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Sepia - Genitals Etc symptoms - Hahnemann

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Scanty discharge of urine (the first 7 d.).

Pressure upon the bladder, in the morning, and urging to urinate, but urine only comes after several minutes.

Constant urging to urinate, with painful forcing in the pelvis in the morning.

Frequent and intense urging to urinate.

He has to urinate two or three times an hour; there is a bearing down on the bladder, but still he has to stand a long time before the urine comes, which is then emitted without pain; if he tires to do without urinating, he feels anguish, and pressure on the bladder (aft. 48 h.).

Sensation as if drops were discharged from the bladder (which yet was not the case), especially while at rest.

After urinating, some liquid remains in the urethra, which afterward issues of itself from the orifice.

Little micturition, with much thirst (aft. 3 d.).

At night he dreams that he is urinating into the vessel, while he allows the urine to flow into the bed (aft 17 d.).

Also at night he has to get up to urinate, as often as he is awakened, with thirst even at night.

Pressure and frequent micturition, with tension in the hypogastrium.

Pressure on the bladder, in the evening, with burning after the discharge.

More frequent micturition (aft. 4 d.).

Far more liquid is discharged than corresponds with what he drinks (aft. 36 d.).

Water-colored urine is abundance (2d d.).

Pale-yellow urine, without sediment, not even after a night and a day.

The urine on standing becomes turbid and ill-smelling, with a white deposit (aft. 1st, 4th d.).

The urine is frequently turbid and dark at once when discharged, as if mixed with mucus.

Urine with much white deposit and fetid.

Turbid urine with red-sandy sediment.

Turbid, clay-colored urine, with reddish deposit in the vessel.

Blood-red urine.

The urine deposits blood in the vessel.

After urinating (at noon) discharge of a milky liquid from the urethra.

After urinating, discharge of prostatic juice.


Pinching pain in the bladder.

Cramp in the bladder.

Violent burning in the bladder, without urging to urinate.


Burning in the urethra.

Burning anteriorly in the urethra (aft. 9, 20 d.).

Smarting in the urethra during micturition.

Smarting anteriorly, and in the orifice of the urethra (aft. 13 h.).

Drawing smarting in the urethra anteriorly, in the morning on awaking.

Tearing in the anterior part of the urethra.

Severe tearing in the urethra.

Violent, continuous cutting, then also shooting in the urethra.

Erosion in the urethra during micturition.

Erosion through the urethra.

Itching in the urethra.

After pollution, burning anteriorly in the urethra.


In the penis, stitches.

Burning in the penis during coitus (aft. 10 d.).

Itching inflammation of the penis, much augmenting the excitation during coitus.

The glans is hot and itching, with soreness of the prepuce.

Hot glans, with a pale red, sometimes itching, eruption.

Red dots on the glans.

Copious humidity on the lower side of the glans, the humor is purulent, of sourish salty smell, with itching.

The prepuce suppurates and itches constantly.

Red nodules, almost sore, disappearing and returning, on the inner side of the prepuce and on the glans, with tickling sensation when touched.

The scrotum perspires profusely.

Heat in the testicle.

Cutting in the testicle.

Pinching tearing in the testes (1st, 2d d.).

Rheumatic drawing in the testes, also besides them in the thigh.

Impulse to coition, with quick emission of semen with but little voluptuous sensation; then tension in the hypogastrium, extending into the spermatic cords (5th d.).

Vigorous erections (2d d.) but after the twenty-ninth day the erections are brief, with premature emission of semen during coitus.

Long-continued erections after coitus and pollutions.

Nocturnal emission of semen, with a lewd dream (aft. 12 h.).

Pollutions cease in its after-effects.


Pressing downward, in the uterus, constricting the breath, as if everything would fall out, with colic; she has to cross her thighs to prevent a prolapsus of the vagina; but nothing protruded, there was only an increase of the gelatinous leucorrhoea discharge (aft. 10, 20 h.)

Twitching upward in the vagina, in the morning after awaking from a dream.

Stitches up the vagina, every three or four seconds, and after a quarter of an hour, a similar attack.

After coitus, flow of blood from the vagina.

Flow of a few drops of blood from the vagina, fifteen days before the regular time (aft. 8 d.).

Discharge of blood from the vagina, only while walking.

