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Sepia - Back And Neck symptoms - T.F. Allen

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pressure on the spinal column, above the small of back, with rheumatic drawing in the neck,

Drawing pressure near the spinal column, near the left scapula, at times drawing to the neck,


Painless swelling in the nape of the neck, about the size of a hazelnut,

Stretching out the neck and straining the cervical muscles distort the facial muscles (eleventh day),

Easily strained when at work, and consequent stiffness and tense feeling in nape of neck,

Stiffness in the back part of the neck (after two days),

Stiffness of the nape of the neck,

Constant aching pain in the back of the neck (right side), generally better after dinner, in the evening (third day),

Constant dull drawing pain in the back part of the neck (right side); worse on bending the head to the opposite side (third day),

Feeling of tension in the neck (third day),

Tensive pain in one side of the neck, as if it were swollen,

For the last two days have had the contractive pain in the back of the neck, mostly on right side (fifth day),

Pressing sore pain in the lower cervical vertebrae, in the evening, while walking in the open air,

Drawing and sticking in the nape of the neck, even when at rest, arresting the breath,

Jerking in the nape of the neck, with shaking of the head,

Radiating pains up the back of the neck and occiput (three or four days after ceasing to take the medicine),

Sensation as if the nape of the neck were swollen,


Stiffness in the back, which passes off when walking,

After a second stool, stiffness and sensation of hardness in the back, and tightness in the pit of the stomach, with oppressed breathing,

Backache only when sitting, even from the least sitting,

Backache only when walking, arresting the breathing,

Backache almost all day (ninth day); severe backache, in the afternoon (tenth day); backache (twentieth day),

Sudden severe pain in the back when stooping, like a blow from a hammer, accompanied by a stitching-tearing pain, so severe that he felt as if he would sink together and lose his breath; pressing the back on a hard substance relieved the pain,

Painfulness of the whole back, when sitting bent over while writing,

Pain in the upper part of the back, every morning, if she laces herself at all tightly,

Soreness and pain in the back, in sacral region (first and second days),

Pain in back and sacrum (eleventh day),

Tensive pain on the right side of the back, under the scapula, particularly when lying on the left side,

During the whole menstrual period she could not sleep on account of tearing in the back, chills, and heat, with thirst and painful contraction of the chest,

Burning pressure in the spinal column (after thirteen days),

Heaviness in the back, in the morning on awaking, as if she could not turn or raise herself, or as if she had lain in a wrong position, almost as if the parts had gone to sleep,


Great aching between shoulders and under the left scapula, extending into the left lung, worse on expiration (fifteenth day),

Pain in the right side, between scapula and vertebrae (twenty-third day),

Pain constantly between the shoulders and down the back (after second day),

Tensive pain between the scapulae,

Tensive pain in the left scapula, toward evening,

Tolerably severe pressure at a small spot between the scapulae,

Stitching pressure between the scapulae,

Drawing pressure under the right scapula, at one time more in the back, then again in the side, especially felt when siting with the arm held out free from the body,

Tearing in the left scapula, after slight exposure,

Tearing in the left scapula, as from a cold (after four hours),

Drawing in the scapula, intermingled with jerks (after nineteen days),

Drawing between the scapulae and in the upper part of the chest (after twenty-three days),

Dull drawing pain in the suprascapular region, on the right side (second day),

A long-continued pain under the right shoulder (fifth day),

Fine stitching in the scapula, also extending into the side of the chest, only when sitting and walking fast; during moderate walking it ceases, so also when leaning on the painful spot; mostly in the evening and afternoon,

Fine stitching pains from the scapula through the ribs, on the right side of the back, coming on with and lasting only during each inspiration, the same in all positions; only relieved when walking in the open air,

Stitches in the left scapula,

Stitches between the scapulae (after twenty-four days),


Stiffness in the lower part of the back, so that he can only with difficulty straighten himself,

Aching pain across the loins, worse on moving,

Burning and hot feeling in the loins (region of kidneys), when taking a long breath,

Dull pain in the lumbar region, with tenesmus in the rectum (after fourteen hours, second day),

Deepseated, tensive, dull pain in the lumbar region (right side), (third day),

Pain in the lumbar region (seventh day),

Dull pain in the left lumbar region (fifth day),

Pain in the small of the back (after five, and sixteen days),

Shooting pain from the lumbar region to the left lung (seventh day),

So tired in the lower part of the spine from walking, that it feels broken,

Pain most in back, across hips (thirteenth day),

Intermitting pressure directly over the right hip, a little toward the spinal column,

Pressive drawing in the lower part of left side, near the small of the back (after twenty-eight hours),

Much pain and weakness in small of back,

At 6 P.M., suffering with a pain or great weakness in the small of my back (fourth day); pain not so severe (sixth day); back still aches and causes nausea, and a faint feeling while standing (seventh day); back still uncomfortable (eighth day), ." -T. F. ALLEN.

Dull pain in the small of the back; tired feeling in the back; on sitting down he had to sit very straight (second day),

Aching in the small of the back (ninth and sixteenth days),

Pain, as if sprained, in the small of the back, over the hips, in the evening in bed and afternoons (after twelve days),

Pain in the small of the back, when walking in the afternoon (after five days),

Tired pain in the small of the back,

When lifting, sudden shoot into the small of back, like a stitch, so that he dared not move on account of the great pain; he had to walk bent forward, and had severe stitches if he struck the foot against anything,

Gurgling to the right of, near to the small of the back,

Stitches posteriorly over the right hip, for four days almost continuous; she could not lie on the right side on account of the pain, and when touching the part it pained as from subcutaneous ulceration,


Aching in the sacrum, in the evening, relieved by pressure (eighteenth day),

Dull pain in the sacrum (thirty-fifth day),

At 3 P.M., the pain in my right side is nearer to the sacrum; it is a dull heavy ache, a pulling sensation (fifth day),

Pain in the sacrum (ninth day),

Constant dull heavy pain in sacrum and abdomen, extending to thighs and legs (ninth day); some pain in sacrum and hips, not severe, in the afternoon (tenth day),

Pain in sacrum, extending through hips and thighs to below the knee, with weakness and lassitude when moving, especially going upstairs, as if limbs would refuse to act before reaching the top (twelfth day),

Frequent sharp pressure on the os sacrum and a little below it,

Aching pain at the coccyx, just before the action of the bowels; it was intolerable, and shot across her with such severity that she had frequently to lie down and cry,

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