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Psorinum - General symptoms

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Psorinum is a similimum of the itch virus. There is no intermediate degree between idem and similimum; in other words, the thinking man sees that similimum is the medium between simile and idem. The only definite meaning which the terms "isopathic and aequale" can convey is that of similimum; they are not idem.

Eructations tasting of rotten eggs (Arnica Arn., Antimonium Tartaricum Ant. t., Graphites Graph.). Quinsy tonsils greatly swollen.

difficult, painful swallowing.

burns, feels scalded. cutting, tearing, intense pain to ears on swallowing (painless, Bar. c.).

profuse offensive saliva.

tough mucus in throat, must hawk continually.

Skin abnormal tendency to receive skin diseases (Sulphur Sulph.).

eruptions easily suppurate (Hep.).

dry, inactive, rarely sweats.

dirty look, as if never washed.

coarse, greasy, as if bathed in oil.

bad effects from suppression by Sulphur Sulphur and Zincum Metallicum Zinc ointments.

Has been nervous about nine months.

was obliged to abdomen all business.

has taken much quinine and other drugs.

a very disagreeable feeling about head.

mental depression. thinks he will not recover.

has lost all hope. cannot apply his mind to business.

confusion of senses, he cannot reckon.

attacks of numbness of legs and arms, left side worse.

worse on going to bed.

formication and crawling, with pricking and smarting on scalp, and some on extremities.

tongue whitefont.

A man, aet. 28, dark complexion, dark brown hair, had a spot on left frontal region, commencing at edge of hair and extending upward three-fourths of an inch.

the skin covering spot was many shades whiter than the surrounding skin, and the lock of hair growing on it had turned perfectly white.

after Psor. hair and spot became natural colorfont.

Pustules and boils on head, containing large quantities of pus.

severe itching, causing child to scratch so violently that blood flows.

formation of thick, dirty, yellow scabs, which when removed show a raw surface from which a yellow lymph exudes, which makes the linen stiff.

after removal new scabs form.

eruption spreads on nape of neck, scalp and most of forehead.

the eruption is of very offensive odor.

such large quantity of lymph is exuded that head seems to stick to pillow.

child very restless, scratches head violently, and if prevented becomes irritable and screams.

large pustules on arms and body, which show no tendency to heal.

Pain beginning over left eye and goes to right.

worse from hour to hour, then diarrhea and nausea, finally bloody vomiting.

dizziness, obliges her to lie down.

blur, and blue stars before eyes.

veins of temples much distended.

day before headache inordinate appetite.

also during first hours of pain.

worse and brought on by change of weather, so that even in middle of night she is awakened by pain and always knows there has been a change.

soreness of stomach, sensitive to touch and pressure of clothes.

catamenia regularfont.

A girl, aet. 18, sallow complexion but cleanly appearance.

constant irritation of the different parts of body, day and night, compelling her to scratch.

numerous podiculi corporis cling to neck, back and shoulders.

menstruation had never occurred.

anxious, depressed and tearful.

inner angles of eyes filled with gummy mucus, heat and itching in them, in evening.

corners of mouth sorefont.

Scaly condition of skin of whole body.

skin has a dirty, tawny color, although carefully kept.

much itching causing desire to scratch, which gave but temporary relief.

some months back instep showed signs of eruption, which soon became a thick, dirty-looking mass of scales and pus, painful and violently itching.

at times pain kept her awake at night.

disease of at least a dozen years' standingfont.

Eczematous eruption after any severe exertion, accompanied by sensation of tension and swelling on fingers, dorsum of hands, nape of neck and towards ears.

slightly elevated blotches upon an erysipelatous, swollen, hard base.

eruption of numberless small vesicles.

face in several places affected.

eyelids swollen. intolerable itching, disturbing sleep.

fingers so swollen that they cannot be flexed.

after several days desquamation in very fine scales occurred.

Eczema behind ears, on scalp and in bends of elbows and armpits, accompanied by abscesses affecting bones.

nothing relieved, but the eruption disappeared, to reappear again, years after, on wrists.

there was then a patch on each wrist as large as a half dollar, with intense itching, preventing sleep, with constant desire to scratchfont.

