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Spongia Tosta - General symptoms - Clarke

Roasted Sponge, Spongia, Spong.

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HPUS indication of Spongia Tosta: Wheezing
Common symptoms: Wheezing, Cough, Hoarseness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Spongia Tosta in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Common Sponge, roasted. N. O. Coelenterata. Tincture (20 grains in 400 drops of alcohol).

Aneurism. Angina pectoris. Asthma. Catalepsy. Chin, affections of. Clumsiness. Constipation. Cough. Croup. Diplopia. Exophthalmos. Fainting. Goître.

exophthalmic. Heart, hypertrophy of. Hernia. Jaw-joint, pain in. Laryngismus. Laryngitis. Myopia. Rheumatic fever. Rheumatism. Testicles, inflammation of. Tuberculosis. Varicosis. Whooping-cough. Worms.

According to Hahnemann, Toasted Sponge was first mentioned as a specific for goître by Arnald von Villanova in the thirteenth century; but it was generally given mixed with other substances, and had fallen into disuse when Hahnemann proved it.

The virtues of Spongia have been attributed to the Iodium Iodine contained in it, and partially liberated by the presence of roasting.

But Spongia contains many other elements besides Iodium Iodine, and it has a distinctive action of its own.

It is antipodal to Iodium Iod. in this respect, that it is best Suited to blue-eyed, fair-haired patients, whereas Iodium Iod. acts best on brunettes. Spongia Tosta Spo. is suited to scrofulous affections, and is often indicated with women of lax fibre, and children.

One of the keynotes of Spongia Tosta Spo. is Dryness of mucous membrane─of tongue, pharynx, larynx, trachea.

Cough is caused by dryness.

The cough itself is dry, intensely hacking, crowing, "dry as a bone," or sounding like a saw being driven through a pine board.

The sputa cannot be raised, must be swallowed, swallowing amel.

In laryngismus there is contraction of larynx as if suddenly grasped.

With the dyspnoea there is terrible sinking; he seems to be sinking down in a pit.

The larynx is sensitive, but has not the hyperaesthesia of Lachesis Lach.

Like Lachesis Lach. Spongia Tosta Spo. has agg. after sleep.

Rouses up in sleep as if in a great fright.

Cough is excited by talking; by dry, cold winds; amel. by eating or drinking; by swallowing; especially amel. by warm food.

Sweets agg. Spo meets some cases of true tuberculosis; of larynx; of apices, with commencing solidification; tubercles spreading downwards.

Congestion of chest coming on when the patient is moving about with sudden weakness as if he would fall.

Rawness in the chest is another note of Spongia Tosta Spo. The action of Spongia Tosta Spo. on the respiratory organs is closely connected with its action on the glandular system, the lymphatics, the thyroid, and testes are indurated.

The blood, heart, and veins are also involved, and with the protruding eyes a perfect picture of exophthalmic goître is produced.

Hypertrophy of the heart is frequently met by Spongia Tosta Spo., and it is especially indicated when the right heart is affected and when asthmatic symptoms are associated with it. Spongia Tosta Spo. meets some cases of croupous deposit on the valves of the heart as it does croup of the larynx.

The Spongia Tosta Spo. patient in phthisical and other conditions is subject to frequent flashes of heat.

The chill commences usually across the back.

He shakes near a warm stove.

The heat which follows extends over the whole body except the thighs, which remain numb and chilly.

In the heart affections the patient is aroused from sleep as if smothering; sits up in bed with an anxious look, flushed face, and hard, rapid breathing.

Kent (M. A., xxv. 17) gives this indication "Rheumatic fever after having been over-heated, with arising heart complications." Nash gives this keynote of Spongia Tosta Spo. in valvular diseases "Awakes out of sleep from a sense of suffocation, with violent, loud cough, great alarm, agitation, anxiety, and difficult respiration." He says it is better than Lachesis Lach. here.

and relieves the "dry, chronic, sympathetic cough of organic heart disease" more frequently and more permanently than Naja Tripudia Naja.

Spo meets also thickening of joints after rheumatic fever.

In orchitis, with heaviness and screw-like squeezing pain in cord and testicle, Spo is the chief remedy, though others are generally needed before that stage is reached.

Timidity, fear, and terror are leading mental symptoms.

Any excitement and thinking of symptoms agg.

Peculiar Sensations are As if head would fall to one side.

As if tipsy. As if all her blood were mounting to head.

As if skull would burst.

As if hair were standing on end.

Eyes as if twisted around.

As if a battery of guns were discharged in ears.

Stitches as if passing through tympanum.

Nodule in concha as if it would gather and break.

Jaw as if dislocated. As if eruption were to appear near chin.

Left side of chin as if ulcerated.

As if something had got jammed between teeth in chewing.

As if gums and teeth were swollen, the latter being lifted.

Outside of throat as if something were being pressed out.

As of a plug in throat.

As if he had drunk a great deal of luke-warm water, relaxation of stomach, and oesophagus.

Pit of stomach as if growing together.

Stomach as if standing open.

Of obstruction in abdomen (and in trachea).

As if something alive moving in abdomen.

As if something alive beneath skin of abdomen.

As if diarrhoea would ensue.

As of a plug in larynx.

As if a stopper or valve were in larynx.

As of a nail pressing in larynx.

As if larynx and trachea were removed.

As if she would suffocate.

As if child could not get breath.

As if breathing through a sponge.

As if chest would burst.

Chest as if sore and bloody.

As of a large accumulation and weight at chest.

As if a broad body armed with points were pressing upward.

As if a weight were dragging down on chest.

As if she had something hot inside chest.

As if blood would burst out of chest.

As if cervical glands were swelling.

As if skin of neck were compressed between fingers.

As if air were passing up and down thyroid and cervical glands.

Thyroid gland as if hardened.

As if everything were shaking and moving about in goître.

As if goître were alive.

As if a pointed instrument were thrust into scapulae.

As if bones of forearm were being pressed together.

As if parts in and between wrists were weakened by decay.

As if a muscle were too short in upper end of thigh.

As if knees would give way.

As if weight hanging on lower end of tibia As of pins in heels.

As if she were going to faint.

As if everything were in flames.

As if sweat would break out.

There is excitement of the nerves; tendency to start; twitching of muscles, with fever.

Stiff without ability to move. "Conscious but unable to act on her limbs" (as in a cataleptic state).

Clumsiness of body. Faint when losing her breath.

Feeling of numbness of lower half of body. agg.

When thinking of her symptoms.

Complaints extend downwards; from within out; from right to left.

There are cramp-like pains.

Bitter taste in throat.

Aversion to tobacco.

Desire for dainties (but sweets agg.).

The symptoms are agg. by touch and pressure.

Scratching does not amel. biting itching. agg.

Motion; walking; stooping; rising; raising arms (becomes faint); talking; singing.

Bending forward amel. dyspnoea; agg. symptoms of circulation. amel.

Descending. amel. Resting in horizontal position.

Lying with head low agg.

Lying right side agg. agg.

At night. Before midnight croup agg.; dry sound of breathing and cough sleepless until midnight.

After midnight wakes with palpitation with suffocation. agg.

Warm room. amel. Warm food or drink.

Frosty weather amel. cough.

Dry, cold weather amel. headache.

Cold weather = coryza.

Cold air agg. cough. agg.

Sudden changes of atmosphere. agg.

At full moon. agg. Periodically; every night.

Eating and drinking amel. cough; drinking = cough. agg.

Sweets. agg. After sleep.