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Sepia - Ears symptoms - Hahnemann

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Earache in the left ear, as if it was being torn out.

Tearing in the eminence behind the right ear.

Drawing pain and heat on the right ear.

Drawing shooting pain in the internal ear, proceeding outwardly.

Pressive and shooting straining pain in both the ears.

Violent pressure, pressing inwardly, below and in front of the left and the right cars.

Straining pain in the ear (aft. 24 d.).

Pain in the ears, in the evening like a straining pain (aft. 16 d.).

Constant straining in both the ears, at night.

Pressing outwardly in the ear, when pressing during a stool (aft. 3 d.).

Sore pain in the ear.

Pain, as if festering in the meatus auditorius externus, on inserting a finger.

Stitches in the weak ear, causing her to wail aloud.

Intense shooting in the left ear and the left cheek.

Shooting in the parotid gland, which swells, and when the head is turned, there is tensive pain.

Single pointed stitches in the interior of the left ear.

Crawling in the right ear.

Heat and redness in the left ear.

Swelling at the opening of the meatus auditorius, which pains violently on pressing against the parts beside the antihelix.

Much itching, daily in the weak ear.

Much itching in the sound ear, intense buzzing and accumulation of purulent, whitish ear-wax.

Thin pus flows from the ear, with itching.

Much purulent eruption on the external ear.


Very sensitive to noise.

Crepitation before the ear, as from paper.

Clucking in the ear, on rising up from stooping.

Frequent ringing in the ears (aft. 24 h.).

Singing before the ear.

Rumbling in the right ear.

Strong resounding and humming in the ears (at once).

Roaring and rushing in the ears, with the sensation that they were stopped, and yet she heard.

Rushing sound before the ear, in the evening when writing, with whistling between.

Deep-sounding howling in the ears, following the rhythm of the pulse, while lying on the ear, for two nights.

Roaring in the ears; then she could no more hear in it.

Roaring and pulse-like hissing in the right ear at night.

Sudden, brief deafness of the ears, as from a plug in them.


Rushing sound and beating in the ear.

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