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Sepia - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Sepia brownish black juice (before me used only for drawing) is found in a sac in the abdomen of the large sea animal, called cuttlefish. This the animal occasionally squirts out, to darken the water around it, probably in order to secure its prey, or to conceal itself from its enemies.

The juice-bladder of this animal, which is most frequently found in the Mediterranean Sea, is dried, and then exposed for sale in Rome to draughtsmen, and is to be gotten thence.

Sepia dry sepia juice (sepia) is easily dissolved in water in all proportions, but in this, its raw state, it is insoluble in alcohol.

Sepia sepia is prepared for homoeopathic use like other dry and crude medicinal substances (see conclusion of Part I., Chron. Dis.). Sepia has proved especially useful, when after a choice otherwise agreeing with the symptoms of the disease, one or another of the following ailments were also present

Dejection and weeping.

gloominess. melancholy.

pensiveness. discouragement.

anxiety in the evening in bed.

anxiety and apprehensiveness with flushes of heat.

readiness to take fright.

aversion to one's occupation.

indifference toward his family.

momentary fits of vertigo with unconsciousness, while walking in the open air and while writing.

vertigo. weak memory. and incapacity for mental work.

heaviness of the head.

headache with nausea. fits of gout in the head with a boring pain, compelling the person to scream and with vomiting.

beating headache, especially in the occiput.

, when stooping. coldness on the head.

itching on the head, in the nose and in the ears.

falling out of the hair.

the head jerks forward.

incapacity of opening the eyelids at night.

heaviness and sinking down of the upper eyelid.

pressure in the eyes. pricking in the eyes, in the evening by candle light.

nightly agglutination of the eyes.

swelling of the eyes in the evening.

dry scurf on the edge of the eyelids, in the morning on awaking.

. black points and fiery streaks before the eyes.

black spots flitting before the eyes.

amaurosis, with contracted pupils.

excessive sensitiveness of the hearing to music.

difficulty in hearing.

roaring and . chronically inflamed and eruptive tip of the nose.

frequent blowing of blood from the nose.

frequent epistaxis. yellowness of the face.

itching in the face. erysipelatous inflammation and swelling of the whole side of the face, starting from the hollow root of a tooth.

dry lips which peel off.

swelling of the gums.

soreness of the gums. shooting toothache.

dryness of the mouth. fetor from the mouth.

white-coated tongue. soreness of the tip of the tongue.

contractive twitching in the throat.

viscidity in the throat.

hawking up of mucus, in the morning.

thirst in the morning.

voracity. aversion to eating.

aversion to meat and to milk.

the food will not go down.

great eagerness for food.

greediness. disagreeable eructation with nausea, after eating fat things.

. eructation with the taste of the ingesta.

waterbrash, especially after drinking.

waterbrash with previous qualmishness and writhing about in the stomach.

pressive shooting pain in the scrobiculus cordis and the gastric region.

beating in the scrobiculus cordis.

pain in the scrobiculus cordis when walking.

, after supper. perspiration after eating.

pressure in the stomach while eating.

pressure in the stomach after a meal.

difficult digestion. after eating, scratching and burning, extending up the fauces.

. shooting in the liver.

burning in the stomach and the abdomen.

boring in the hypochondria.

shooting in the left hypochondrium.

burrowing, pressure and cutting in the hypogastrium.

pressure in the hypogastrium, extending up into the precordial region.

sensation as of something lodged and of hardness in the hypogastrium.

bloated abdomen in mothers.

sensation of emptiness in the abdomen.

coldness of the abdomen.

dropsy of the abdomen.

frequent generation and incarceration of flatus.

and growling , especially after eating.

colic after bodily exercise, ineffectual call to stool.

retarded stool. mucous stool.

passage of blood with the stool.

discharge of mucus from the rectum, without stool, with shooting and tearing extending up the anus and rectum.

insufficient stool. evacuation like laurel berries.

burning in the rectum during stool.

oozing of moisture from the rectum.

crawling in the rectum.

itching in the anus. pressure of blood to the anus.

protrusion of the varices of the rectum.

. urging to urinate, nocturnal micturition.

involuntary micturition during the first sleep.

dark urine. erosion in the urethra during micturition.

painfulness of the testicle, weakness of the genitals.

itching about the genitals.

swelling of the scrotum.

suppressed menses. pressure and bearing down on the genitals.

soreness in the pudenda and between the thighs.

heat in and on the genitals.

menses too weak. bruised pains during the menses.

of yellow water .; .

Stoppage of the nose. troublesome dryness of the nose.

. stuffed coryza. hoarseness.

the catarrh changes into coryza.

cough in the morning and evening, with salty expectoration.

cough from irritation and tickling with constipation.

expectoration which is hard to detach.

shortness of breath in walking.

asthma, tightness of the chest and shortness of breath in walking, in ascending and in lying abed in the evening.

pressure in the sternum.

ebullition in the chest.

sore aching in the middle of the chest.

pain in the chest from moving.

oppression of the chest.

shooting in the left side of the chest.

stitches in the chest, when working with the head.

pain in the side, during breathing and coughing.

pain in the sacrum. pressive pain in the sacrum.

beating in the sacrum.

weakness in the sacrum while walking.

pain in the back and sacrum.

frequent pain in the back, burrowing, cutting and pressing.

chilliness in the back.

itching eruption on the back.

tearing and cramp in the back.

stiffness of the back.

. sweat in the axillae.

humid herpes below the left axilla.

weariness of the arms.

straining in the arms.

sprained pain in the shoulder-point.

tension in the fore-arm.

