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Sepia - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Faintness in the morning when rising from bed, as if he would sink, with loss of thought; then chilliness with gooseflesh and yawning for one hour, tongue very pale, pulse weak and slow,

Lassitude, at 9 A.M. (twenty-third day),

Feels weary and trembles all over,

Very tired in the morning, when rising from bed,

She became tired and had to lie down, in the forenoon (after two hours),

Felt tired and weak about breakfast time (twenty-fifth day),

Tired feeling, in the morning (tenth day),

Speaking caused fatigue, if continued for any time (twelfth to twenty-third day),

Tired feeling, at 9.45 P.M. (second day),

Tired feeling all over, which lasted all day (first and third days),

Soon tired, for five days (third day after last dose),

The least exercise fatigues, even going upstairs (after seven days),

A weak feeling all over (ninth day); quite weak (tenth day); wakened weary (twentieth morning); after sleeping, afternoon, no disposition to move or talk, but to sit quietly and wonder what is the matter (twenty-third day); with fulness in the temple (twenty-ninth day),



Yawning and stretching,

Much yawning and stretching,

Yawning and stretching, in the morning, in bed,

Much yawning noon and afternoon, after taking a walk,

Inclination to sleep, particularly in the forenoon; she must sleep for an hour,

Sleepy early in the evening, with pressive dulness of the head (after seventy-two hours),

When sitting he is sleepy, and when reading he falls asleep,

Very tired and sleepy during the day, yet at night he sleeps well,

Sleepiness during the day, she falls asleep as soon as she sits down,

Extremely sleepy at noon, afternoon wakeful again,

Very sleepy during the day, and averse to everything,

Slumbering (almost immediately), with sweat of the face,

Disposition to sleep (first and following days),

Very sleepy at 9 A.M. (sixteenth day); 8 P.M., sleepy, with chilly sensations in the back (twentieth day); great drowsiness, at 9 A.M. (twenty-third day),

Very sleepy all day, for five days (third day after last dose),

Very sleepy, inclined to sleep at any time (after seven days),

Sleeps better towards morning, with aversion to rising at usual time, for five days (third day after last dose),

Felt sleepy after eating, at 4.30 P.M., and went to sleep, sleeping until 7.30 P.M. (second day),

Felt sleepy and must lie down; relief from lying down (after five hours and a half),

Sleep pretty good, but not refreshing; I spent hours enough in bed, but they did no good,

Slept several afternoons (after two days),

Sleep sound, yet with many vivid dreams,

He sleeps at night only from 10 to 4 o'clock,

Somnolence every third day, returning four times, the child slept almost the whole day; when it sat down it fell asleep, and complained also of pain in the forehead,

It is hard for him to get up in the morning, as he has no desire to rise,

Difficult awaking, late, with weariness of the limbs,

Long unrefreshing sleep (after twenty-three days),

Wearisome sleep (after fifteen days),

She groans and grunts at night, during sleep, without remembering any bad dreams,

Screaming, at night, during sleep,

He talks aloud during sleep,

Starting in the noonday sleep,


Sleeplessness at night, on account of rush of thoughts,

Sleepless at night, without anything to complain of, only she cannot lie quiet (after twenty days),

Sleeplessness at night, with fancies during slumber,

Little sleep at night, on account of pain in hip-joint, when moving it,

Lies quiet before midnight, without sleep,

Falls asleep late (after a few hours),

Falls asleep late in the evening,

Gets to sleep late, if she does not lie down quite early, and then also awakes early in the morning,

(I am not drowsy this time, as I usually am, during the menses), (eighteenth day),

Sleep at night light, with vivid dreams of the events of the previous day,

Sleep disturbed, through vivid unpleasant dreams (after sixteen days),

Slept from 10 to 11 P.M., and then woke, feeling as if a load were resting across the epigastrium; she took a dose of Aconite Aconite 3d, according to her custom, when disturbed in her sleep, and slept until morning (eleventh night),

Restless sleep, with frequent waking, after midnight,

Restless in bed, in the evening, he wakes very early in the morning,

Restless sleep, with vexatious dreams; he calls loudly, stamps with the feet, raises his arms, which he then slowly lays down again,

Restless sleep, for several weeks, with many dreams and tossing about, later quiet sleep,

During the first part of the proving I slept soundly, but now sleep is restless (forty-fourth night),

Passed a very restless night (second night); disturbed sleep (third night); do not feel rested, in the morning; sleep very much disturbed by laborious dreams (fourth night); very tiresome dreams (fifth night); very restless night, full of dreams; awaking often in fright (sixth night),

Restless sleep, confused dreams,

Very restless sleep, she felt that she had a weight pressing on her thighs, momentary,

Sleep at night disturbed, with pain in small of back (after twelve days),

After a short sleep at night he awoke with great bodily restlessness, which would scarcely allow him to lie quiet,

