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Sinapis Alba - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

White mustard, Sinapis, Sin-a.

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HPUS indication of Sinapis Alba: Flatulence

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sinapis Alba in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Brassica alba, Boiss. (Sinapis alba, L.)

Natural order, Cruciferae.

Common names, White mustard, Senf-kohl.

Preparation, Trituration of the seeds.

Authority. Dr. Bojanus, Viertl. Jahrschrift f. Hom., 15, 56, took 5 grains, triturated in a mortar, twice first day.

10 grains, three times second, third, and fourth days.

10 grains morning, 15 grains P.M., 20 grains evening, fifth day.

20 grains morning, 30 grains P.M. and evening, sixth day.

30 grains three times, seventh, eighth, and ninth days.

30 drops tincture, twice twelfth day.

30 drops, three times thirteenth day.

40 drops, four times fourteenth to nineteenth days.

50 drops, four times twentieth day.

50 drops twice, and 80 drops evening twenty-first day.

50 drops once twenty-second and twenty-third days.

Sensation as though a hard body were lying high up in the oesophagus, especially noticed on swallowing hard food, and also on empty swallowing.

in the afternoon this sensation became very distressing, when it seemed as though a plug were sticking in the pharynx, and the pharynx were too narrow (this sensation appeared after the crawling and biting in the anus had disappeared and seemed to alternate with it), (twentieth day).

Sensation as if something hard were lying just by the anus, soon followed by a stool, which, however, was evacuated only with great pressure and was unsatisfactory.

the first part was hard, crumbly, dark-brownish green, covered with mucus, and containing thread-worms, followed by the same sensation as before the stool (fourteenth day).

Stool very copious, partly hard, partly soft, preceded by great urging with griping.

the first part dark brown, the last dark yellow, pasty, of a sour odor.

the whole evacuation, especially the soft part, seemed thickly covered with dark-red blood, containing many mustard seeds and undigested food.

evacuation preceded and accompanied by sticking and biting in the anus, lasting a long time, the cause of which was discovered to be a thread-worm.

after the stool rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen (tenth day).

Thin, pasty, grayish-brown evacuation, containing thread-worms, sour as if fermented, with great burning in the anus during and after the stool (twenty-fifth day).

no stool (twenty-sixth day).

copious pasty, brown stool, followed by burning in the anus, in the morning.

in the evening a pasty, fermented, sour, small, dark-brown stool, preceded by burning and crawling in the anus, constant violent colic with great desire for stool, followed by a prickling and biting in the anus (twenty-seventh day).

the evacuation of thread-worms continued for some weeks after the proving,.