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Sambucus Nigra - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms

Pink Elder, Sambucus, Samb.

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HPUS indication of Sambucus Nigra: Profuse sweat
Sambucus Nigra

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sambucus Nigra in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sees images when shutting eyes

Constant fretfulness

Very easily frightened

Fright followed by suffocative attacks.


attempts to escape




Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions

environment and surroundings

sees horrible things on the walls of room

illusions of fantasy

during heat

visions; on closing the eyes

visions; horrible

visions; monsters

visions or presence of phantoms, figures, people

on closing the eyes

on closing the eyes; in bed


faces; on closing eyes


spectres, ghosts, spirits; on closing eyes

on the wall

Symptoms follow intense emotions




Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition

anger (see irritability and quarrelsome); with anxiety

anger (see irritability and quarrelsome); with fright


mood; repulsive, bad mood

sensitive, oversensitive

unhappy; discontent, displeased, dissatisfied, etc.

with everything

weeping, crying, tearful mood (lamenting); alternating with laughter

weeping, crying, tearful mood (lamenting); during coughing

weeping, crying, tearful mood (lamenting); in sleep

Hysteria; fainting

Intellectual faculties

impaired thinking; confusion

impaired thinking; confusion; morning

impaired thinking; confusion; on rising

impaired thinking; confusion; while perspiring

impaired thinking; mistakes; in writing

Insecure, uncertain, scared


anxiety; night

anxiety; with fear

anxiety; during sleep (see dreams)

anxiety; when startled

anxiety; on waking

frightened easily

starting, startled

starting, startled; while perspiring

starting, startled; during sleep; starting from sleep

Restlessness, nervousness

while perspiring

Talking, conversation; contrary (see obstinate, irritable)

Unconsciousness; while perspiring

Wearisome, tired

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