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Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Drawing tearing from below upward, in the arms and legs, all the day, but only while at rest, with great lassitude.

When walking in the open air, the headache and lassitude are much aggravated.

At every movement of the body, he feels nausea, as if about to vomit and so weary, that in the open air, he had at once to lie down on the ground; all the limbs were devoid of tension.

Much lassitude in the lower limbs.

Very weary and short of breath, as in a continuous fever.

Weary, especially in the knees.

She was weary and had to lie down, in the forenoon (aft. 2 h.).

Very tired, in the morning, on rising from bed.

Faint, in the morning, on rising from bed, even so as to sink down, with absence of thought; then chilliness with goose-skin and yawning for an hour; the tongue is very pale, the pulse, slow and weak.

Drowsiness by day, she goes to sleep, as soon as she sits down.

Very tired and drowsy by day, but there is sound sleep by night.

Much yawning at noon and in the afternoon, after a walk.

Much yawning and stretching.

In the morning, after awaking, weary, also alternately febrile shuddering with short breath, as if from internal heat, which he did not, however, feel.

Sleep and dreams

She remains awake late in the evening.

Late in going to sleep, in the evening, due to her being wide awake.

Late in falling asleep, in the evening.

Late in falling asleep (aft. sever. h.).

She cannot go to sleep for restlessness.

Late in falling asleep, if she does not go to bed early, and she then also wakes up early.

He sleeps at night only from ten to four o'clock.

Restlessness in bed in the evening, he also wakes up very early.

Wide awake insomnia, at night, from a rush of ideas.

She wakes up at 1 A.M. and cannot go to sleep again.

Wide awake and excited all night, and yet well and vigorous.

Restless sleep for several weeks, with many dreams and tossing about; later, a quiet sleep.

Restless sleep, with frequent awaking after midnight.

At night, great restlessness in the limbs.

Frequent awaking at night, many nights in succession (aft. 6 d.).

Sleep is sound, though with many vivid dreams.

But slight sleep at night, with vivid dreams about the last day's occurrences.

The sleep is interrupted by vivid, disagreeable dreams (aft. 16 h.).

Many dreams, at night, and loud talking in sleep.

He talks aloud in his sleep.

She groans and grunts at night in her sleep, without any bad dream that she can remember.

Restless sleep with an annoying dream; he cries out aloud, kicks with his feet, and lifted up his arm, which he then slowly put down again.

Endless dreams, the whole night.

Vexatious, horrible dreams.

Anxious dream, at night, as if he was being chased, and had to run backward; when awakened, he imagined, that something which oppressed his chest was coming down upon him from above; then crawling and stitches in the chest.

Anxious dream, as if his body was deformed.

Frightful dream, as if he was falling down from a high mountain.

Frightful dreams; she cries out in her sleep.

A dream full of strife.

Anxious dreams, which drive him from his bed (aft. 19 d.).

He wakes up at night with fright and a shriek.

Screaming at night in one's sleep.

Horrible, vexing dreams.

Lascivious dreams and erections disturb the night's sleep.

Anxious dreams of a threatened rape (aft. 2 d.).

Voluptuous dream with pollution.

Lewd dreams disturb the sleep (14th n.).

When going to sleep, repeated starting up.

On falling asleep, twitching of the legs.

At night, she could not lie still for great uneasiness in the whole of the body, but had to turn over continually, and she dared not close her eyes, as this aggravated it.

At night, after a brief sleep, he awakes with great restlessness of body, which hardly allowed him to lie still.

In the morning, on awaking, anxiety; this goes off after rising.

He wakes up at 3 and cannot go to sleep again.

She wakes up several mornings at 4 A.M.

She wakes up at 1 A.M. and cannot go to sleep again from being wide awake.

Before midnight, quiet lying abed, without sleep.

Sleepless night, without ailment; only she could not lie still (aft. 20 d.).

At night, drawing and pressure in the scrobiculus cordis (aft. 12 h.).

At night, a pressive and bruised pain in the hypogastrium awakes her, for several nights.

Several nights, awaking from a burning shooting in the heel (aft. 5 d.).


The ailments are quiescent during violent motion, as when walking in the open air, fencing, etc. (riding excepted); but they appear most frequently and most violently when sitting down quietly, in the forenoon and evening.

The ailments are far worse in the evening and night than by day.

Drawing in all the limbs (almost at once).

Gouty drawing in the knees and in the finger-joints.

Drawing everywhere, even in the long bones of the arms.

Tearing in the knees and the elbow-joints (aft. 16 d.).

Drawing and tearing in a spot on the skin, injured some time before.

Twitching and shooting here and there in the body (aft. 5 d.).

