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Sepia - Throat symptoms - T.F. Allen

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Hawking up of phlegm, in the morning (after four days),

Hawking up of a quantity of bloody mucus (fifteenth day),

Constant accumulation of mucus in the throat, which almost suffocates her,

Much mucus in the throat, he must hawk much,

Inflammation and swelling in upper part of throat,

Left side of throat and tongue and corner of mouth covered with vesicles (seventeenth day),

Inflammation of the throat,

Throat red and dry (twentieth day),

Throat dry, worse evening (nineteenth day),

Dryness of the throat the whole day,

Constant dryness and contracted sensation in the throat,

Dryness and soreness in throat; at night it feels quite parched,

Dryness in the throat, in the evening, before going to sleep, which is not relieved by drinking (after eight days),

Dryness in the posterior nares, yet much mucus in the mouth, with involuntary urging to swallow,

Dryness in the throat, with sense of thickness,

Sensation of a plug in the throat, when swallowing, in the evening,

Sensation of a plug in the throat,

Sore throat, with swelling of the cervical glands,

Sore pain in throat, when swallowing,

Immediately after a meal feeling of soreness in throat, like a cramp at the inner side of the cervical vertebrae,

Sore throat, with difficulty of swallowing,

Throat very sore, at 7 A.M. (eighth day),

Throat sore and swollen; trapezius muscles very sore; can scarcely turn my head, and my neck is very sensitive to touch (forty-ninth day); throat and muscles very sore (fifty-first to fifty-third day),

(A sore throat, from which I had suffered ever since I had small-pox, eight years ago, is somewhat improving), (fifth day),

Painful contraction and pressure in throat,

Pressing pain in throat, in upper right side,

Pressure in the throat, towards the back, when swallowing food and drink,

Pressure in the throat, as if he were choked with something which would not go down,

Pressure in the throat, as from a plug, which it seemed to him he must swallow; from hawking or coughing mucus is raised,

Pressure in the throat, even when it is dressed very loosely,

Pressure in the throat in the region of the tonsils, as if the neckcloth were tied too tight,

Constrictive pressive sore throat, just above and on the larynx,

Sensation of heat in throat,

In the afternoon, burning heat in the throat, with a fulness and pressure in the head (second day); increased (third day); continued four or five days,

First a smarting, then a cutting, and at times also pressing sensation in the left side of throat,

Throat feels as if it had been skinned (fifth and sixth days),

Throat, nose, and all raw, as if skinned (fourth day),

Pinching in the throat, from larynx upwards,

Cutting pain in the throat, with raw feeling, and accompanied by the accumulation of much phlegm,

Slight creeping in the throat, with sensation of hoarseness, which causes frequent hawking,

Scraping sensation in the throat, when swallowing,

Scraping in the throat, in the evening,

Painful jerk from the throat to the pit of the stomach, in the morning, when sitting up in bed,

Stitching pain in throat, when swallowing,

Uvula and Tonsils.

Sticking pain in the uvula, with redness of both sides of the throat; very sensitive on swallowing, with shaking chill and accumulation of mucus that cannot be loosened,

Left tonsil much swollen and covered with pustules (twenty-ninth day),

Inflammation, great swelling, and suppuration of the left tonsil; he could not swallow on account of pain, heat of the whole body, thirst, and burning in the eyes (after eleven days),

Frequent expectoration of mucus from the fauces,

Numb feeling in right tonsil (after four days),

Fauces and Pharynx.

Smoking does not agree with him, contracts the fauces,

Dryness in the fauces (after eleven days),

Sore throat, smarting and burning on posterior portion of fauces, and above on the palate, as if from a violent coryza,

Roughness and burning in fauces, which is aggravated by hawking,

Stitching-scratching sore pain in pharynx, during empty deglutition,


Difficult deglutition; the muscles of deglutition seem paralyzed, for several evenings (after thirty-six days),

External Throat.

