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Saponinum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Saponin, Santo.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Saponinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Saponin, C32H54O18 (a glucoside; the active principle of many plants belonging to the Caryophyllaceae, Polygalaceae, etc.; principally obtained from Saponaria officinalis, Gypsophila, Struthium, Polygala Senega Senega, and Quillaja).

Preparation, Dilutions with water (which speedily decompose), or triturations.

Quite ill-natured and inclined to view matters in a disagreeable light.

did not seem able to feel settled enough to know what to do (fifth day).

the crossness became so intense, that I felt myself getting very unreasonable, especially as to food, which seemed all wrong in some way.

took a long ride and walk and tea away from home.

food tasted wrong still.

mental condition was improved after a long walk (sixth day). Felt more amiable, but the unsettled feeling remained (seventh day). All the symptoms disappeared gradually during the next week, except the mental condition, which continued, in a modified degree, for about sixteen days after last powder,.

After several days I began to be troubled with a difficulty which I never experienced before.

I found it almost impossible to recall the names of friends with whom I was perfectly familiar.

I also found great difficulty in remembering words which I wanted to use.

I found great trouble to express my thoughts in the most simple language on account of not being able to remember the most simple words with which I was perfectly familiar.

so marked as to cause me great trouble,.

After moving around, in the morning, a dull heavy sensation in head, mostly forehead, especially over left orbit near frontal prominence, aggravated by stooping.

eyeball sore and aches.

in a few hours the pain in head spread, running back to occiput.

great heat in frontal region, relieved by pressure and cold, and greatly aggravated by stooping or bending over (sixth day).

not so marked (seventh day),.

Severe headache in both temples, sensation of pressure from within outward, with throbbing, and in frontal region a dull heavy ache. Headache not a common symptom. Riding in the horse-cars was quite an aggravation both to head and back from the jar. The headache gradually disappeared during the morning (after two hours, second day).

headache quite severe during morning (third day),.

Discovered at night circular patches, about the size of a Argentum Metallicum silver dollar, of eruptions, feeling like small grains under the skin, between the upper part of shoulderblades.

there was no pain nor itching, and no inflammation beyond slight redness.

this continued, gradually disappearing, for about two weeks.

never had such before that I remember (after three days),.

A small pimple made its appearance upon the right malar bone, which was very painful (sixth day).

the eruption proves to be a boil of no respectable dimensions.

it interferes with mastication, with speech, and gives a great deal of intense throbbing pin, as well as a sensation of soreness and tenderness over the entire head, including the cervical glands of right side (eighth day).

there are three angry boils upon the neck, so located as to interfere with the neck dressing, and one in the hollow of the back of the neck, the latter being violently painful, and sending out shooting pains to the vertex and to outer side.

there are also numerous boils on the abdominal walls, as well as on the ilium, varying in size and disposition (eleventh day).

boil on the face is better.

those on the neck still painful, and upon opening one considerable blood, and but little purulent matter, exuded.

those upon the lower part of the body are in all stages of progress.

they are increasing in number and in degree of pain, so that either sitting, standing, or lying, the pain and discomfort are unendurable (thirteenth day).

the boils are not so painful, and some of the red spots which appeared, and which promised to be boils, have disappeared (sixteenth day),.

Tickling sensation confined to single spots on inside little finger (left hand), with increase of sensation already described in hands and feet.

feel as when recovering after having been in the condition commonly called "sleeping of the limbs;" crawling-tickling sensation in various parts of the body, as from contact of fleas, first on back part of head, then on leg and genital organs, with irresistible desire to scratch the part, which at once relieves, as does moving about.

tickling felt on shoulder and nates, in fact all parts of the body seem to be subject to this peculiar sensation (after one hour and a half, second day),.

In the afternoon, while out walking, could with difficulty get home, my back and limbs felt so very tired.

it seemed as if my ordinary walking-boots weighed several pounds more than usual, and it was with great effort that I could lift my feet enough to get upstairs after reaching home.

after resting for some time this excessive fatigue passed off (second day),.

Severe pain of dull character in small of back, and sense of weight there also, as if all my clothing were hanging from back.

this sense of supporting a heavy weight extended to hip and even down to the knees.

riding in the horse-cars was quite an aggravation both to head and back from the jar, yet felt a very strong disinclination to exert myself enough to get out of the car.

the pain in the back continued, and seemed to prevent my standing erect, in the afternoon.

pressure upon the sacral region was an amelioration (after two hours, second day).

pain in back, but not very marked (third day),.

When awake, at about 3 A.M., felt quite severe abdominal colic, which lasted but a short time. On arising, about 6 A.M., same day, was attacked with the same pain, so severely that I went back to bed again.

it passed off in about half an hour, when I arose, feeling as well as usual.

this was a steady severe pain, felt all through the abdomen.

no production of gas or flatus.

the same night, on retiring, pain returned slightly, which was the last of pains of any kind (fifth day),.

For twenty-four hours preceding the menses she was in quite a little distress, with colic, cramps, and a profuse watery leucorrhoea.

when the menses were established the pain was less in intensity, but the same in character.

the period lasted four days, and the pain was persistent to the last, leaving her quite weak and very much depressed in spirits (after seven days),.

In each experiment he injected 0.1 gram of Saponin into the inner side of his left thigh. The immediate local effect was development of a cutaneous inflammation resembling erysipelas, but much more painful. This inflammation increased in violence for twenty-four hours, remained stationary for the same length of time, and then diminished rapidly. The general symptoms produced by this violent local irritation were the same as would be excited by any very painful injection. The specific local effects of the Saponin, anaesthesia of the point of injection to other irritants, set in about fifteen minutes after the injection, and persisted less than fifteen minutes. The area of the anaesthesia was identical with that of the paleness caused by the injected solution, i. e., it extended as far as the Saponin solution spread in the subcutaneous tissue, and bathed directly the ends of the nerves. Of the specific general effects of the drug the most important was undoubtedly its action on the temperature. This rose steadily for three hours, and then fell gradually to the normal point, which it reached within twenty-four hours. For the next two days there was some fever, but on the fifth day the temperature was far below the normal point, reaching the collapse point of 93°. The pulse also was somewhat elevated the first three days, and fell on the fifth day to 65 per minute. The rise in the temperature during the first three days was evidently due to the violent local inflammation, and it would have been much more excessive had it not been for the specific depressing action of the drug on the pulse and temperature.

this manifested itself in its full power on the fifth day, after the local inflammation had subsided. Other general effects of the drug were, marked bodily and mental depression, somnolence, and salivation. The pain, exophthalmus, and strabismus of the left eye, and the greater depression of the temperature on the left side (2 4/5° on the fifth day), must be ascribed to direct alteration of the nerve-centres, while the pain in the knee and the swelling of the glands in the left groin, were evidently due to direct transmission of inflammation,.

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