead and vertex, with a pressive sensation,

Pressive tearing in the forehead,

Pressive tearing in the right half of the forehead at intervals, aggravated by stooping,

Shootings from the anterior portion of the brain to the right side (twenty-third day),

Dull shootings in the left anterior side of the head (thirty-fifth day),

A long, dull stitch in the left frontal eminence,

Fine stitches in the middle of the forehead,


Compression in the temples and occiput,

Pressure in the left temple beginning slight, then increasing and so again diminishing as if the forehead would be pressed inward,

Pressure in the right temple when lying upon it, disappearing on rising up,

Pressive drawing in one temple and half of the forehead, causing confusion,

Pulsating stitches in the temples, with heat in the head, chilliness of the body and weakness of the head, so that he almost loses his reason, with slumbering and insensibility,

Vertex and Parietals.

Pressive tearing in the left side of the vertex,

Sudden dull stitches in the top of the head,

Burning stitches on the vertex,

Pressive heaviness, with a feeling of emptiness in the left half of the brain,

Drawing pressure from the right parietal bone to the orbit,

Pressive tearing through the right side of the head,

Tearing pressure in the right half of the head,

Tearing in the left parietal bone, and in the forehead,

From time to time, violent dartings in the left side of the head, or in its posterior portion (twelfth day),


Boring in the occipital bones, with acute heaviness,

Compression in the occiput, under the skull,

Pressure outward, in the left side of the occiput,

Pressive tearing in the left occipital bone,

Pressive tearing in the left side of the occiput,

Shooting in the left posterior portion of the head (twentieth day),

External Head.

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