Eczema something more than a year since a young lady came under my observation who had one of the worst cases I ever saw. At 15 years I remember her as attractive and brilliant, with a fine head of hair and one of the most perfect complexions, or skins, I ever saw. Upon questioning her I learned Family history negative. Had been in every way in perfect health. At 14 years was vaccinated, "worked" well, six months later attended a school exhibition one very cold night in winter and face was considerably exposed. Next morning awakened, face grealty swollen, intensely red, almost unbearable itching. Eyes suffused and injected, ears double their normal size. Very little constitutional disturbance. Called an allopathic physician who employed local and internal measures with little immediate result. Soon papules were formed, many of which became vesicular and not a few pustular.

discharge of thick, dirty fluid which stained and stiffened linen. Hair was cut close and "locals" applied here also. Week after week she had slight improvements and aggravations. She was of strong allopathic faith, yet after three years of Arsenicum Album arsenic, potash, cathartics, Zincum Metallicum zinc and a dozen other local applications she sought homeopathic treatment. Appeared to improve for a time, then as bad as ever, and finally returned to allopathy.

finding no relief, employed some patent remedies with apparent transitory improvement. She was now, at the time I saw her, taking nothing at all, had suffered for six years, and was still as bad as ever, or even slightly worse. I found her in mind, though naturally bright and cheerful, very despondent, with even suicidal thoughts, complete despair of recovery. Hair dry and without lustre, eyes somewhat suffused and injected, which condition attends a sort of incipient asthmatic affection, making its appearance each fall.

some hoarseness. Face, neck and much of body was coarse, rough and of a dirty brown color. Does not perspire at all. Eruption behaves much the same as at first and above described, itching intolerably, better by gentle scratching which is continued until it bleeds. Between points of eruption skin is much indurated. Eruption surrounded by bluish circle.

pruritus worse at night, when undressing, and by warmth of bed. Desquamation is so great that the sheet was each morning shaken and scales swept away. I went to work with a faint heart, feeling that I was somewhat lacking in uncommon and peculiar symptoms. I prescribed Psorinum 200 (B. & Tfont), a powder each night dry on tongue, for a week.

A teething baby, nine months old, had eczema, beginning at outer angle of right eye and spreading over entire face. First a raised inflamed base of a tawny red, then scattered pustules which coalesced to form large crusts, from which oozed an oily, yellow, viscid discharge, cracks upon ears with a similar discharge. Graphites Graphites cm. was given without result.

then Sulphur Sulphur, but the eruption spread until the cheeks were a mass of crusts. It then appeared on back and arm and one leg, and here gave off fine bran-like scales. The scalp soon became involved and covered with crusts a quarter of an inch thick. Psorinum cm., one dose, which worse for a week, then improvement began and went on to a perfect cure.

notwithstanding the eruption of three teeth.

Cough worse at night, on lying down and on rising in the morning. Coughs long before expectorating. Sputa yellowish, salty, puriform. Sensation of pressure on chest.

requires great effort to expand lungs. Chest painful, worse after coughing.

mucous rales over both lungs. Loss of appetite. Eczema always worse in winter.

intense itching worse nights. The eczema had been suppressed by local treatment, and cough developed. Psorinum cm. Within 48 hours cough and chest symptoms improved, but the eczema reappeared over the body, with intense itching. Improving in health, but still has some eczema which gives him little trouble. - Chapman..

Mrs. M., aged 72, tissues enormously distended with dropsy, unable to lie down for nine weeks from dyspnoea. Legs from ankles to crest of ilium and arms from wrist to elbows covered with a dirty, scaly eruption, itching violently worse at night, could not avoid scratching, which gave no relief until it caused bleeding. All forms of external applications had been used in a vain effort to suppress the eruption. Psorinum 52m. one powder in four teaspoonfuls of water, given in four doses, half hour intervals, and six powders of placebo, one each night, gave prompt relief, and the patient was able to walk in two weeks. One week later another dose was required, as there was a slight return of the eruption on the ankles.

this completed the cure. - Hawley..

Eczema Rubrum Mrs. G., aged 71, face red and swollen, almost erysipelatous in appearance. Heat of fire caused torture when it touched her face.

always sits with her back to the fire. Cold air better bathing worse, must dry face with great care. Burning and itching intolerable.

cannot sleep. sits all night by an open window gently rubbing face with a handkerchief. Scratching increases burning and itching.

mental excitement, of which she has much, greatly worse. Psorinum 500 cured in one month.

Cough from tickling in larynx.

dry, hard, caused by tickling in trachea.

in evening with pains in chest and throat, passing off when she is quiet.

produced by talking. with sensation of weakness in chest.

dry, with sensation of heaviness in chest.

dry, with soreness under sternum, with stitches in chest.

dry, with constricting pain in chest.

worse mornings when awaking and evenings on lying down.

coughs a long time before expectorating.

periodic attacks. chronic, spasmodic.

of twenty-five years durationfont.