Restless sleep at night, on account of anxious dreams and heat; she could not lie quiet for five minutes (after seven days),

Restless all night, tossing and turning (seventeenth night),

Sleep does not refresh, but leaves a tired aching feeling all through the body (third, fourth, and fifth days); disturbed sleep continued (for ten weeks),

She could not lie quiet at night, on account of great restlessness in the whole body; she had to turn continually from side to side, and dared not close the eyes, as it then became worse,

Frequent starting when falling asleep,

When falling asleep startled by an oppressive ebullition of blood,

When falling asleep he was attacked with an internal trembling, and with itching in the thighs, going off after scratching,

About midnight, awaking with chilliness, great anxiety, jerking and spasmodic drawing in the thighs, the chest, and the maxillae, lasting half an hour,

He awakes at night with violent anxiety and spasms in the abdomen, then in the mouth, the chest, and hip-joints, with palpitation of heart,

Falls asleep late on account of wakefulness,

She wakes at 1 A.M., and cannot fall asleep again,

Remains wakeful late in the evening,

Wakeful and excited the whole night, and through the whole day feels vigorous,

Waked several times during the night; restless during the night (second night),

Woke at 4.30 A.M., without apparent cause, and remained awake (second day),

Wakened at 5 A.M., and slept again, after which I was dull, languid, and not disposed to move (thirteenth day),

Woke at 3 A.M., could not sleep again for an hour or two; at last went to sleep lying on face (twenty-second night),

Waked at 3 A.M.; a rush of ideas prevented sleep for an hour, when I broke out in profuse sweat; followed by quiet sleep (twenty-seventh day),

Frequent awaking at night, on account of drawing pain, extending from the molar teeth to the forehead,

He awakes at night with inclination to vomit,

Frequent awaking at night, on account of throbbing in the molar teeth, extending over the cheeks back towards the occiput,

He awakes in the morning, at 3 o'clock, and cannot fall asleep again,

She awakes at 1 A.M., and cannot fall asleep again, on account of wakefulness,

She awakes several mornings at 4 o'clock,

Awaking at night with anxious warmth,

He awakes at night in a fright and screaming,

Waking at night about 2 o'clock, with violent colic, and at times also pressing pain above and around the navel, with trembling motion of the heart, which can be felt outwardly (without palpitation), with full pulse; with this, nausea and sensation of great weakness, for three nights in succession, with great dryness of the mouth,

Frequent awaking at night, many nights in succession (after six days),


Many dreams at night, and loud talking during sleep,

Dreams, not exhausting, the whole night,

Vexatious dreadful dreams,

Anxious dreams, as if the body were disfigured,

Anxious dreams of being threatened with rape (after two days),

Anxious dreams, which drive him out of bed (after nineteen days),

Anxious dreams at night, as if he were chased and had to run backwards; on awaking he imagined something was coming from above, which oppressed his chest, followed by crawling and stitches in the chest,

Dreams frightful, of murder (sixteenth night),

Frightful dreams, as if she were falling from a high mountain,

Frightful dream; she screams aloud at night,

Dreams full of dispute,

I had some dreams, but cannot recall them, except one, of a foolish character (an old gentleman of seventy, running away from his wife, and suspected of having married another),

Disturbed sleep all night, from unpleasant dreams (third night),

In the night he dreamed that he was urinating in the chamber, instead of which he was wetting the bed (after seventeen days),

Very distressing dreams, and could see mice, rats, and snakes; no pain, but very dreamy and restless; heard noises in the street, and people talking, running, etc. (seventh day); could not sleep from the sights I saw and noises I heard; tossing about the bed (eighth night); bad dreams (ninth night),

Lascivious dreams, with erections, disturbing his sleep at night,

Lascivious dreams disturb the sleep (fourteenth night),

Voluptuous dreams, with pollutions,

Had a lewd dream (third night),

Dreamed that I saw a spectre outside of the window of the room where I was, and was alarmed thereat (sixth night),


General profuse sweat, after dinner, with sensation of heat,

Profuse sweat during exercise, smelling almost like elder blossoms,

Profuse sweat, with the eruption,

Much sweat and exhaustion, while walking,

Much sweat during sleep, particularly on the head,

The slightest exercise, even writing, excites sweat,

Much perspiration, sometimes hot, sometimes cold, particularly in the hands and feet; constant disposition to sweat, both night and day,

Profuse sweat, while walking,

Continuous moisture, day and night,

Profuse perspiration after coughing,

Profuse sweat, in drops, especially in the bend of the elbow and knee, in right side, at 4 A.M. (twenty-seventh day),

Profuse perspiration on walking, especially in the bends of the joints (twenty-third day),

Heavy sweat, as from a cold,

Always slight sweat before going to sleep, in the evening,

Sweat very easily while walking in the open air, even against cold winds (twentieth day),