Paralytic stitches here and there; after every stitch there remained behind a certain immovableness in the part, for several minutes.

Twitching sensations here and there in the body, also in the head, on the right side and the left.

When he moves any limb, it twitches.

The right lower limb twitches at times by day, and then the right hand trembles so that he cannot write.

All the parts of the body, on which she sits or lies, are painful.

Pain in all the limbs, especially in the hips (aft. 2 d.).

Purring in the legs, arms and hands.

The limbs readily go to sleep, even when stooping, crossing the legs, reaching up high with the arms, etc.

She feels as if she could readily hurt herself; sprain herself, strain her joints, etc.

Tendency to overlift oneself in working, and stiffness and straining thence in the nape.

Impatience while sitting, like restlessness in the bones.

Restlessness in the whole body (aft. 24 h.).

Restlessness in the limbs (aft. 6 d.).

Timorousness, while driving in a carriage.

Anxiety in the limbs; he cannot rest anywhere.

Frequent trembling all over the body (aft. 10 d.).

Trembling, quivering motion all over the body.

Ebullition of blood in the body, three days in succession (aft. 27 d.).

Ebullition of blood, with pressure of blood toward head and chest (aft. 16 d.).

She feels the pulsations all over the body, especially in the whole of the left side of the chest.

She feels the pulsation in the head and in all the limbs, by day and by night, but more by night.

Much heated from a short walk.

After a walk, violent heat in the head and in the face.

After slight exercise, a flush of heat.

Hot, oppressed and anxious from (his customary) smoking.

Very warm and oppressive in the evening.

Heat in the trip of the left toes; this darts quickly like an electric spark through the left side into the head, and leaves there a troublesome heaviness; lasting only one-half a minute.

In walking, a profuse perspiration.

In walking, much perspiration and exhaustion.

In moving about, a profuse perspiration, smelling almost like elder-blossoms.

The least motion, even a little writing, causes perspiration.

She either feels too cold, or is heated, terminating in a perspiration.

Icy cold hands, attended with warm feet, and vice versa; but often both are icy cold.

Sensitiveness to cold air.

His is much averse to cold air.

Very sensitive to cold air from the north.

The pains are accompanied with shuddering.

Local application of heat relieves the pains.

After getting wet, an unusual kind of a cold; violent shaking chill; after several hours, attacks of swooning; the following day, coryza.

Owing to a cold, cramp in the stomach, with burning contraction.

Readiness to take cold; after drinking a glass of cold water, an inordinate chill and a watery, mucous diarrhoea, till bed-time.

After slight exposure to catching cold, tearing in the left scapula.

Swelling of the whole body, of the face, the abdomen, the legs and the arms even to the wrist, without thirst and with much shortness of breath; for three weeks, with fever every two or three days, alternating with chills and heat, at varying hours, even at night; the heat is attended with perspiration all over (aft. 48 h.).

In the evening, swelling in the wrist, in the bend of the elbow and about the ankles; the joints are rigid on moving them; in the morning the swelling had disappeared, but the parts were painful when touched.

The skin of the whole body pains as if sore.

The skin of the whole body is painfully sensitive at the least impact.

On walking in the open air, slight attacks of vertigo and palpitation.

On walking, there is usually pressure in the liver.

On walking, inflation of the abdomen, with discharge of flatus.

On walking in the cold air, all kinds of pain in the long bones, especially in their extremities.

On walking in the open air, there is at once accumulation of flatus in the abdomen.

Fit of nausea, in the forenoon after walking; things became black before his eyes; he did not relish food; even before his meals, there was heat and pain in all the limbs; the nausea remained, he had headache, and while in company, he felt faint even to swooning; every trifle affected him and he was very timorous.

While driving slowly, a swoon.

Cramps, like nervous debility, last all day for a whole week, with the pulse sometimes languid, sometimes spasmodic.

Sensation of numbness in all the nerves, also those of the tongue, with muddled sensation in the head and absence of thoughts, in the evening.

She felt best while resting and lying down.

During the menses, things turn black before her eyes, with weakness, so that she has to lie down, which relieves her.

Sultry air before the storm oppresses him; he feels cheerful when it lightens and thunders.

By a half hour's walk, he is so much exhausted, that he felt sick and could not breathe, the windpipe felt contracted to the scrobiculus cordis.

So weak, that she thought she would swoon (aft. 7 d.).

Very languid in the morning, with restlessness in the abdomen.

Attack of swooning, in the forenoon (aft. 23 d.).

Attack of vertigo with fainting for two hours, with very short breath.

The lower limbs have a bruised feeling; every nerve in them aches; they were also painful when touched; it disappeared after dancing.

The lower limbs ache as if bruised; she longs to sit down and when she feels as if she ought to rise.

