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Sepia - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


In the evening swelling at the wrist-joint, at the bend of the elbow, and around the ankle-joint; the joints are stiff during motion; in the morning the swelling was gone, but the parts were painful to touch,

Heaviness in all the limbs,

Uneasiness in the limbs (after six days),

Great uneasiness in the limbs, at night,

Anxiety in the limbs; he has no rest anywhere,

Symptoms of a catarrhal fever, with weakness in the lower extremities and drawing in the arms,

General prostration and weariness in the joints, especially in the knees (fourth day),

Lassitude in the limbs, with chilliness (third day),

In the morning, when awaking, loss of strength in the upper and lower limbs (after five days),

The limbs go to sleep easily, even from stooping, crossing the legs, reaching high with the arms, etc.,

Heaviness of the limbs,

All kinds of pains in the long bones, particularly at their extremities, when walking in the open air,

Pain in all the limbs, particularly in the hips (after two days),

Drawing in all the limbs (almost immediately),

Drawing tearing from below upwards in the upper and lower limbs, the whole day, but only when at rest, with great weakness,

Jerking of either of the limbs, when moving them,

Jerking of the limbs, at night,

Arthritic drawing in the knee and finger-joints,

Shooting-smarting pains along the inner side of the left arm and leg, while sitting or at rest, at intervals during the day, worse in the evening, from 5 P.M. till late (eighth day),

Transient dull drawing pains in the right forearm and thigh (third day),

Stitching-smarting pains in the left knee and on the inner sides of thighs and arms (sixth day),

Tearing in the knee and elbow-joints (after sixteen days),

Severe rheumatic pains about the elbows and knees, when the eruption disappeared,

Beaten bruised feeling of the lower limbs; every nerve therein was painful; also painful when touched; pain removed by dancing,

The lower limbs pain as if beaten; she desires to sit down, and when sitting she feels as if she must stand up,


Upper extremities

Great weakness of the arms; they go to sleep when at rest,

Fatigue and powerlessness in both arms, on awaking,

Paralytic sensation in the arm, then throbbing in it,

Paralytic sensation in the left arm, yet there is the proper mobility both in the arm and also in the fingers,

The arm goes to sleep when resting the head on it,

The arms go to sleep, even to the hands, particularly painful when they lie under the covers, in which case there is also a painful stiffness in them,

Left arm down to wrist feeling heavy and very cold, but hands hot, for five days (third day after last dose),

Sensation of stiffness and coldness in the arms, as if they had no blood in them, without any perceptible coldness to the touch,

Drawing in the arms from above downward, extending to the fingers (after twenty-four hours),

Tearing in the arms from the wrist to the shoulder, so that he could scarcely move the arm on account of pain; when letting it hang down it became blue and rigid; pains mostly at night, less during the day and when at rest,

Jerking in the right arm from below upwards, followed by trembling of the hands, so that he could no write,

Shooting pains along the inner side of the whole right arm (fourth day),


Swelling and suppuration of the glands in the right axilla,

Swelling of the axillary glands,

Stiffness in the left shoulder; she cannot raise the hand to the head (after thirteen days),

Bruised aching pain in the sockets of the shoulders, extending to the elbows; it was intermittent, and generally in only one arm at a time,

Violent pain in shoulder-joints on lifting the slightest weight, or when resting the elbow in an elevated position, like an excessively painful pressure, with trembling in the hands,

Severe pain in the shoulder-joint (could cry out), as if it would tear off; pain is relieved for one fourth of an hour by much belching,

Pain in the shoulder, which was higher than the other from disease, also when touching it,

Dull drawing-tearing pain, as if sprained, in the shoulder-joint (after dinner),

Sprained pain in the shoulder-joint, when resting the arm while sitting (third day),

Burning constrictive pain in the shoulders, chest, and throat, evenings,

Great pain in both shoulders,

Pressure on the shoulder, at night, which felt as if it had gone to sleep and was sprained,

Pressing sore pain in the shoulders, as if excoriated,

Drawing pain in the shoulder-joint, in the morning in bed, lasting one hour after rising,

Pulling and drawing in the top of the shoulder, when at rest,

Cramping drawing in the right shoulder and in the whole right side,

Right shoulder lame and stiff (twentieth day),

Tickling burning in the right axilla,

Dull tired pain in the right shoulder and muscles of the back of the neck (second day),

Weary pain in left shoulder-joint,

Pressive pain, as if sprained, immediately under the left shoulder-joint, in the back,

Tension and drawing in the left shoulder-joint, passing off when moving it,

While sitting quietly, a severe tearing pain in the left shoulder-joint, lasting but a few minutes, but there remained for a day or two a feeling as if the shoulder were wrenched (sixth day),