Leucorrhoea, with itching in the vagina (aft. 3 d.).

Bloody, mucus discharge from the vagina.

Yellowish discharge from the vagina (aft. 24 h.).

Discharge of a greenish reddish liquid from the vagina, during pregnancy.


Painful stiffness, apparently in the uterine region.

Discharge of leucorrhoea, with stitches in the uterus (aft. 25 d.).


The male genitals perspire profusely (aft. 3 d.).

Great increase in the sexual impulse (the first 5 d.).

Lewd thoughts without erection (4th d.).

Strong, somewhat painful erection after the siesta, while sitting.

Fewer erections (curative effect) (the 1st days).

At night, long-continued erections (aft. 16 h.).

Violent, obstinate erections, at night.

Lack of erections (aft. sever. d.).

Repeated incipient pollution, but suppressed every time by awaking (aft. 20 h.).

Incomplete pollution, in a lewd dream.

Weak and watery pollution.

After pollution, indolent, languid, sensitive to the damp air; the urine is turbid, there is also vertigo and constipation.

After coitus, first erection, then weakness of the thoughts, vertigo, despondency, exhaustion; in the evening dejected and inclined to start (14th d.).

After coitus, anxious and restless all day.

After coitus, great weakness in the knees.

But little voluptuous sensation during coitus (2d d.).

Coitus with insufficient erection (aft. 20 d.).

Soreness and redness on the labia, in the perinaeum and posteriorly between the thighs.

Shooting in the pudenda (aft. 3 d.).

Violent stitches in the pudenda, extending almost to the navel.

Itching on the pudenda (aft. 21 d.).

Leucorrhoea, colorless, like water (aft. 22 d.).

Leucorrhoea of slime, transparent like water.

The leucorrhoea flows more copiously during eructations, and when retching to vomit; she then also becomes paler in the face.

Leucorrhoea, especially profuse after micturition.

Leucorrhoea, looking like pus.

Leucorrhoea, looking like milk, only by day, with burning pain; causing soreness between the thighs.

Copious leucorrhoea of pieces of mucus with putrid odor, with drawing pain in the hypogastrium.

Much pain while walking, caused by soreness from leucorrhoea.


Aching in the abdomen, as from incipient menses (aft. 4 d.).

Menses too early by six days (aft. 4 d.).

Menses too early by two days.

Menses too early by seven days.

Menses too early by fourteen days (aft. sever. h.).

Menses too early by several days (aft. 48 d.).

Menses too early by eight days, and too scanty, only in the morning.

The menses, suppressed for four months, reappear (aft. 18 d.).

The menses, at other times regular, come too early by seven days (20th d.).

The menses appear eight days late (in the after-effects) (aft. 28 d.).

The menses, which had been suppressed for two months in an elderly person, reappear after forty-eight days, with drawing, extending from the teeth to the cheek, which swelled up.

The menses, which had been suppressed for several months in an aged person, reappear once more (aft. 20 d.).

Menses too late by three days (aft. 19 d.).

Menses delay five days, till full-moon (aft. 22 d.).

Before the menses, violent colic and fainting sensations.

Two days before the menses, shuddering all over, all day.

Before the menses, burning on the pudenda.

Before the menses, a smarting leucorrhoea, with soreness of the pudenda.

Before the menses, sensation as if the sexual parts were dilated.

A few days before the menses, pressure in the abdomen, and when this had passed, soreness in the perinaeum and swelling of the pudenda, before the flow of blood appeared.

During the menses, very much exhausted, in the morning.

During the menses, tearing in the tibia.

During the menses, toothache and throbbing in the gums.

During the menses, things seem dark and black before her eyes, with great weakness, which goes off on lying down.

During the menses, severe pressure on the forehead, with expulsion of indurated, fetid matter from the nose.

During the menses, drawing in the teeth, up the cheek.

During the menses, drawing from the teeth into the cheek, which swelled up.

During the menses, bleeding from the nose, three evenings successively.

During the menses, very melancholy, especially in the morning.

During the menses, she cannot sleep at all, owing to tearing in the back, chill and heat, with thirst and painful contraction of the chest.

During the menses she had to be in bed for two days, owing to restlessness in the body, drawing pains in the legs and in the abdomen, with rumbling; the second day, palpitation for several hours, in the forenoon, with asthma (aft. 9 d.)

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