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Sepia - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Clarke

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Upper extremities

Wrenching pain (as from dislocation) in shoulder-joint, esp. on lifting or holding anything.

Lassitude in arms.

Sensation of stiffness or coldness in arms, as if paralysed.

Drawing, paralytic pain in arm and shoulder-joint, extending to fingers.

Swelling and suppuration of axillary glands.

Shootings in arms, wrist, and fingers on fatiguing or moving them.

Painful tension in arms, and joints of elbow and fingers, as if caused by contraction.

Inflammatory, deep red, hard, marbled swelling in middle of arms.

Pustules on arms, with violent itching.

Stiffness of joints of elbow and hands.

Brownish spots, herpetic skin, and itching scabs an elbow (scaling off).

Itching vesicles on back of hand, and tips of fingers.

Itch and scabs on hands (soldiers' itch).

Herpes on backs of hands.

Swelling of hand, with eruption of vesicles, like pemphigus.

Shootings in wrist on moving the hand.

Burning heat in palms.

Cold sweat on hands.

Malignant scabies, and scabs on hands.

Arthritic drawing and shootings in joints of fingers.

Distortion of fingers.

Painless ulcers on joints, and on tips of fingers.

(Tingling in tips of fingers, which wakes her up on going to sleep, after which sleeps well all night.)

R. T. C.).

Warts on hands and fingers; on sides of fingers; horny.

Flaws on fingers.

Deformed nails.

Panaritium, with throbbing and shooting pains.

Lower extremities

Pain as if bruised in r. hip-joint.

Pain in hips, with tearing shootings.

Pain in buttocks and thighs, after having been seated for some time.

Spasms in buttocks at night, in bed, when stretching out the limb.

Paralytic weakness of legs, esp. after a paroxysm of passion.

Stiffness of legs, as far as hip-joint, after having been seated a short time.

Coldness in legs and feet (esp. in evening in bed).

Swelling of legs and feet (agg. when sitting or standing, amel. when walking).

Cramp in thighs when walking.

Tearing lancinations, or shocks in thighs and tibia, so as to extort cries.

Furunculi on thigh and in hams.

Drawing and tearing shootings in knees, hams, and heels.

Painful swelling of knees.

Synovitis of knee-joints in housemaids (R. T. C.).

Stiffness in joints of knee and ankle.

Cramps in Calves, sometimes at night.

Restlessness of legs every evening (with formication in them).

Itching pimples on legs and instep.

Drawing pain in legs and great toes.

Shootings in tibia and instep.

Sensation in legs, as if a mouse were running over them.

Jerking in feet when sleeping.

Ulcers on instep.

Stiffness in heels and joints of feet, as from contraction.

Pricking and burning sensation of feet.

Tingling and numbness in soles of feet.

Profuse, or else suppressed (offensive) perspiration of feet (causing soreness between toes).

Stinging in the heels.

Tension in tendo-Achillis.

Ulcers on heel, arising from corrosive vesicles.

Indolent ulcers on joints and tips of toes.

Corns on feet, with shooting pain.

Deformity of toenails.

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