Great exhaustion, in the evening at 7 o'clock.

Indolence of body and mind, with difficult breathing (aft. 8 d.).

Heaviness in all the limbs.

Heaviness in the feet, when walking.

Heaviness in the feet, when taking a walk (aft. sever. h.).

Sudden paralysis of a lower limb for several hours.

She becomes lame from vexation.

Great weakness (aft. 24 h.).

Weariness in all the limbs, with chill (3d d.).

Feeling of clumsiness (aft. 24 h.).

Great weariness in bed, on awaking early; cannot fall asleep again.

In the morning, after waking up bright, in a few hours there is lack of tone and discomfort, so that he would rather have slept than worked.

In the afternoon, after eating a little, lazy and drowsy.

Sleep for several afternoons (aft. 2 d.).

Extremely drowsy at noon, bright again in the afternoon.

Very drowsy by day, and indisposed to do anything.

When sitting, he is sleepy, and on reading, he falls asleep.

Inclination to sleep, even in the forenoon; she has to sleep for an hour.

Sleepiness early in the evening, with pressive muddled feeling in the head (aft. 72 h.).

Goes to sleep (almost at once), with perspiration in the face.

Somnolence of a tertian type, recurring four times; the child sleeps almost the whole day; wherever it sits down, it falls asleep, and complains of a pain in the forehead.

Extending and stretching, in the morning, in bed.

At night he has to get up and walk about for half an hour.

Many apprehensions at night.

On falling asleep, there was an internal trembling, with itching on the thigh, which went off after scratching.

On going to sleep, a frightening, oppressive ebullition of blood.

Restless sleep at night, owing to anxious dreams and heat; she could not lie quiet for five minutes (aft. 7 d.).

At night, much ebullition of blood in the whole body, causing uneasiness.

At night, awaking with heat, causing anxiety.

At night, heat and consequent restlessness.

In the morning, on awaking, very much heated.

At night, febrile heat with anxious fancies and fanciful dreams, with perspiration on the head.

Insomnia at night, and when he sleeps, ravings.

When, he closes his eyes at night, while awake, many fantastic images at once appear before his phantasy, which vanish again as he open his eyes.

About midnight, awaking with a chill, great anxiety, twitching and spasmodic drawing in the thighs, the chest and the jaws, for half an hour.

At night he awakes with a violent anguish, and cramp in the abdomen, then in the mouth, the chest and the hip-joint, with palpitation.

At night, but little sleep, owing to pain in the hip-joint when moving.

At night, severe tearing, extending from the hip-joint to the foot, impeding sleep.

At night, twitching of the limbs.

Frightened starting from the siesta.

At night, violently throbbing headache (aft. 20 d.).

At night, pressure in the eyes (aft. 2 d.).

At night, a severe itching in the right ear, with moisture there.

In the morning, on awaking, pressure in the left ear, for a quarter of an hour.

At night, frequent awaking from a drawing pain in the molars, extending up into the forehead.

At night, frequent awaking from throbbing in the molars, across the cheek, toward the occiput.

At night, a muttering in the molars.

The whole night, drawing in the corns.

At night, while waking up frequently, stitches in the tip of the elbow.

At night, vertigo, on raising oneself in bed.

In the evening in bed, violent palpitation of the heart, and throbbing of all the arteries.

In the evening in bed, violent pulsation in the head, and sensation as if he head were moving.

The sleep at night is interrupted, with pain in the sacrum (aft. 12 d.).

At night the arms go to sleep and this extends into the hand; this is especially painful when they are under the cover, when there is a tearing straining.

At night, a dry tickling cough, with a sort of spasm in the chest, both of which had disappeared in the morning.

Sleep disturbed by frequent coughing and aching in the feet.

At night, she cannot shut an eye for coughing.

At night, she has to rise frequently to urinate.

At night, he hands frequently go to sleep (6th n.).

At night, he often awakes with vomiturition.

At night, in sleep, severe bruised pain and exhaustion in the thighs and the upper arms, but only while slumbering, it disappeared at once when awaking.

In the morning, on awaking, the arms and legs seem without strength (aft. 5 d.).

In the morning, on awaking, feeling of weakness, like nausea.

Long sleep, without refreshment (aft. 23 d.).

Fatiguing sleep (aft. 15 d.).

Late, difficult awaking, with weariness of the limbs.

He finds it hard to get up in the morning; he has no inclination for it.

In the morning, after awaking, great thirst.

In the morning, after awaking, some perspiration.

Awaking in the morning, with much chill and internal unrest (aft. 24 h.).

Slow pulse, from fifty-six to fifty-eight beats (aft. 32 d.).

Complete adipsia, for eleven days.

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