Perspired very freely, wetting my clothes around the waist (I perspire very freely at all times), (tenth day),

Sweat over the whole body, in the morning, after awaking,

Profuse morning sweat (after three days),

Profuse sweat on waking, at 5.30 A.M.; afterwards, on walking, even against cold winds (twenty-fifth day),

Morning sweat for several mornings, with anxiety,

Sweat in the morning, after awaking, which continues very profuse the whole day, and makes him so weak by evening that he could not stand on his feet (after thirteen days),

Sweat every morning, in bed, after awaking, mostly on the lower limbs,

Slight sweat, in the morning, after awaking,

Slight morning sweat, without odor, lasting three hours, for several successive mornings, without subsequent weakness,

Sweat every other night,

Sourish nightsweat, five mornings (after seven days),

Nightsweat from above downwards, to the middle of the calves,

Profuse general nightsweat, from evening till morning,

Disagreeable odor of the sweat, almost like elder blossoms,

Sour-smelling sweat (after thirty days),

Profuse sweat in the face, after eating warm food,

Copious sweat of the male genitals (after three days),

Profuse sweat on the scrotum,

Profuse sweat just over the anus, before and during stool,

Cold sweat at night on the breast, back, and thighs (after thirty-six hours and on sixth day),

Sweat of the lower limbs during the day, so profuse that it penetrates two thickness of clothing,

Profuse footsweat, but without odor and not causing soreness,

Sweat on the feet,

Sweat of the feet,

Footsweat, particularly at the toes, for two weeks,

Much footsweat of intolerable smell; the toes become sore,


Swelling of the whole body, face, abdomen, legs, and the arms down to the wrist-joint, without thirst, but with great shortness of breath, lasting three weeks, fever every two or three days, chills and heat alternating, coming on at irregular hours, even at night, the heat accompanied with sweat all over (after forty-eight hours),

Woke with hands clasped, lying on right side; right hand felt numb, possibly from lying on it (eighth day),

I noticed a peculiar quite unpleasant exhalation from the body after getting warm in bed (twenty-seventh day),

During a week, spasms as from nervous weakness, lasting a day at a time, pulse somewhat weak, then again spasmodic,

Tremulous shaking motion of the whole body,

Anxious trembling, with cold sweat on the forehead,

Frequent trembling of the whole body (after ten days),

Extreme nervous restlessness,

He must rise at night and walk about for half an hour,

Restlessness will not permit her to sleep,

Great excitement of the whole body,

Uneasiness in the whole body (after twenty-four hours),

Great faintness, with heat and then coldness,

Fainting fit, in the forenoon (after twenty-three days),

Fainting during a slow ride,

Very faint all day (after seven days),

Feels very faint when walking out of doors, in the evening, for five days (three days after last dose),

An increase of strength,

A few hours after having arisen quite well, felt so prostrated and indisposed, that he would rather go to sleep than attend to business,

So exhausted from a half hour's walk, that he became sick at the stomach and could not breathe; the air-passage seemed drawn together as far down as the pit of the stomach,

Great exhaustion in the morning during menses,

Great exhaustion and indolence,

Laziness after a meal,

After emission, indolent, languid, sensitive to damp air, with turbid urine, vertigo, and constipation,

In the afternoon after a meal, indolent and sleepy,

Indolence of both body and mind, with difficult breathing (after eight days),

Feeling of prostration (after one hour, second and third days),

General languid feeling of the whole body (fifth day),

Remained languid for five days (after three days),

Languid dull feeling, at 8 P.M. (twentieth day),

Great weariness in bed, with early waking, yet cannot sleep again,

Very heavy and drowsy,

Heaviness (after twenty-four hours),

Towards evening, a heavy stupid feeling (first, second and third days),

Averse to motion, with desire to stretch, and very sleepy, on waking at 6 A.M.; dulness all day and aversion to motion (twenty-second day),

Unaccountable feeling of weariness (third day),

Feel weak (fourth day),

In the morning when waking, weak feeling, as from nausea,

Everything seems an exertion (after three hours and a half, second day),

Great weakness (after twenty-four hours),

So weak that she thought she would faint (after seven days),

Very weak in the morning, with uneasiness in the abdomen,

Great weakness, at 7 P.M.,

Very weak and short-breathed, as in continued fever,

Feels dull and drowsy,

General improvement,

During the menses she was obliged to remain in bed for two days, on account of an uneasiness in the body, drawing pain in lower limbs and in abdomen, with rumbling; on the second day, palpitation of the heart, for several hours in the forenoon, accompanied with dyspnoea (after nine days),

A general good-for-nothing feeling (fourth day),

Feel sick all over (twelfth day),

Sick all day in my room (second, third, and ninth days),

She becomes paralyzed from vexation,

Much ebullition of blood in the whole body, at night, producing restless sleep,

Orgasm of blood, with congestion of blood to head and chest (after sixteen days),