External and internal tearing pain in the left shoulder-joint,


Jactitation of muscles of upper arm,

Pain near the head of the humerus, at the tendons of the pectoral muscles, bending the arm backwards and from touch,

Bruised pain in the right upper arm, also during motion,

Severe bruised pain in the left upper arm,

Drawing pain first in one then in the other upper arm,

Tearing in the left upper arm, at a small spot above the elbow,

Jerking motion in the left biceps of the upper extremity, lasting an hour, in the evening (seventh day),

Creeping-tingling pain in the upper arm, worse from motion and stooping, passing off during rest and when lying in bed; the pain extends to the shoulder-joint, and causes an uneasiness in the arm for three days (after twenty-four hours),


A sore bruised feeling in the left elbow, in the region of the ulnar nerve (sixth day),

Tension in the elbow, as if too short,

At night, during frequent waking, stitches in the tip of the elbow,

Stitches in the elbow-joint,


Red swelling on the forearm, with pain as from pressing on a suppurating boil,

Transient dull pain in the forearm (right side), (second day),

Cramp in the forearm, when walking,

Pressing pain on left forearm internally and externally at the bend of the elbow,

Drawing pain in lower part of the forearm,

Tearing pains now in the left and again in the right forearm, near the wrist,

Tingling in the forearm,


Weakness of right wrist, when using the hand (fifth day),

Pain darting along the wrist and dorsum of right hand to between first and second fingers; soon a similar pain on corresponding part of the palm of the hand (thirty-second day),

Stitching tearing in the left wrist-joint (after five days),

Drawing pain in the right wrist-joint,

Hand and Fingers.

Visible twitches and jerks, with stitching pain, in the muscles of the palm of the hand,

The hand is immovably bent in toward the little finger,

Weakness of the muscles of the hand,

Tearing in the hand,

The hand becomes numb and goes to sleep if he holds anything tightly or carries anything,

The hands go to sleep frequently, at night (sixth night),

Smarting pain on the outer side of the right hand (fifth day),

Sensation as of a knife plunged into the left hand, just on the ball behind the little finger, for a few minutes (seventh day),

Tearing drawing from the outer side of the left hand through the forearm up to the elbow,

Drawing and stitching in all the fingers of the left hand,

Numbness of the fingers of right hand, evening,

Arthritic drawing in the finger-joints,

Tensive pain of the metacarpal joints of the fingers, particularly during flexion,

On clenching the fist, the last joints of the fingers feel sore; if pressed, they are quite painful (thirty-second day),

Shooting in the inner sides of the tips of the fingers (fourth day),

Sharp tingling pains in the tips of the fingers (twenty-sixth day),

Stitches in the middle joints of the fingers,

Violent stitching, as from needles, in the tip of the left thumb,

Tearing in the first phalanx of right thumb,

Tearing in the first phalanx of the right index finger,

Flexion of the index finger since morning; he could not straighten it,

Tearing under the nail of the right index finger,

Almost painful tickling under the nail of the left index finger,

Painful tickling under the right thumb nail,

Prickling in the tip of the little finger (after three days),


Lower extremities

The left lower extremity is jerked upward, in the forenoon, while sitting (after four days),

Much weakness in the lower limbs,

Stiffness in the lower extremities, extending up to the hip-joint,

The lower limbs become quite stiff and go to sleep, with crawling sensation, after sitting only a short time,

Numbness and sudden paralytic sensation of one lower extremity when standing,

Lower extremities go to sleep while sitting,

Great uneasiness in the evening in one lower extremity, as from a sort of internal imperfect itching,

Jerking in the left lower extremity,

Severe tearing from the hip-joint to the foot, at night, hindering sleep,

Tearing cramp pain extending from the hips to the foot coming on suddenly when walking, lasting eight or ten minutes,

Drawing extending from the right hip to the sole of the foot, the entire day (after eight days),

Coming from college, felt a light sensation in the left limb, from the hip down (third day),

Some pain in lower limbs, most in thighs (ninth day),

Sensation in the left lower extremity as if a mouse were running up and down,

Purring in the lower limbs, arms, and hands,


Bruised pain and weakness in the hip-joint, worse when rising from a seat, so that she cannot walk without holding on to something; it became better from continued walking,

Pain as if bruised in right hip-joint, only when lying on that side,

Cramping pain in hip-joint, she must walk about to relieve it,

Intermittent drawing pressure directly over the right buttock,

Rending pressure over the right hip from before backwards,

Pressure in the right hip-joint close to the body, coming on gradually, getting to its height, and then gradually going off,

