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Sarsaparilla - Fever And Chill symptoms - Hahnemann

Smilax, Sarsaparilla Officinalis, Sarsap, Sars.

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HPUS indication of Sarsaparilla: Flatulence
Common symptoms: Flatulence, Dry skin, Itching.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sarsaparilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Fever and chill

Frequent chilliness on the arms, the thighs, the back, on and in the abdomen.

Feverish chilliness, frequently by day, with blue nails and loss of all the vital warmth in the arms and legs.

Internal chill and drowsiness.

Shudder all over the body, from below upwards.

Brief cold thrills running over him in the forenoon.

He finds it difficult to get warm in the warm room, all the forenoon.

Chilliness, also in the warm room (2d d.).

Chill and shaking, without external coldness.

Violent chill before dinner, with shaking and chattering for a quarter of an hour.

In the evening, chill for an hour, without subsequent heat or sweat.

Chill and coldness all over the body, even by the stove, with unusual warmness of the face and chest.

Severe chill at night in bed, with very cold feet, while the face and chest are hot.

Chill at night on awaking (9th d.).

Shaking chill at night, without subsequent heat (5th d.).

Chill, early in bed, for one-fourth of an hour.

A chill runs over her as soon as she comes into the open air.

Shudder with goose-skin, with violent eructation, in the forenoon.

Shaking chill, in the evening on lying down; it goes off in bed (2d d.).

Inclination to chill and shaking in the forenoon, then till evening; warmth with perspiration all over the body.

Increased warmth, cheerfulness and sensation of strength, in the evening (9th d.).

Heat all over the body for a short time.

Very warm all over the body, as if sweat would break out, after breakfast.

The whole body seems to be constantly in a feverish state.

The whole body seems to be constantly in a feverish state.

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