, so that he has to allow it to sink down.

shooting in the wrist, when moving it.

burning in the palms. cold sweat on the hands.

malformation of the finger-nails.

tearing shooting from the upper edge of the pelvis around the inguinal articulation, extending anteriorly to the thighs.

paralytic sensation in the legs.

. jerks like stitches in the thigh, compelling him to draw up the limb.

stitches in the tibiae.

running along in the leg as from a mouse.

drawing pain in the legs and in the big toe.

cramp in the calves. swelling of the legs and feet.

shooting on the dorsum of the foot.

burning and pricking in the feet.

twitching in the foot during the siesta.

. checked sweat of the feet.

burning in the feet. crawling and going to sleep of the soles of the feet.

stitches in the corns.

the arms and legs go to sleep, especially after manual labor.

rigidity and lack of suppleness of the joints of the hands, the knees and the feet.

ulcers of the joints of the fingers and the toes.

restlessness and beating in all the limbs.

burning pains in many parts of the body.

. heat from anger and during important conversations.

fits of heat, while sitting and when walking in the open air.

ebullitions of the blood.

palpitation. perspiration while sitting.

copious perspiration during slight bodily exercise.

. sensitiveness to the open air.

readiness to catch cold.

easily overstrained. tearing boring extending from the gastric region to the lumbar vertebrae.

cramp in the stomach, simultaneously with a fit of asthma.

muscular twitching of the limbs.

brownish spots on the chest, the abdomen and the back.

. frequent extension and stretching of the limbs.

great ill effects from vexation.

tremulous weariness. indolence and awkwardness of the body.

lack of strength. lack of strength.

lack of strength on awaking.

lack of firmness in the body.

fits of weariness. readily tired when taking a walk.

when exerting the body, stitches in the arm.

drowsiness by day. drowsiness, too early in the evening.

illusion in sleep, that he was being called.

ravings during sleep. many dreams.

anxious, frightful dreams.

frequent awaking at night, without cause.

unrefreshing sleep. night-sweat.

morning-sweat. sour morning-sweat.

Too strong an action seems to be relieved by vegetable acids, but the strongest antidote is smelling of sweet spirits of nitre.

less effective is the smelling of the billionth attenuation of Antimonium Crudum Antimonium Crudum, or tartrate of antimony.

but in cases where the circulation has been too much excited, smelling of a potency of Aconite aconitum napellus.

Dejected, sad.

After two hours' heat, redness and puffiness of the face, followed by many hours' paleness, for fourteen hours there is inability to urinate, followed by a repeated urging to urinate, every quarter of an hour, when but little is discharged.

then several such periods of suppression and of urging to urinate.

in the last period, despite of much drinking the suppression of urine lasts for twenty hours (1st d.).

* * * * *

Attack of nausea, in the morning, while walking.

things turned black before his eyes, there was heat from one P.M. till six P.M. with tearing in all the limbs, with long-continued nausea.

in the evening, weakness even to swooning, with melancholy.

everything affected his nerves, he was very easily frightened.

at night an inordinate quantity of very fetid flatus was discharged (aft. 4 d.).

Attack of pressive drawing pain in the umbilical region, then mucous discharge from the anus, with violent urging and shooting.

soon after, a rush of blood to the chest, with anxiety and restlessness, which after dinner passed into a sort of fever.

alternately internal heat and chill, with perspiration on the head from one till four o'clock, then a headache which left behind it a certain pain in the nape.

it returns in the same way on the following day.

Attack of a sensation as from an icy-cold hand between the scapulae, then coldness all over the body, then cramp on the chest as if he should suffocate, for several minutes.

then clonic convulsions of the right lower limb and twitching therein, and twitching of the right arm, when the leg was held fast.

finally trembling in the lower limbs all day (aft. 10 d.).

He rises up about midnight, as if delirious, and begins to laugh.

when questioned, he presses his eyes shut, and sits quite rigid, with stretched out arms and hands and with clenched teeth.

after taking a drink of water, he asks, what he should do with the great quantity of water in his stomach, but he drank more, and held up his hand partly closed, as if he was still holding the tumbler, and laughed and said "This is nice, the water has prevailed." Then he talked of three couriers, who were coming, and pointed to people, who according to him were standing about, here and there.

About midnight, during a profuse sweat, a sort of syncope, for a quarter of an hour, with consciousness, but without ability to speak or to move a finger.

he lay in the deepest faint, like a dream, in which he contended with a spirit.

scarcely awakened from this, he feel into a second swoon, with a dream, as if he had gone astray in a wood.

At 2 A.M. awaking from violent colic, at times also a pressive pain above and around the navel, attended with a trembling motion of the heart, which is externally sensible (without palpitation), with a full pulse.

accompanied with nausea and sensation of great lassitude.

three nights in succession, with great dryness of the mouth.;.

With febrile heat and intermingled shaking chills, a severe headache, a dull and heavy feeling in the forehead, after previous flickering of light before the eyes, as from a thousand suns, with heat and pressure therein.

attended with much nausea and oppression of the chest, as if everything was constricted, but without short breath, from morning till evening (aft. 72 h.).

Intermittent fever, frequently by day, at indefinite periods.

first, a general heat, with perspiration of the face, violent thirst and bitterness in the mouth.

then again a chill with general coldness in the face, with inclination to vomit, pressure in the forehead extending to the temple.

during the heat, vertigo, as if she should sink down.