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Selenium - General symptoms - Clarke

Selen, Selenium Metallicum, Sel.

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HPUS indication of Selenium: Debility

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Selenium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Selenium. An Element. Se. (A. W. 79.5). Trituration.

Alcoholism. Ankle, itching eruption about. Comedo. Constipation. Debility. Enuresis. Hair, falling out. Headache. Hoarseness. Impotence. Laryngitis, scrofulous.

tubercular. Liver, affections of.

Selenium was discovered in 1818 by Berzelius, and was named by him after the moon (σελήνη) because it is found associated with Tellurium Tellurium (Tellus, the earth). It is also found associated with Sulphur Sulphur. All three belong to the same group of elements. "When precipitated it appears as a red powder, which-melts when heated, and on cooling forms a brittle mass, nearly black, but transmitting red light when in thin plates. When heated in air it takes fire, burns with a blue flame, giving a gaseous Oxide of Selenium, which has a most penetrating and characteristic odour of putrid Cochlearia Armoracia horse-radish. Sel. undergoes a remarkable change in electrical resistance under the action of light hence the use of Selenium cells" (cent. Dict.). Sel. was introduced and proved by Hering. A leading feature of it is the weakness it causes, a weakness involving all parts of the body.

sharp stitching pain agg. on any movement or pressure, sensitiveness of liver.

and, especially, "fine rash over liver region." There is constipation from atony, with impacted faeces and dribbling of semen after stool, and also after micturition. Sufferings after seminal emissions.

hoarseness of singers, appearing as soon as they begin to sing.

or after long use of the voice.

longing for spirituous liquors, an almost irresistible maniacal desire. Sensation as if a biting drop were forcing its way out of the urethra. Irresistible desire to lie down and sleep.

strength leaves him suddenly, especially in hot weather. Very great aversion to a draught of air, either warm, cold, or damp. Aversion to salted food. Pulsation in whole body, especially in abdomen after eating Great emaciation of face, hands, legs, feet, affected parts, and single parts. Sel. is Suited to blondes and persons of light complexion. The symptoms are agg. by touch and pressure. agg. By motion. amel. By rest. agg. After sleep. agg. By mental exertion. agg. After seminal losses. agg. From draught of air, even if warm. agg. In open air. agg. From tea.

sugar. salt. lemonade.

wine. agg. In hot weather. agg. By sun, and with the sun's increase (agg. towards noon, amel. as sun declines). amel. Taking cold air or cold water into mouth. agg. Every afternoon (headaches).


mental confusion, headache, almost paralytic weakness of spine, involuntary escape of prostatic fluid. I have cured with Sel. many cases of hoarseness, the special indications being