Dull pressure in right side of chest, extending thence over whole chest, worse bending forward in writing, not by motion or deep inspiration.

dry cough with expectoration of small lumps of mucus.

speaking affects him very much.

great prostration after preaching, so that he must rest a long time to recuperate.

voice is not husky, but it requires all his strength to get through with his work.

chest narrow, shoulders projectingfont.

Attacks of suffocation especially after midnight.

the patient has to sit up, sometimes he has to leave his bed, stand stooping forward, leaning on his hands.

he has to open the windows, or get out into the open air, etc.

he has palpitations. these are followed by eructations or yawning, and the spasm terminates with or without coughing and expectoration.

Boy, aet, four months, whitish bad-smelling diarrhea.

constantly crying, with drawing up of knees as if in pain.

rattling cough, cries all night.

acts as if he had earache in left ear, from which there was a slight discharge.

seldom urinates. after second dose, sixteen hours after first, broke out all over his head and face, with a small pimply eruption, a vesicle at the apex of each pimple, which exuded lymph which dried in a thick brown scab, which gradually fell off in a day or two, and in two weeks left the skin perfectly cleanfont.

Seven large, moist, itching, occasionally burning condylomata on prepuce.

every night nocturnal enuresis.

during day must urinate nearly every half hour.

urination scanty and accompanied by burning in urethra and condylomata.

lips ulcerated, particularly at corners of mouth.

in several localities, but particularly in popliteal spaces, dry, herpetic eruption, not itchingfont.

Boy, aet. 7, suffering since birth.

right-sided inguinal hernia, about three inches of intestine descending to testicle through widely opened inguinal canal.

upon applying a bandage severe inflammation of tunica vaginalis occurred, which yielded to Pulsatilla Pulsat., but returned every time bandage was applied.

child gradually grew miserable and thin and lost all appetite.

fever set in, and a large amount of water collected in tunica vaginalis.

as the case improved a painful, burning, itching excoriation with acrid discharge appeared upon inner surface of prepuce and upon corona glandisfont.

Disorders of the menstrual function.

the menses do not appear regularly on the twenty-eighth day after their last appearance, they do not come on without other ailments and not at once, and do not continue steadily for three or four days with a moderate quantity of healthy colored, mild blood, until on the fourth day it imperceptibly comes to an end without any disturbance of the general health of body and spirit.

nor are the menses continued to the forty-eighth or fiftieth year, nor do they cease gradually and without any troubles.

Leucorrhea from the vagina, one or several days before, or soon after, the monthly flow of blood, or during the whole time from the one menstrual discharge to the other, with a diminution of the menses, or continuing solely instead of the menses.

the flow is like milk, or like white, or yellow mucus, or like acrid, or sometimes like fetid water.

The concomitant symptoms were easily controlled, but on their disappearance the attacks of pain increased in frequency and violence. Physical examination revealed adhesive bands, which contracted the vagina, and involved the right broad ligament and right ovary, which was apparently firmly bound to the side of the pelvis. The pain was worse by moving the limb.

walking. standing erect.

lying on the painful side.

E. M., aged 8, a papular vesicular eruption over entire body, but worse in the flexures of joints, on hands and wrists, and between fingers.

in palms, which resembled eczema.

the itching was intolerable.

scratched until it bled, which better itching, and he would sleep.

worse at night on undressing and in bed.

night sweats without relief.

face sallow, pale. tongue coated dirty white.

great thirst for cold water.

offensive odor from body.

Ulcers on the thighs, especially, also upon the ankles and above them and on the lower part of the calves, with itching, gnawing, tickling around the borders, and a gnawing pain as from salt on the base of the ulcer itself.

the parts surrounding are of brown and bluish color, with varices near the ulcers, which, during storms and rains, often cause tearing pains, especially at night, often accompanied with erysipelas after vexation or fright, or attended with cramps in the calves.

Eruptions, either arising from time to time and passing away again.

some voluptuously itching pustules, especially on the fingers or other parts, which, after scratching, burn and have the greatest similarity to the original itch-eruption.

or nettle-rash, like stings and water-blisters, mostly with burning pain.

or pimples without pain in the face, the chest, the back, the arms and the thighs.

or herpes in fine miliary grains, closely pressed together into round, larger or smaller spots of mostly reddish color, sometimes dry, sometimes moist, with itching, similar to the eruption of itch and with burning after rubbing them.