Pain in the hip, worse from walking,

Pains in hips and thighs, extending to near the knees (sixth day),

My hip seems well so long as I keep still, but after moving the pulling commences (fifth day); pain not so severe (sixth day),


Visible but painless jerking in one buttock and corresponding thigh (after eight days),

Trembling of the thigh and knee, without chilliness, with jerking in the muscles of the thigh,

Weakness and aching in the thighs, especially when going upstairs (eleventh day),

She felt that she had a weight pressing on her thighs, momentary,

Cramp in the inner side of the thigh, when walking,

Cramp in the thigh, when walking,

Bruised pain in the thighs, when touching them, with tension therein when walking,

At night during sleep, severe bruised pain and exhaustion in the thighs and upper arm, but only during slumber, on awaking it passed off immediately,

Paralytic tension in the right thigh and hip-joint when walking,

Tension in the left thigh and leg, like pain when parts have gone to sleep, extending to the sole of the foot (after twenty-four days),

Drawing in the thighs (after forty-eight hours),

Drawing pain in the femora from below upward,

Spasmodic jerkings in the muscles of the thigh, when walking,

Tearing in the right thigh, when walking, with pain of the parts from touch,

Tearing in the whole thigh, particularly in the knees, after dinner and supper,

Burning tearing at inner part of left buttock,

Short pain in the right thigh, in the evening after lying down, so severe that she had to lie without being able to move, sixteen evenings in succession (after two days),

Pain in the nates, so that he can scarcely sit,

The femora are painful when sitting, she must change her seat frequently (after ten days),

The posterior muscles of the thigh are very painful when sitting,

Undulating pain in the upper part of the femur,

Soreness and burning pain between the nates,

One day, three sudden shoots down right thigh into toes, each time making him lift up the foot and shout,

Tearing stitches, so severe as to make him cry out, in the left thigh when at rest, afterward ulcerative pain at the same place,

Tearing stitches in the thighs when walking, momentarily depriving the lower extremities of all power, and almost paralyzing them, accompanied with chilliness,

Painful stitches in the left thigh, when walking (after eleven days),

Attacks of crawling in the thighs down to the toes, frequently lasting one-fourth of an hour, a number of days in succession,


Painful swelling of the knee, with tension in the knee during rest and motion,

Soft painless swelling on the patella; when kneeling the knee is unyielding and tense; the swelling feels numb,

Cracking in the knee-joints,

Great weakness of the knees,

After coition, great weakness in the knees,

Weak, particularly in the knees,

Bruised pain in the knee and tibia, more when sitting than walking,

Tension in the tendons over the knee, when going upstairs,

Tension in the knee when walking in the open air,

Tension around the knee,

Boring pain in the knee-joint, when at rest,

Severe drawing pain in the knees, when walking and when rising from a seat,

Arthritic drawing in the knees,

Drawing pain in the knees,

Drawing pain in the knee-joints, evenings,

Considerable pain in the right knee (fourth day),

Tearing just under the right knee, anteriorly (after thirty-two hours),

Tearing in the right knee as soon as she grows cold, no pain from touch,

Tearing around the knees and malleoli, only when sitting and lying,

Slight tearing between the left knee and calf,

Twisting pain in right knee, and a kind of drawing pain on inside of same thigh, above the knee,

Lame feeling in the knee-joints (seventh day),

Sudden paralyzed feeling in one leg, lasting two hours,

Tearing stitches between the patella and knee-joint,

Stitches in the knee,

Stitches and cutting in the hollow of the knee,

Stitches just under the patella, when walking fast,


Swelling of both legs (after thirteen days),

The swelling of the legs up to the knees increases during sitting or standing, passes off when walking,

Swelling between the tibia and calf (after thirteen days),

Jerking of the right leg at intervals during the day, followed by trembling of the right hand, so that he could not write,

Jerking of the leg when falling asleep,

Uneasiness in the legs every evening, with cramp in them,

Heaviness of the legs, as far as the knees, as if they would fall asleep,

Aching in the legs and ankles (first day),

The limbs from the knees downward ache badly during the afternoon (third day),

Bruised pain and lassitude in the legs; she sank unavoidably into a slumber full of anxious dreams,

Drawing pain deep in the right leg, extending down over the malleoli,

Drawing pain in the leg down to the heel, where it was a stinging pain,

Pressure and drawing in the legs from the knees to the toes, more when sitting and lying, better when walking,

Burning in the lower half of the legs, at night in bed, she had to uncover them,

Aching in tibia (thirtieth day); in lower part of both tibiae, 12 to 1 P.M. (thirty-first day),

