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Pulsatilla - Vertigo, Dizziness symptoms - T.F. Allen

Pulsatilla Nigricans, Pulsatila, Pratensis, Wind Flower, Pulsat, Pasque Flower, Puls.

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HPUS indication of Pulsatilla: Weeping
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Pulsatilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Excessive vertigo, like intoxication,

Vertigo, as if one had turned in a circle a long time, associated with nausea,

Vertigo, he thought he was unable to stand (during the first hours),

A kind of vertigo, on looking upward, as if he would fall, or as if he were dancing,

Vertigo, he thought he was unable to grasp an object (during the first hours),

Vertigo on stooping, as if he would fall down, as though intoxicated; followed by inclination to vomit (after six hours),

Vertigo on stooping, so that she could scarcely rise up again,

Vertigo, as from heaviness in the head, on walking and stooping, with some whirling that was noticed even while lying down,

Vertigo (immediately, still more severe the next day),

Vertigo, especially while sitting,

Vertigo when walking in the open air, disappearing while sitting,

Vertigo, as if the blood mounted to the head; it beat and surged therein,

Vertigo, as if caused by intoxication,

Paroxysm of vertigo, intoxication, heat,

Vertigo, as from drinking brandy,

Vertigo in the morning, on rising from bed, on account of which he was obliged to lie down again,

Vertigo, while walking over a high bridge (eleventh day),

Attack of vertigo while sitting (ninth day),

Great inclination to vertigo (thirty-fourth day),

Attack of dizziness, as if the body were falling to the right or left, in the morning, on walking in the open air (eighth day),

Great giddiness, with violent acute pain in both temples (after some days),

Dizzy reeling, as from intoxication, with internal heat in the head, with paleness of the naturally warm face, especially in the evening,

Reeling while walking, as if the head were dizzy, without really being dizzy, in the evening (after three days),

Sensation of reeling from side to side,

General Head.

Heaviness of the head,

Cannot support the head, cannot hold it upright, must lie down, yet cannot remain in bed,

Heaviness of the head, cannot tolerate the glare of the lamp,

Heaviness and heat of the head followed chilliness of the body, in the afternoon,

Cannot hold the head upright, cannot raise it,

On stooping it seems as though the head were too heavy, and he could not raise it again,

A sensation in the head on stooping as if it would fall forward,

Dulness of the head and headache, like a bruised sensation in the forehead,

Dulness of the head, as if his memory failed (after two hours),

The head seems dull and heavy,

The head seems dull, so that the eyes ache in the head,

Dull headache, especially pressive in the forehead (after quarter of an hour),

It seems as though hot air were blowing upon him and causing headache,

Headache from time to time, as if a sharp wind were blowing through the brain (after forty hours),

Headache while lying down for the midday nap, in one half of the brain, in the side upon which he is not lying (after eighteen hours),

Boring outward headache, with dull stitches,

Headache extending into the right eye, it presses in it and tears come out of it,

Headache; the brain seems constricted, with boring pain in the crown,

Headache in the evening, as if stopped catarrh; followed by dry heat in bed and an intoxicated sleep, with delirious fantasies and almost waking dreams,

Headache, so that he was obliged to incline the head to one side,

One sided headache, as if the brain would burst, and the eyes would fall out of the head,

Headache with obscuration, on coming into a warm room,

Headache, as from intoxication and night-watching (after twelve hours),

Headache on waking, and for some time afterwards; the brain seems confused and torn to pieces, as in pernicious fever or after intoxication by brandy (after six and twelve hours),

Headache that disappears and recurs at indefinite times, aggravated especially on walking in the open air,

Headache as if one had eaten too much, or as if the stomach had been disordered by being overloaded with too much fat meat,

Headache, extending into the eyes, so that they ache, in the evening,

Sick headache (after six to seven days),

Pressure in various parts of the bones of the head (thirty-fourth day),

Pressive headache on stooping,

Sticking headache,

Cutting headache,

Tensive headache over the brain (after one hour),

Throbbing, pressive headache, relieved by external pressure (after half an hour),

Headache like a throbbing in the arteries of the brain (after six hours),

Throbbing headache, about midnight,

Spasmodic shuddering and jerking in the head and whole body, on falling asleep, twice in succession during the afternoon nap (after eighty-six hours),

Whirring and a dulness in the head and a sleepy feeling, only while sitting,

Bubbling in the head at night; he distinctly heard the beating of the pulse in it,

Buzzing in the head,

Crackling in the brain, synchronous with the pulse, on walking,

Roaring in the head and still more violent roaring in the ears, so that he was obliged to lie down in the evening earlier than usual,

Stitches as if extending through the whole brain, after dinner, lasting until going to sleep in the evening, associated with shivering and attacks of faintness (after sixteen hours),

Confusion and Vertigo.

Confusion of the head and vertigo, caused by motion,

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