Throbbing of the carotids (twenty-second day),

Slight swelling of the right parotid gland, in the evening (third day),

Submaxillary gland is swollen, pressing on it produces pain,

The left submaxillary gland and tonsil are very much swollen (fourth day); throat much worse (fifth day),

Stitches in the parotid gland, which swelled and produced a tensive pain when moving the head,

Pain in the submaxillary glands, as if bruised; also painful when touched,


Accumulation of much mucus in the larynx, which is difficult to cough up, but easy to swallow, even with deep inspiration (after twenty-four hours),

Frequent pressure in the larynx, without pain, in the morning,

Dryness of the larynx, in the morning,

Feeling of dryness in the trachea (after three days),


Sudden hoarseness (after seven days),

Hoarse, this evening (third day),

Hoarseness, he cannot speak a loud word,

Voice like that of a person with a cold in the head, in the evening,

Hoarseness, she cannot sing high notes,

Hoarseness and fluent coryza (after four days),

Hoarseness, with dry cough, from tickling in the throat (after five days),

Hoarseness, and therewith weak and chilly (after a few hours),

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough when going to sleep (fourth day),

Cough, awaking at night,

Cough, mostly in the evening, in bed, with vomiting,

Cough, day and night, pain therefrom in the pit of the stomach,

Cough, which affects the chest and stomach greatly,

Cough, with stitches in the back,

Scraping cough; it seems as if it had settled on the chest,

Cough, with stitches in both sides of abdomen, upper part,

Cough, from tickling in trachea, toward morning, without expectoration,

Cough, from tickling in the larynx, without expectoration (after five days),

Cough, with coryza, every morning until nine o'clock; he sneezes already early, while in bed,

*Cough, in the evening, before going to sleep, from 8 to 9 o'clock, continually, until she expectorates, then the cough stops,

Severe irritation to cough, from crawling in the chest,

The irritation to cough frequently comes on so suddenly and violently that he cannot take breath quick enough, and it produces a spasmodic contraction of the chest,

Much cough, with expectoration, only before midnight, as soon as he gets into bed, not during the day (after fourteen days),

After rattling of mucus in the chest, severe cough, with expectoration, producing raw and sore pain in the throat, felt one half hour after the cough,

Short hacking cough, in the evening, after lying down, with expectoration of much pure coagulated blood, once every minute (after eight days),

Much cough, with expectoration, day and night; the cough wakes her at night, with sensation in the chest as if hollow, and smarting therein as if sore,

Violent cough, with much expectoration of white mucus, every night for one hour, for several weeks,

The cough is most severe in the evening, after lying down,

Spasmodic cough,

Severe cough, with little expectoration, but mostly with bitter vomiting, yet only evenings, when lying in bed,

Severe cough, in the evening,

She cannot sleep at night on account of incessant cough (after forty days),

Sleep disturbed through frequent cough, and from pain in the feet,

Have a cold, with few but sudden coughing spells; expectoration full and easy only in the morning, after breakfast (twentieth day),

Severe dry cough, with stitches in the right chest,

Tickling scraping kind of cough, and again a loose phlegmy kind of cough,

Dry cough, with vomiting of bitter fluid, even in bed,

Short dry cough, which seems to come out of stomach,

Hard, dry, concussive cough (third day); continued four or five days,

Dry short evening cough, with intermittent stitches in the right hypochondrium for several hours,

Dry cough, as if proceeding from the stomach and abdomen, or from constipation, or as if something remained lodged in the stomach that would not pass off,

Dry day cough, which necessitates lying down, and during which it stops; at night while lying also no cough, but dry coryza,

Dry cough after a meal,

Dry tickling cough, with a kind of spasm of chest, both passing off by morning,

Loose cough, especially at night,

Cough, with expectoration,

Much purulent expectoration, with severe cough, with great oppression of the chest and rattling in throat; the slightest motion takes away her breath, and she becomes quite exhausted (after twenty-three days),

Expectoration of white mucus of the size of millet seed (after fourteen days),

Blood-streaked expectoration after a meal,

Expectoration of blood when coughing, every morning, without pain in the chest,

Putrid taste to the expectoration and putrid smell of the breath coming up with it,

Gray and yellowish expectoration from cough,

Yellow expectoration, tasting like rotten eggs,

Very salt tasting expectoration from chest,

Expectoration from the chest, without much cough and without dyspnoea,

Scanty expectoration, with wheezing rattling in the chest,

When she cannot expectorate with the cough, her breath almost leaves her,

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