Bruised pain in the tibiae,

Sore pain in the tibia, only during motion,

Pain in the tibia and fibula, particularly, however, in the malleoli, as if the bones would be forced apart,

Pain in the tibia as from a bruise,

Tearing in the tibia during the menses,

Violent tickling stitch on the lower part of right tibia,

Bruised pain in the muscles of the calves and in the hamstrings,

Severe cramp in the calves, at night in bed, when stretching out the legs, and days afterward constant tension of calves as if too short,

Cramp in the calves at night (after a cold),

Cramplike pains in the calves, and shooting pains in the ankles,

Tensive pain in the calf (after fourteen days),

Tension in the calves,

Drawing tension, like cramps in the calves, from the malleoli to the knees,

Pressing pain at lower part of right calf, as if cramp would set in,

Tearing, now above, and again below the right calf (after fourteen hours),


Pain in the tendons at the ankle, as if too short, when walking,

The ankle joint pains, after walking in the open air, as if compressed,

Tensive pain in the tendo Achillis,

Tension at the bend of the ankle-joint, as if too short, when walking (first days),

Pressure in the left ankle-joint, as if the boot were too tight,


Fetid odor of the (generally sweaty) feet,

The feet become swollen from much walking,

Swelling of the feet (after twenty-seven days),

Swelling of the feet, they burn and are very dry,

Heaviness in the feet when taking a walk (after a few hours),

Heaviness in the feet, when walking,

Heaviness in the feet extending to the knee, from early in the morning,

Feet very tender all day; can hardly bear my stockings to touch my feet; after walking awhile they feel better (thirty-first day); corns on toes very sore, and toes very much inflamed and sensitive to touch (thirty-second and thirty-third days); corns very painful (forty-seventh and forty-eighth days),

Tearing in the lower part of the right foot (after eleven hours),

The right foot goes to sleep (after two days),

The feet go to sleep, frequently when sitting, especially in the morning,

Pains in tendons of right foot about the ankle,

Pain in the feet when walking in the open air, as if the tendon at the ankle was sprained,

Sharp stitching pain on inner side of left foot and underneath the toes after going to bed (thirtieth day),

Dry burning sensation in soles of feet,

Burning in the feet, at night,

Burning swelled feeling of the feet,

Tingling in the feet (after four days),

Crawling in the feet, when standing,

Tensive pain in the dorsum of left foot, making it impossible for her to walk on the pavement,

Stitching in the dorsum of foot, especially painful when walking on the pavement,

Stitching in the sole of left foot, even when sitting,

Frequent cramp in the internal border of soles of feet,

Long continued cramp in the soles of the feet, evening in bed,

Pain along the sole of the left foot to a point between the fourth and fifth toes (thirty-first day),

Tearing in the sole of right foot, close to the toes,

Frequent stitches in the sole of right foot (after one day),

Stitching pain in the soles, also from touch, she can scarcely walk,

Crawling or prickling stitches in the sole and under the toes, more during rest than during walking (after four days),

Prickling in soles of feet and pain in the corns,

Repeated shooting pains in the heel (ninth day),

Stitches in the heels and corns, during the day,

Stitching in the heels, only at night (after forty-one days),

Spasmodic stitching in the heel, as if the tendons were too short, evenings when undressing and extending the feet,

Stitching and tearing in the heels, day and night, more pain when treading on them than when at rest; they were pale and cold, and felt numb,

Burning stitches in the heels wake her, several nights (after five days),

Burning stinging and smarting sore pain in the heel, while sitting,


A toe-nail, which had been crippled for years, suppurated, and in its stead a new and healthy nail formed,

Inflammation of the corns,

Sore corroding pain on the upper part of the toes,

Cutting in the toes as with a knife, at night, mostly when lying on the back, with redness of the tips of the toes; by morning the pain has all gone (after forty-one days),

Cramp in the toes, recurring several days,

Bone pain in the ball of the great toe,

Tearing in the great toe,

Burning stitching in the extreme tip of the great toe,

Tickling on the tip of the right great toe,

Stitching pressure in the left great toe, more during rest than when walking,

A shoot into under surface of ungual phalanx of left great toe, in the evening after sunset (first day),

First tickling, then smarting pain in the last joint of left great toe, frequently recurring,

Cramp in the second toe,

Stitching pain in the third toe of the right foot, at the same time as the pain in the left lung (tenth day),

Tearing in the right little toe,

Drawing pains in the corns, in the evening,

Drawing in the corns, the whole night,

Burning and stitches in the corns,

Burning-pressing pain in the corn, even in wide shoes,

Stitches in the corns, even during rest; when knocking against, them stitches so severe as to cause a scream (after forty-eight hours),


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