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Sarsaparilla - Mouth symptoms - Hahnemann

Smilax, Sarsaparilla Officinalis, Sarsap, Sars.

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HPUS indication of Sarsaparilla: Flatulence

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sarsaparilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



The jaws ache, as if they were broken.

Pressive shooting pain on the lower and inner edge of the lower jaw, but only when touching it and when bending the head backward.

Mouth slimy, in the morning.

Pain in the right side of the neck, with shooting in swallowing, as from the awn of an ear of barley, extending up on the side and passing out at the ear; it only ceases in the afternoon, after lying down.

Spasmodic urging in the throat, at night.

Constrictive sensation in the throat and the chest with difficult breathing, frequently during the day.

Spasmodic contraction of the throat; he has too loosen his clothes to get breath, and even this does not avail.

Rough and dry in the throat, in the morning, on awaking.

Roughness in the throat, frequently recurring.

Roughness in the throat, every other day.


Clear vesicle on the right side of the lower lip.

Herpes on the upper lip, with pains as from many pin-pricks.

Gums and teeth

Toothache, for two evenings in succession.

The molars on both sides begin to ache.

The right upper teeth are very sensitive when biting with them.

Toothache on the right side, with crawling in the roots of the teeth; after picking the teeth till they bleed, the pain, which for a time has been violent, ceases, in the evening.

Drawing toothache in the right lower row, with heaviness of the head, especially on the right side, from morning till evening.

Tearing in the teeth from a cold draught or a cold drink.

Shooting in a tooth which has been painful for some time before.

The gums of the right lower row are painful, when smoking tobacco.

Tearing in the gums of the right lower row, in the evening.

Shooting tearing in the gums and the root of the last lower molar on the right side.

Swelling and sore pain of the gums on the inner side of the lower jaw.


Constant gathering of saliva in the mouth.

Dryness in the mouth, without thirst.

Dryness in the mouth and throat, in the morning, in bed.

Tough mucus in the throat, in the morning, cannot be loosened by hawking, for several days.

Constant hawking of mucus, in the morning, the mucus is constantly renewed.

Dryness in the throat and shooting, when swallowing, in the morning.


The tongue feels rough, several mornings on awaking; it passes off after eating.

Stitches in the tongue.


The tongue has a whitish coat, in the morning, while the taste is normal.

Continuous sweet taste in the mouth, for several days.

Sweet taste in the mouth, while smoking tobacco.

Bitter taste in the mouth, in the morning, after rising.

Bitter taste on the lower lip, in the morning (8th d.).

Bitter taste of bread.

Bad, herby taste in the mouth.

Metallic taste in the mouth, for two days.

Flat, sweetish taste.

Nasty, very sour and slimy taste in the throat, in the morning, like leaven.


Aphthae on the tongue and on the palate.

Pressive drawing pain in the soft palate.

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