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Sinapis Alba - General symptoms - Clarke

White mustard, Sinapis, Sin-a.

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HPUS indication of Sinapis Alba: Flatulence

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sinapis Alba in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Brassica alba. White Mustard. Senf-Kohl. N. O. Cruciferae. Trituration and tincture of the seeds.

the "cress" being Lepidium sativum. Bojanus proved Sin. alb., taking substantial doses of the triturated seeds and of a tincture made therefrom. The well-known emetic effects of mustard were produced by it, and also its "burning" sensations in many parts, notably anus, stomach, and oesophagus. Flatulence, headache, (amel. walking in open air; agg. in warm room) and salivation were among the observed effects. Under Sin. alb. the prover, who had had no sign of threadworms since his thirteenth year, passed many both living and dead.

and had all the usual rectal symptoms which accompany their presence. The urine, too, was turbid, as is often the case in helminthiasis. A. L. Fisher (Med. Vis., xiii. 316) says that for twenty years Sin. alb. has had a prominent place in his armamentarium. He has used it on the indications of the proving, and he found that the conditions of pregnancy and lactation seem to favour the development of the conditions calling for it. He has verified these "Excessive accumulation of watery saliva or mucus." "Acute bruised pain, even on slight pressure, just beneath ensiform cartilage." "Vomiting, ejecta consisting of flakes of mucus with blackish veins like clots of blood." "Crawling and burning in anus, with griping in abdomen." "Spasmodic griping in anus, appearing at intervals, and especially noticed after swallowing anything." He has cured with Sin. alb. "Sore mouth with intensely red mucous membrane, dotted with minute white ulcers, the least food, even of blandest character, increasing the burning that is present all the time, and also in the throat." Sin. alb. has a number of Peculiar Sensations As if head hollow. As of a plug in throat.

of hard-substance high up in oesophagus under manubrium sterni.

something hard lying in stomach, after a moderate meal.

hard substance in rectum not amel. by stool. Bojanus noticed an alternation between the symptoms of the anus and those of the pharynx. I have cured with Sin. alb. "Sharp, shooting pain in right frontal eminence, agg. in warm room, amel. moving about and in open air." The symptoms are agg. by touch. agg. Pressure. agg. Motion. amel. Rest. agg. Swallowing (crawling in anus). agg. After eating (sensation of hard substance in stomach). agg. Warm room. amel. Rest. amel. Open air.


Anus, itching of; affections of. Flatulence. Gastric ulcer. Gastritis. Headache. Heartburn. Lactation, dyspepsia of; sore mouth of. Mouth, inflammation of; ulceration of. Oesophagus. Pregnancy, dyspepsia of; sore mouth of. Salivation. Threadworms. Vomiting. Worms.


Sin. alb., like Sin. nig., is indigenous in Great Britain. "Its seeds are larger than those of Sinapis Nigra Black Mustard, and of a yellow colour externally. Chemically they differ in containing a crystalline substance known as sulpho-sinapism. Moreover, its myrosine yields with water a pungent oil of a different character from the Volatile Oil of Mustard" obtained from Sin. nig. (Treas. of Bot.). The seed-leaves or cotyledons of Sin. alb. furnish the "mustard" of "mustard and cress "