The moist herpes on the legs are called salt Rheum rheum.

or crusts raised above the surrounding skin, round in form, with deep-red, painless borders, with frequent violent stitches on the parts of the skin not yet affected.

or small, round spots on the skin, covered with bran-like, dry scales, which often peel off and are again renewed without sensation.

or red spots on the skin, which feel dry, with burning pain.

somewhat raised above the rest of the skin.

Right pressure in side of occiput.

large brown scab on eye.

eye inflamed. ear a mass of crusts.

eczema behind ear cured deafness.

stinging in nostril. soreness of jaw.

burning in cheek. ulcer on side of throat.

pain through groin. lumps in groin.

inguinal hernia. knotty lump over groin.

violent pain in loin. tearing in side from cough.

pain extending to shoulder.

stitches in side of chest.

sharp pain opposite tenth rib.

fixed pain in side of chest.

dull pressure in chest.

lameness and soreness in shoulder.

small vesicles behind ear.

Left half of head stupid.

pains in temple. numbness of arm and leg.

pressing headache worse.

pain over eye. spots on frontal region much whiter than surrounding skin.

discharge from ear. pustules behind ear.

ovary indurated after violent knock.

cutting in loin. stitches in chest.

stenosis of osteum venosum.

small warts on hand. as if foot was pulled inward.

corns between toes. tearing in knee.

in axillae.

Eructations. sour, rancid.

tasting and smelling like rotten eggs.

room is filled with an offensive odor. Arnica Arn., Graphites Graph., Antimonium Tartaricum Ant. t. Arnica Arn. especially in A. M.

Antimonium Tartaricum Ant. t. at night.

Graphites Graph. in A. M. only, after rising, disappearing on rinsing the mouthfont.

Intolerable pain in the skin (or in the muscles, or in the periosteum) of some part of the body from a slight movement of the same or of a more distant part.

e. gfont, from writing there arise a pain in the shoulder or in the side of the neck, etc., while sawing or performing other hard labor with the same hand causes no pain.

a similar pain in the adjacent parts, from speaking and moving the mouth.

pain in the lips and in the back at a slight touchp.

As if stupid in left half of head.

eyes as if pressed outward.

as if brain had not room enough in forehead.

as if brain would protrude.

back of head as if sprained.

right side of occiput as if luxated (dislocated).

as if piece of wood were lying across back of head.

as if head were separated from body.

as of a foreign body under eyelid.

as if sand were in eyes.

as if heard with ears not his own.

cheek bones as if ulcerated.

condyle of jaw as if lame.

tongue as if burnt. teeth as if glued together.

as if a plug in throat.

as if intestines were hanging down.

as if frightened. throat as if narrowing.

asthma as if he would die.

as if everything in chest were raw and scratched.

as if everything were torn in chest.

glands of neck as if bruised.

back as if bruised. arms as if paralyzed.

hip joint as if ulcerated.

joints as if encased in armor.

as if left foot were pulled around inward.

as if joints would not hold together.

hands and feet as if broken.

as if he would lose his senses.

Pain in left temple. in chest.

over left eye to right, in back of head.

over eyebrows. down nose.

in liver. in cheek bones.

in condyle of jaw. in throat.

in chest extending to shoulder.

in small of back. in abdomen.

through right groin. in rectum.

in cardiac region. in chest and throat.

in heart. in head and limbs.

in hip joint. in knee.

in legs.

Debility independent of any organic disease.

loss of appetite. tendency to perspiration on exertion and at night.

after acute diseases. after protracted diseases of loss of fluids.

after typhus, with despair of recovery.

thinks he is very ill when he is not.

appetite will not return.

in the evil consequence of suppressed itch, especially after large doses of sulphurfont.

Mr. C., 43, spare, dark. Hypochondriacal. Nervous for nine months. Had to give up business. Took much quinine and many other drugs, without better, Complains of every disagreeable feeling about the head, great mental depression.

thinks he will never recover.

hopeless and despondent. Cannot apply his mind to business. Seems confused.

cannot reckon. Numbness of legs and arms worse on left side.

worse going to bed, formication and crawling, with pricking and smarting on scalp and on extremities. Tongue coated white. After three months' treatment remained stationary. It was then ascertained that he sweated very easily on least exertion, and somewhat at night, with great loss of memory. Psorinum 400 soon caused marked improvement and enabled him to return to business. - J. B. Bellfont.

