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Psorinum - Skin symptoms - H.C. Allen

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Abnormal tendency to receive skin diseasesfont

Large suppurating pustules on hands, particularly near ends of fingers; had eight or ten within a few weeks, itching of body particularly while in bedfont

Skin inactive; want of perspirationfont

Itching when body becomes warm; and stinging in many parts at same time; intolerable, worse in bed and from warmth; scratches until it bleeds; over whole body, when rubbed, small papules and vesicles arise; between fingers; in knee joints; in bends of knees; terrible, of whole body at night, preventing sleepfont

Skin has a dirty, dingy look, as if patient never washed; in some places looks coarse as if bathed in oil; sebaceous glands secrete in excess; body always smells dirtyfont

Skin dirty, greasy looking, with yellow blotches here and therefont

Severe pains in limbs and dark, burning spots, so that skin of whole body except face resembled that of a mulatto; itch had been suppressed five timesfont

Rash on back and neck.

Urticaria with eruptions on head.

Fine, red eruption, forming small white scales.

Dry and scaly eruption, with little pointed vesicles around reddened edges, disappearing during summer, but reappearing when cold weather comes on.

Eruption of small vesicles, quickly filling with a yellow lymph, painful, like sores, to touch, drying up after a few days, on forehead and several places on face, also behind right ear.

Moist herpes after suppressed scabies; intolerable itching when getting warm; worse before midnight and in open airfont

Herpes with itching and burning; with biting-itching, with meal-dust, humidfont

Herpetic eruptionsfont

On face, hand and back, also on legs, an itchlike eruption appears and the eyes agglutinate so that they cannot be opened.

Itch dry on arms and chest, most severe on finger joints; followed by boils; inveterate cases with symptoms of tuberculosis; in recent cases, with eruptions in bend of elbows and around wrists; repeated outbreak of single pustules after main eruption seems all gonefont

After suppressed itch urticaria in attacks, after every exertion; tuberculosis; single pustules often appearfont

Consequences of itch suppressed by Sulphur sulphur ointmentfont

Psoriasis; psoriasis syphiliticafont

Cuprum Metallicum Copper-colored pustules, no itching.

Pustules on forehead, chin and chest.

Pustules or boils on head, particularly on scalp; scalp had a dirty look and emitted an offensive odor; fine, red eruption, forming small white scales; pustules on handsfont

Burning itching pustule after vaccinationfont

Eruptions bleed easily and constantly tend to suppuratefont

Crusty eruptions all over bodyfont

Crusta serpiginosafont


Retrocession of eruptionfont


Ulcers deep, penetrating, ichorous; on face and legs; old, with fetid pus; violently itching; scrofulous, with swelling of bonesfont

Moist, itching condylomatafont

Suppressed eruptionsfont

Dryness of the (scarf) skin either on the whole body with inability to perspire through motion and heat, or only in some parts.

Sensation of dryness over the whole body, also in the face, at the mouth and in the mouth, in the throat or in the nose, although the air passes freely (especially upon the hands, the external side of the arms and legs, and even in the face; the skin is dry, rough, parching, feels chapped, often scaly like bran).

Eruption in bends of elbows and knees; dry, scaly and small pointed vesicles around the reddened joints; disappeared entirely in summer and reappeared when cold weather set in; violent itching worse by warmth of bed or by scratching. Psorinum 42 m., two doses, at six weeks intervals, cured. No return the following winter.

A man, aged 80, suffered with eczema since 18 years old, which appeared soon after vaccination. A very troublesome cough had annoyed him for months, for which I was called to attend him.

A woman had attacks of terrible itching of skin without eruption through three periods of gestation. In the last she complained of the same itching, when Dr. Lippe advised Psorinum. In two days erysipelas appeared. Her face was very much swollenp

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