Orgasm of blood in body, three days in succession (after twenty-seven days),

She feels the pulse beating through the body, particularly in the whole left chest,

Sensation as if the heart filled all the cavities of the body, with labored muffled beating (twentieth day),

Felt as if the veins were full and ready to burst, and as if she could not move, at 4 A.M.; took a dose of Aconite Aconite 3d, and in a few minutes went to sleep again (first night),

She feels the beating of pulse in the head and all the limbs, day and night, but more at night,

Numb feeling in the nerves, also in the tongue, with dulness of the head and absence of thought, in the evening,

Two days before the menses shuddering again and again over the whole body the entire day,

She feels as if she could easily injure herself, strain herself, sprain a joint, etc.,

All parts of the body on which she lies or sits are painful,

A peculiar wavelike sensation extending through the body; a wavelike motion down the arms and legs to near the extremities; then a sudden interruption of wave and an expansion, with sharp rheumatic pain, lasting but a minute and then subsiding (after four doses),

The pains are renewed and increased during and immediately after a meal,

Wandering pains continue and seem to increase; particularly drawing and expanding pain in the side of the neck,

A lame sore feeling all day (third day),

Pains in various parts of the body (second day),

All the pains came suddenly, leaving more gradually but very soon, except the pain in the face and shoulder,

Burning pains in different parts of the body, especially in the lower part of the left hypochondriac region,

Much pain when walking, on account of excoriation from the leucorrhoea,

Body very sore,

Drawing all over, even in the bones of the arm,

Jerking and stitching, here and there, in the body (after five days),

Jerking sensation, here and there, in the body, also in the head, right and left sides,

Every time I took the medicine I felt as though I had taken a heavy cold,

Took no medicine, as I was feeling too unwell; it was hard work to keep around (ninth day),

Paralytic stitches, here and there; after each stitch there remained an immobility of the part, lasting several minutes,

Very sensitive to cold (fifth day),

Sensitiveness to cold air,

Cold air is disagreeable to him,

Very sensitive to cold north wind,

Easily affected by cold, after drinking a glass of water excessive chilliness and watery slimy diarrhoea, lasting until going to sleep,

The complaints are considerably worse, evenings and nights, than during the day,

Symptoms distinct and more severe on the left side (eighth day),

Old symptoms reappear, towards evening (ninth day),

Symptoms still return, especially marked about 12 to 1 P.M., and 4 to 6 P.M. (forty-second day),

Felt worse after sleep this afternoon; great vascular excitement, and felt sore and lame all over; did not wish to move (seventh day),

All the symptoms are greatly aggravated on lying; I must get up and walk about slowly; relieved after supper in all respects (twenty-second day),

The complaints disappear during violent exercise, such as walking in the open air, fencing, etc. (horseback riding excepted), and appear most frequently and severely when sitting quiet, forenoon and evening,

She felt best when at rest and while lying,

Local application of warmth relieves the pains,

Feel better when out of doors (third day),

The distress was all relieved on eating supper (ninth day),

Supper relieved all the symptoms except dryness of the throat; sick all day until supper (twenty-fourth day),

Rhus Tox Rhus relieved,

For four months after the proving, the Sepia symptoms returned whenever a dose of Nux Vomica Nux vomica was taken,

Uterus congested, and a yellowish leucorrhoea pouring from it; beginning to prolapse; slightly displaced (fortieth day),

Uterine pains very severe; the uterus feels as if clutched and then suddenly released, causing nausea, at 7 P.M. (sixth day),

Severe pain in uterus and left ovary (seventh day); pains in uterus very severe; pains pass down into the vagina (eighth day),

Severe uterine cramps all night, with only short intervals of relief, with the menses (thirty-eighth day); uterine cramps when moving about, relieved when lying down (thirty-ninth day),

Severe cramps in the uterine region, at 7 A.M.; so severe I was obliged to leave college and go home, at 11 A.M.; menses made their appearance at 10 P.M., but the pain continued till morning (seventy-second day),

Pains like knives shooting through the uterus spasmodically,

Lancinating pains in the uterus, shooting upwards (fifth day),

A few sharp flashing uterine pains (eighteenth day),

In the afternoon, pressure in the uterus, as if everything would issue through the vulva (twenty-third day),

Pressure in the uterus, causing oppression of breathing; the pressure downward is as if everything would fall out, accompanied with pains in the abdomen; she must cross her limbs in order to prevent the protrusion of the vagina, yet nothing protruded, but there was an increase of gelatinous leucorrhoea (after ten and twenty hours),

Painful stiffness, apparently in the region of the uterus,

Leucorrhoea, with stitches in the uterus (after twenty-five days),

Sharp stitching pain passing up the vagina into the body of the uterus, somewhat relieved when bending double (eleventh day),

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