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Ruta Graveolens - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Rue, Bitterwort, Herb of Grace, Ruta.

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HPUS indication of Ruta Graveolens: Bruised feeling

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ruta Graveolens in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


Constant, not convulsive, motions of the limbs,

All the limbs are heavy, weary, and without strength; all work seems too great; she is averse to it,

Weakness of the limbs while sitting; he is not willing to move them; when he lays the hands upon the lap, they are so comfortable that he does not wish to raise them,

The hands and feet are powerless; she can hold nothing firmly in the hands, and when walking cannot stand firmly upon the feet,

Heaviness of the limbs, without sweat (second day),

Pressive cramplike tearing now in the upper, now in the lower limbs, during rest and motion (after three hours and a half),

He is unable to bend on account of pains in all the joints and hip-bones (after ten hours),

The painful parts, especially the hips and bones of the legs, are sore, as if beaten, whenever touched (after twenty-nine hours),

Whenever he stretches out the limbs, even a little, the thighs are painful, as if beaten to pieces,

Pain in the middle of the femurs, as if beaten (during motion),

Upper extremities

Acute pain, as from a sprain, in the shoulder-joint, somewhat relieved on drawing and turning the arm upward, but immediately returning on allowing the arm to hang down or to lie upon anything,

Pain, as if sprained, in the right shoulder (third day),

Pain, as from a burning biting ulcer, in the right axilla (after forty-eight days),

Stitches in the shoulders (fourth day),

Painful jerks in the upper arms, commencing at the middle; when the pain reaches the elbow, it extends down to the fingers and seems to be in the long bones, with weariness and heaviness of the lower extremities,

Dull tearing in the humeri (after an hour),

Cramplike drawing in the biceps muscles,

Hard pressure in the elbow-joint, aggravated on stretching out the arm (after twelve hours),

Pain, as from a blow, in the left elbow-joint, with weakness of the arm (after thirty-six hours),

Dull tearing pain in the right elbow-joint and neighboring parts, extending to the lower extremity of the humerus; on stretching out the arm it is rather a pressive pain (after thirty-six hours),

The ulna seems bruised,

Painful pressive drawing in the middle of the anterior surface of the right forearm (after thirty-four hours),

Paralytic pressure on the upper portion of the right forearm (after ten hours),

Cramplike tearing in the left forearm,

Tearing pressure in the right wrist, aggravated by violent motion (after thirty-two hours),

Pain, as if broken, in the left wrist, even during rest,

Veins of the hands swollen after eating (after four hours),

The bones in the wrist and back of the hand are painful, as if bruised, during rest and motion,

Cramplike pain transversely across the hands (after seven hours),

Fine sticking-itching tingling in the palm of the left hand (after thirty-six hours),

Pressive drawing in the middle joints of the three right middle fingers,

A painful pressive drawing in the last joints of the two last fingers, at night (after forty-two hours),

Tearing in the middle finger, especially in the middle joint and middle phalanx (after three-quarters of an hour),

Sore and ulcerative pain in the left ring finger (second day),

Pain, as from a blow or bruise, in the fingers during rest (after six hours),

Lower extremities

Gait unsteady (after third dose),

Great weakness in the lower extremities; walking was very difficult; it seemed as though a heavy weight were hanging to the legs,

On rising after sitting he cannot walk at first; he falls back again; the bones seem broken; the thighs refuse their service on account of powerlessness and pain,

While walking, he staggers from side to side,

While walking, he falls from side to side; the feet will not support him; there is no power nor steadiness in the thighs,

A bruised pain in the legs, with tight tension across the lower abdomen, only while sitting, not while walking and standing,

Tremulous heaviness of the legs,

Ascending a hill as well as descending is difficult; the legs give out,


Pain, as from a blow or fall, in the bones about the hips (during motion),


The posterior portion of the thigh above the knee seems bruised (during motion),

The whole anterior surface of the thigh feels bruised and painful to touch (after thirty-one hours),

Bruised pain in the thigh continues two days; he can scarcely walk,

Hard pressure in the middle of the outer portion of the left thigh,

Hard pressure on the upper and inner surface of the left thigh,

Pressure in the middle of the outer portion of the right thigh,

At night pain in both the thighs, as though the parts were violently grasped and squeezed by the hands,

(A violent contractive and spasmodically drawing pain extending from the middle of the thigh to the hip-joint and thence to the small of the back),

Sharp burning pressure in the bend of the right thigh (after one hour),

A burning pain on the upper and inner surfaces of the thighs only while sitting, and especially on waking, while lying in bed, not while standing or walking,

Cramplike throbbing pain in the middle at first of the right, afterwards of both thighs at the same time; after this had disappeared a similar pain on the outer side of the left leg, below the knee, that soon in turn disappeared,


Trembling of the knees, with weakness of the feet,

Sinking down of the knees on rising from a seat and beginning to walk (after four hours),

Weariness of the left knee after walking a little; the knees give way,

Paralytic heaviness in the knees; he is obliged to change the position of the feet (after one hour); after walking he has relief,

Sticking, as if ulcerated, above the right knee while standing and walking (second day),

Spasmodic contractions in the hollows of the knees on rising from a seat,


A pain, consisting of a throbbing and hacking, as if there was an ulcer on the anterior portion of the left ankle,

Burning sensation beneath the external malleolus while standing,


Painful pressure in the sole of the left foot while sitting (after thirty-six hours),

Pressive-sticking pain first in the left, then in the right heel (while sitting), (after twelve hours),

He does not dare to step heavily upon the feet, on account of pains in the bones of the feet, with a sensation of heat,

Cramp in the sole of the left foot (second day),

Dull stitches shoot slowly from the back of the foot up the tibia (after half an hour),

Burning and biting pains in the bones of the feet during rest,


Burning pains in the toes, as after a bruise or blow, where a foreign body had been forced in,

Burning tearing in the left great toe, especially on external pressure (after six hours),

Painful drawing in the toes,

Fine cramplike stitches in the right little toe (while sitting), that become violent and piercing on moving the toes (after three hours),

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