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Rhododendron - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Snow-rose, Rhododendron Chrysanthum, Rhododendron Ferrugineum, Rhod.

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HPUS indication of Rhododendron: Fear of Thunder

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Rhododendron in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Rising of oppressive wind, after dinner, causing a burning through the whole chest, which extended as far as the dorsal vertebrae,

Continual aching pain in the pit of the stomach, before, during, and after dinner (after one hour),

An unusual gnawing sensation (sensation of hunger) in the region of the stomach, before a meal (first day),

Sharp pressure in the pit of the stomach, an hour after dinner (first day),

Pressure and cramplike drawing deep in the pit of the stomach, an hour after dinner (second day),

Pressure in the epigastrium, after dinner (third day),

Cutting, afterwards aching pain in the epigastrium, after a meal (after two hours),

Pinching in the umbilical region, after a meal,

Uncomfortable feeling after a meal,

Weight and lassitude in the abdomen, not as from food,


Tense abdomen, as if distended by flatus, with emission of flatus, which produces transient relief,

Copious flatus occasions various pains in the abdomen, now in one, now in another part; they are relieved or removed entirely by emission of fetid flatus (first days),

Incarceration of flatus, early in the morning, fasting (second and third days),

Feeling of fulness, heaviness, and distension in the abdomen, especially early in the morning in bed and in the evening, with rumbling in the bowels, much empty eructation, and emission of fetid flatus, continuing for some time (after ten minutes),

Sensation of fulness and bloatedness in the abdomen, without actual distension, relieved by rising of air and emission of flatus,

Occasional pinching in the abdomen, as of flatulence (third day),


Nausea, ,

Nausea, as if one had taken an emetic, with indication for stool,

Nausea when stooping, diminished by an eructation (soon),

Nausea, with pressure in the pit and region of the stomach (after twenty-four hours),

Nausea, with accumulation of water in the mouth (after half an hour),

Paroxysmal drawing-aching pain in the epigastrium, with nausea (third day),


Nausea and Vomiting.

Considerable continuous nausea, with inclination to vomit (soon),

It occasions nausea and slight vomiting,

Nausea, accumulation of water in the mouth, and inclination to vomit,

Vomiting of a green bitter substance,

Vomiting after taking anything fluid, especially cold water, which weakens the effects of the drug,

Vomiting from large doses,


Pain in the hypochondria, as if wind became incarcerated in those parts,

Sticking pain in the right hypochondrium, in the evening (after twelve hours),

Seated pain in the left hypochondrium, with tension, when stooping (first and second days),

Umbilicus and Sides.

Pinching pains in the right side of the abdomen (after one hour),

Violent stitches in the left side, in the region of the spleen, arresting the breathing, in the evening, during rest,

General Abdomen.

Painful distension of the abdomen,

Rumbling in the abdomen after eating and drinking, followed by a painless diarrhoea,

Constant rumbling in the abdomen,

Rumbling in the abdomen (after half an hour),

Grumbling in the abdomen (soon),

Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen,

The usual breakfast causes a disagreeable fulness in the abdomen, relieved by eructations (after half an hour),

Pinching colic,

Slight digging sensation, with a feeling of fulness, in the abdomen (soon),

Stool is succeeded by a feeling of emptiness, followed by pinching in the abdomen (second day),

Pinching in the abdomen, followed by loose stool (after half an hour),

Drawing pain in the right abdominal ring, also in the left, but feebler, with tension in the ring, when walking (fifth day),

The abdominal integuments are painful, as if he had received several blows upon them,

Single piercing stitches in the abdomen,

Intermittent stitching above the crest of the left ilium, from without inwards,

Drawing from the left groin into the left thigh (first and second days),


Appetite and Thirst.

The appetite was good, but speedily satisfied (second, third, and fourth days),

He is easily satisfied, and feels very weak after satiety,

Loss of appetite,

Thirst, , etc.

The thirst is somewhat increased,

Troublesome thirst,


Tasteless eructations,

Some eructations (after a few minutes),

Uprising of a rancid fluid, occasioning a scratching sensation in the throat,

Uprisings of a small quantity of a bitter-tasting liquid,

Empty eructations, ,

Superficial pain, here and there, in the pit of the stomach and the region of the short ribs, especially on the left side; the pain is now a fine, now a dull stitching, accompanied with pressure (third and fourth days),

Continuous aching pain deep in the pit of the stomach, accompanied with alternate drawing and dull stitching along the union of the short ribs, frequently increasing to oppression of breathing, anxiety and heat in the face, especially in the afternoon, when standing (third, fourth, and fifth days),

Aching pain in the pit of the stomach, when stooping and when pressing inward,

Aching pain in the pit of the stomach, at night in bed (first night),

Aching-clawing pain in the pit of the stomach, sometimes spreading into both hypochondria and impeding respiration (second day),

Slight pressure in the pit of the stomach (first day),

Troublesome pressure in the region of the pit of the stomach (first days),

Contractive pressure in the pit of the stomach, with tightness of breathing; several evenings during a walk,

Pressure at the stomach, after drinking cold water (eighth day),

Pinching in the pit of the stomach,

Pinching pain, after supper, transversely across the epigastrium (sixth day),

Pain in the stomach,

Unpleasant creeping sensation in the region of the stomach (after one hour),

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