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Saponinum - Fever And Chill symptoms

Saponin, Santo.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Saponinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Slight chill, accompanied by a sensation of faintness; the chill soon passed off (after two hours, second day); slight chill (after two hours, third day),

On going into quite a warm room, about 6 P.M., quite a severe chill, lasting several moments, extending over my back (after eleven hours, second day),

Nose cold and pale (second day),

As the nausea increased, an icy-cold feeling crept up the extremities, commencing at the very tip of the fingers and toes; it was very gradual in its ascent and descent, and when the two distinct currents reached the abdomen, it was as if electricity had been applied to them, giving a shock which almost made me jump (fourth night),

During the day great coldness of the extremities; hands and feet feel as if I had damp stockings on (second day),

Temperature 98° (first day); 96° (second day),

Very feverish and weak (sixteenth day),

Head hot and skin dry (after one hour),

Face feels hot, as if on fire (after one hour),

A sensation of spreading heat commencing in the chest and spreading both ways, more especially to the head (eighth day),

Slight chill accompanied by faintness.

Severe chill over back on going into warm room.

As nausea increased an icy feeling crept up extremities, commencing at very tip of fingers and toes, gradual in ascent and descent, when the two currents met in abdomen it was as if electricity had been applied to them, giving a shock which almost made me jump.

During day great coldness of limbs, hands and feet feel as if damp stockings on.

Temperature lowered.

Feverish and weak.

Head hot, skin dry.

A sensation of spreading heat, commencing in chest and spreading both ways, esp. to head.

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