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Selenium - Abdomen symptoms

Selen, Selenium Metallicum, Sel.

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HPUS indication of Selenium: Debility

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Selenium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Abdomen - Violent shootings in spleen when walking. Pulsation all over the body especially in abdomen after eating which hinders sleep. Left abdominal hyperesthesia, spreading towards the left kidney area. Sensation of abdominal distention on the left side, ameliorated by pressure, aggravated by going to stool or by coughing.

Kidneys - Frequent urination with urgent need to urinate. Involuntary dribbling, when walking. Dribbling of urine after urination and after stool. Urination predominantly at night. Nocturnal bedwetting. Urine dark red, thick, scanty, gritty with deposits. Red, itching irritation at the tip of the penis. Sensation in the tip of urethra, as if a biting drop were forcing its way out.

Stomach -Belching. Hiccough and belchings after smoking. After eating, pulsation all over, especially abdomen. Inclination to vomit. Feels very sick after sleep. Cramp in stomach. Pressure in stomach as if cramp would occur. Nausea, vertigo, thirsty for cold water, general weakness one hour after eating.

Enlarged; liver

Heat; during fever

Inflammation; liver; chronic

Noises from abdomen; rumbling; before eating



liver; on breathing

liver; jarring

liver; pressure

sides; right

sides; on breathing in

spleen; while walking

cutting; evening

sudden, sharp (sticking, etc.)

while walking


liver; on movement


spleen; while walking


lower part of abdomen, while sitting

groin region


after eating

Skin; out-breaks on skin; rash before period; red itching rash over the region of liver


urination; dribbling (by drops); with enlarged prostate

urination; dribbling (by drops); involuntary

after stool

after urinating

urination; feeble stream (slow)

slow after stool, only dribbling

urination; frequent; while perspiring

urination; incomplete (see unsatisfactory)

urination; involuntary, incontinence; after straining at stool

urination; involuntary, incontinence; after urinating (see dribbling)

urination; involuntary, incontinence; while walking

urination; delayed, difficult; must wait for urine to start

urination; delayed, difficult; can only pass urine while pressing at stool

urination; unsatisfactory (see incomplete and fullness, after urinating)

feeling as if urine remained in urethra (urinary part of genitals)

urination; weakness



pain; when breathing deeply

pain; region of; extending to other parts; prostate gland

pain; shooting (see sudden, sharp); sore, bruised

suppression of urine; with fever


appetite; reduced; morning

appetite; increased (hunger in general); morning

appetite; increased (hunger in general); night

appetite; ravenous, excessive; night

appetite; lacking, no appetite; morning

desires, cravings; alcoholic drinks

before period




desires, cravings; coffee

desires, cravings; salt things

burping, belching; from tobacco


after eating


thirst; morning; on waking

thirst; evening

thirst; with dread of liquids


Food - Anorexia in morning with white-coated tongue. Hunger at night. Craves stimulants, brandy, tea etc. Aversion to salty food. Sweetish, disagreeable taste after smoking. Dislike to salt things. Desire for alcoholic drinks. Frequent desire for brandy. Thirstless. Worse from tea, sugar, salt, lemonade, wine.



aversion to certain foods or drinks; salty, savoury food

vomiting; after dinner

vomiting; food; after breakfast

vomiting; food; after dinner


Pain; cutting; passing flatulence



nausea; during fever

nausea; while travelling


Pain; with vomiting, blood and mucus in stool (intussusception); pain in region of liver


vomiting; after drinking

vomiting; before breakfast

vomiting; during vertigo, dizziness

vomiting; bile; after tea

vomiting; sour

after breakfast

after eating

vomiting; water


Liver - Chronic liver affections. Pain in the liver, especially on taking an inspiration, extending to the kidney region with sensibility to external pressure. Enlarged with fine rash over liver region.

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