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Stannum Iodatum - General symptoms - Clarke

Stann. Iod, Stannum, Stann-i.

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HPUS indication of Stannum Iodatum: cough
Common symptom: Cough..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stannum Iodatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Stannum. Stannum Metallicum Tin. sn. (A. W., 118.8) Trituration of the pure metal.

Anaemia. Asthma. Bronchitis. Chilblains. Colic. Consumption. Convulsions. Cramps. Debility. Dentition. Diaphragm, pains in. Dyspepsia. Ears, ring-holes, ulceration of. Epilepsy. Epistaxis. Gastralgia. Haematemesis. Haemoptysis. Headache. Hectic fever. Hemiplegia. Hypochondriasis. Hysteria. Lachrymal fistula. Lachrymal sac, suppuration of. Milk, altered. Nails, splitting. Neuralgia. Neurasthenia. Opisthotonos. Paralysis. Phthisis pituitosa. Ptosis. Sleeplessness. Styes. Tapeworm. Trachea, affections of. Uterus, prolapse of. Vagina, prolapse of. Worms.

Stannum is the Jupiter of the alchymists. "The ancients have recorded wonderful cures of the most serious diseases with Stannum Metallicum Tin," says Hahnemann, but in his day, until he proved it, its only use was as a vermifuge.

Alston obtained indirectly from "a woman of Leith in Scotland" this prescription, of which he has witnessed the efficacy in a case of tapeworm "Take an ounce and a half of Stannum Metallicum Tin (pewter metal) and grind it small to powder, mix it with sugar syrup, and take, on a Friday before the change of the moon, one-half of it, the following day the half of the remainder, and the Sunday following the rest, but on the Monday a purgative." Alston also says, in his Materia Medica, that he has seen haematemesis cured by this as if by magic.

Hahnemann's proving appears both in his Materia Medica Pura and in his Chronic Diseases.

A number of worm symptoms appear in the pathogenesis Sinking, empty, all-gone feeling, diaphragmatic and abdominal pains; tendency to excessive mucous secretions; pale, sunken, sickly countenance, with dark rings round eyes; convulsions.

Many of these symptoms occur in conditions not due to helminthiasis, and Stan. will be the remedy.

Pains in the hypochondria, associated with the hypochondriac or hysterical mental state.

Diaphragmatic neuralgia.

Colic amel. by hard pressure, as by laying the child with its abdomen across the knee or on the point of the shoulder.

Stannum Iodatum is one of the keynotes of Stan.; but the most important one is in the type of the Stan. pains they begin lightly, increase gradually to the highest point and then as gradually decline.

Other remedies have pains of this type but not to the same characteristic degree.

Stannum Iodatum feature applies to the headaches, facial and dental neuralgias, abdominal and other pains.

Another cardinal feature of Stan. is weakness exhaustion of mind and body.

The chest is so weak as to make talking impossible.

The patient is so weak, she drops into a chair instead of sitting down.

While dressing in the morning has to sit down several times to rest.

There is weakness and aching of the deltoid and arm, and this has the curious modality that it is felt when singing or otherwise using the voice.

Stan. is an important remedy for singers and public speakers.

The weakness of Stan. makes it an appropriate remedy for many states of neurasthenia, nervous exhaustion.

A peculiarity of the weakness is that it is felt much more on going down stairs than on going up.

The relaxation of tissue is probably responsible for the weak, empty, sinking sensation felt at the epigastrium; and also for the uterine prolapse.

In the dyspepsias of Stan. there is nausea and vomiting from the smell of cooking; and the gastralgia compels the patient to walk about for relief, yet the weakness is so great that he is soon compelled to rest.

The weak, empty feeling in the chest is one of the notes of Stan. in phthisical conditions, and the stitches are another.

hectic fever. deep, hollow, shattering cough.

expectoration, profuse like white of egg, sweetish, salty.

sour, putrid, musty. yellow-green pus.

deep, husky, hollow voice, amel. for the time by hawking or expectorating mucus make up the rest of the picture.

Stan. is a low-spirited remedy, and when phthisical patients are despondent and without hope (they are usually the reverse) Stan. will most likely be needed. (The yellowness of the Stan. secretions is worth noting The tongue is yellow; sputa and leucorrhoea are also yellow.) Palpitation and anxiety occur from ever so slight exertion, as giving directions about the household.

Trembling of arms and legs; limbs as heavy as lead.

The pains of Stan. are frequently compressive and cramp-like; and cramps and spasms are a marked feature of the Stan. effects.

The convulsions are opisthotonic; the thumbs are drawn in.

They are such as are met within teething children; or in children who masturbate; or who have worms.

A typical case of Stan. neuralgia is quoted in Clinique (xxi. 62) Man, 30, suffered for eight years off and on, and for some months continuously, with neuralgic headache.

Pain centres over one or other eye (usually right) and extends over whole or part of head and is at times unbearable.

It begins in early morning 4 to 5 a.m.), increases gradually to noon, when it gradually declines to sunset, reappearing again the following morning.

Two doses of Stan. cured in a fortnight.

There is sexual excitement in both sexes.

Emissions with excessive prostration.

In the female the menses are early and profuse.

Orgasm is easily produced Scratching arm produces an intolerable sensation of pleasure in genital organs which extends to uterus and produces orgasm." The uterine and vaginal prolapse of Stan. has this distinguishing feature it is agg. during stool; especially during pressure.

Labour pains are spasmodic and put the patient out of breath.

The milk of nursing woman is changed, and the child rejects it.

Hering gives as cured by Stan. "Monday constipation".

that is, constipation occurring on days following rest-days. Stan. has marked periodicity. T. H. Urquhart (quoted H. R., iv. 147) cured in two months an affection of the nails characterised by breaking and splitting, a sequel of scurvy, by applying to them Stannum oleate on a narrow flannel bandage. Peculiar Sensations are As if all objects were too far off. As if forehead were shattered. As if forehead would be pressed inward. Pain as if from an ulcer in hypogastrium. As if there were a hole in his side. As if there were no sensation in bladder. Chest, as if eviscerated.

as if internally constricted. Epigastric region as if beaten. Tickling as from soreness in trachea. Inclination to hawk as if mucus were in chest. As if she would faint. As if limbs beaten. As of a heavy load in affected arm and side of chest. As if sweat would break out. The "girdle" sensation of Stan. accompanies yawning. The secretions of Stan. are bland. The symptoms are agg. by touch. amel. By pressure. amel. Lying across something hard. agg. Rest. agg. Lying.

(but must lie down from weakness of chest). agg. Lying on r. side. Sitting bent over amel. (cough). Bending double amel. Walking amel. pains, but must soon rest. Motion amel. pains in head, but agg. other symptoms. agg. Using voice (laughing, talking, singing). agg. Going down stairs (faintness). Blowing nose = shrieking noise in ear. Warm drink cough. Open air amel.

(agg. vertigo). agg. During stool.

In chest affections, when talking, reading aloud, singing, &c.

they cause a very weak feeling in throat and chest, an exhausted, "given-out" sensation, and produce hoarseness.

using the voice produces weakness in the arms between the elbow and shoulder, then the weakness extends all over the body. The above symptoms are very often found in operatic singers, actors, auctioneers.