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Psorinum - Head symptoms - Clarke

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Sticking in head, with weakness, had to lie down towards 7 p.m., and soon fell asleep, copious sweat at night, which amel.

Thrusts in head.

Headache in evening; with eructations; with thirst, coldness, and dryness of mouth and lips; intermittent; spasmodically contracting; as if a hammer were beating in head, esp. unilateral (in a herpetic patient); as if everything would protrude through forehead towards evening.

Fulness during mental labour.

Congestion of brain, amel. nose-bleed.

Cloudy feeling in night on waking, as if he had been intoxicated in evening, with stupor and tumbling about.

Heaviness in morning.

Weakness of head.

Pulsation of blood during mental labour.

Sticking in l. side of forehead; in r. side extending into eye.

Drawing in forehead extending to nose.

Drawing in sinuses as in coryza.

Stupefied feeling in l. forehead in morning.

Shooting from l. temple into head.

Boring in l. temple.

Fulness in vertex as if brain would burst, with formication in head followed by heavy sleep.

Feeling as of a cord around skin, agg. about occiput, which feels as if pressed outward.

Congestion of blood to head immediately after dinner.

Sensation as if head separated from body.

Averse to having head uncovered; wears a fur cap in hot weather.

Viscid sweat about head.

Humid eruptions.

Tinea capitis et faciei.

Crusta serpiginosa.

Rawness and soreness behind ears.

Humid, scabby eruption, full of lice.


Tearing in head (which he formerly had) this time with fever and general arthritic pains.

R. side of head and r. eye swollen and painful as if it would burst.

Pinching in upper forehead beginning morning in bed, agg. morning and evening, with heaviness, sometimes whole sinciput aches and then temples feel pressed in, afterwards it alternates suddenly with pain in molars, agg. walking in fresh air.

Pain in centre of forehead; with weakness of it.

Pain in sinciput, agg. temples, agg. steady mental exertion, amel. motion, esp. in open air, agg. morning and evening, with heaviness in sinciput, often it suddenly passes off and attacks l. molars.

Pain as if brain had not space enough in morning on rising, amel. washing and breakfast; contracting pain.

Pain in temples after mental exertion; hammering; crampy, in skin of r. at 7.30 p.m.

Intermittent pain in a spot in vertex.

Strained pain in r. side of occiput at noon.

Pain in occiput as if a piece of wood lay across from r. to l.

Always hungry during headache.

Headache agg. by change of weather; if it changes in night the headache wakens him.


Hair dry, lustreless; tangles easily; glues together.

Spot of white skin with white lock of hair becomes natural colour under Pso.

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