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Sepia - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Frequent (and ineffectual) want to urinate (from pressure on bladder and tension in hypogastrium).

Aching in bladder.

Feeling as if bladder were greatly distended.

Emission of urine at night (has to rise frequently).

Involuntary discharge of urine at night, esp. in first sleep.

Deep-coloured urine, red like blood.

Turbid urine, with red, sandy, or brick-coloured sediment.

With white sediment and a cuticle on surface.

Profuse fetid urine, with white sediment.

Urine with a sanguineous deposit.

Sediment to the urine like clay, as if clay were burnt on the bottom of the vessel.

Urine very offensive; cannot be endured in room.

Cramp in bladder, burning sensation in bladder and urethra.

Smarting in urethra, esp. when urinating.

Incisive pains and shootings in urethra.

Discharge of mucus from the urethra, as in chronic gonorrhoea.


Profuse perspiration of genitals, and esp. of scrotum.

Itching eruption on the glans and prepuce.

(Crop of small, velvety gonorrhoeal warts round margin of prepuce).

Ulcers on glans and prepuce.

Pains in the testes.

Cutting in testes.

Swelling of scrotum.

Frequent pollutions.

Intellectual, moral, and physical fatigue after coition, and pollutions.


Excoriation in vulva, and between thighs, sometimes before menses (soreness and redness of labia and perinaeum).

Great dryness of vulva and vagina, esp. after menses; painful to touch.

Conium Mac Con tractive pain in vagina.

Pressure as if everything would protrude through the vulva (with oppression of breathing).

R. T. C.). Prolapsus of the vagina.

Violent stitches in the vagina upwards.

Leucorrhoea, or a yellow or greenish red water, or purulent and fetid, sometimes with inflation of abdomen, or shootings in vagina.

Terrible itching of vulva causing abortion.


Bearing down in uterus, which obstructs respiration.


Itching round the genital organs.

Pseudo-gonorrhoea of an acid salt smell.

Weakness of genital organs.

Increased sexual desire, with frequent erections (continued erections at night).

Discharge of prostatic fluid, after urinating, and during a difficult evacuation.

In either sex, complaints from coition.

Internal and external heat in genitals.

Swelling, redness, and moist itching eruption on labia minora.

Pains in both groins and bearing down, with constipation but no leucorrhoea; sleep heavy and non-refreshing, coldness all over, tongue flabby (cured in stout woman, 35.)

Prolapsus uteri, with congestion, with yellow leucorrhoea.

Prolapsus, with inclination of fundus to l., causing numbness in l. lower half of body, with pain, amel. when lying, esp. on r. side, tenderness of os uteri.

Induration of cervix; burning, shooting, sticking pains.

Metrorrhagia; during climaxis or during pregnancy.

Must cross her limbs to prevent protrusion of the parts.

Dull, heavy pain in ovaries; esp. l.


Leucorrhoea like milk, with soreness of pudenda.

Itching, corrosive leucorrhoea.

Inclination to miscarriages.

Abortion after the fifth month.

tendency to abort fifth to seventh month.

Shootings in mammae.

Excoriation of nipples (which bleed and seem about to ulcerate).

Nipples cracked across the crown.

Induration of breasts; scirrhus, stitches, tender, burning pains.

Excoriation in children.

Sudden hot flushes of climaxis, with momentary sweat, weakness and great tendency to faint.

Retained placenta after miscarriage.

Soreness of abdomen, feels motions of child too sensitively.

During pregnancy yellow brown spots on face.

Offensive excoriating lochia, very long lasting.


Menses too profuse.

Menses suppressed, or too feeble, or else too early (appearing only in morning).

When menses fail to appear in mothers who do not nurse, with inflation of abdomen.

Colic before menses.

During menses irritability, melancholy, toothache, headache, nose-bleed, and painful weariness in limbs, or spasmodic colic and pressure towards the parts.

Leucorrhoea in place of menses.

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