Increasing susceptibility to colds, either of the whole body (often even from repeatedly wetting the hands, now with warm water, then with cold, as in washing clothes), or only susceptibility of certain parts of the body, of the head, the neck, the chest, the abdomen, the feet, etc., often in a moderate or slight draft, or after slightly moistening these parts.

even from being in a cooler room, in a rainy atmosphere, or with a low barometer.

The sero-purulent matter contained in the Scabies vesicle was used for Hahnemann's provings (No. 1).

The product of "Psora sicca" (epidermoid efflorescence of Pityriasis) was used for the provings by Dr. Gross (Nos. 2 to 5).

Preparation, Triturations.

(Morning), Irritable and quarrelsome.

vertigo. on rising, frontal headache.

headache over whole forehead.

pressive pinching pain in forehead.

agglutination of the eyes.

bread and butter tastes like cat's urine.

butter taste. at 10 o'clock, vomiting of sweet mucus.

nausea. before eating, sour vomiting.

in bed, early, intestinal cramps.

cough. when getting up.

cough with expectoration of greenish mucus.

sensation as if the left arm was asleep, with numbness of fingers and hands.

crawling in fingers. in bed, pains in legs.

bruised sensation in tibiae and soles of feet.

with every step, pain in ankle.

(Evening), Headache over forehead.

pressive pinching pain in forehead.

eyes feel tired. by candlelight, pains in eyes.

sore pain behind ears.

hunger. vomiting of sweet mucus.

cough. when lying down, cough with expectoration of green mucus.

dyspnoea. eructations.

emission of flatus, etc.

when at rest, pain in bones of whole left arm.

yawning. chilliness. sudden heat over the whole body, with tickling perspiration..

Headache, pressing, over the whole forehead, especially in the temples, increased by steady mental exertion, relieved by motion, especially in the fresh air.

it is worst morning and evening, with excessive sensation of heaviness in the forehead.

frequently it suddenly passes off, and attacks instead the molars of the left side (from 10 drops of 30th),.

Pressing, frequently at intervals.

pinching pain, with a sensation of heaviness in the upper part of the forehead.

sometimes the whole forehead aches, and then it feels as if the temples were pressed in.

afterwards it suddenly changes to pressing pains in the molars, most frequently when walking in the fresh air.

it begins early in the morning, and is most severe in the early hours of the morning and in the evening, (eight hours after 10 drops of 1st),.

Ringing either in the left or right ear, with buzzing in the head, so that she hardly hears anything.

behind the ears, in the region of the sterno-cleido-mastoideus, a tormenting sore pain.

sometimes for a moment a sensation of burning heat extending to the vertex.

worse towards the evening, when she feels as if somebody pulls her up by the hair,.

His throat became covered with spots the size of an ordinary pilule, and larger, covered with a cheesy-looking creamy top, a pink circle round the base, and some of them looked as if mortification were setting in.

they turned black, but there was no fetor.

the throat symptoms were worse from hawking up, worse from gargling with cold water, and always better from his beer. It think it began on the left side, and was confined mostly to that side, perhaps extending a little to the right velum,.

Psoricum. The nosode of Psora. Triturations.

rubrum. Enuresis. Eruptions.

moist. itching. Gleet. Gonorrhoea. Gout. Haemorrhages. Haemorrhoids. Hair, dry.

tangling. Hay fever. Headache. Head, congestion of. Hernia. Hydrocele. Impotence. Influenzinum Influenza. Injuries. Itch. Itching. Leucorrhoea. Lienteria. Liver, affections of.

chronic inflammation of. Melancholia, religious. Nose, redness of. Odour of body, fetid. Ophthalmia, scrofulous. Otorrhoea.

fetid. Ozaena. Pediculosis. Peritonitis, tubercular. Plica polonica. Polypus. Quinsy. Sciatica. Scurvy. Skin, affections of. Spina bifida. Spleen, affections of.

As Sulphur Sulphur has been the chief remedial agent in both schools in the treatment of itch and itch-like eruptions, it is natural to find in the nosode of Psora, or constitutional itch, a close analogue of Sulphur Sulph. Psorinum has been proved entirely in the potencies, and I know of no more trustworthy proving in the materia medica. I have frequently seen Pso. develop some of its own symptoms in patients whom it has benefited in other ways. A man who complained of "cloudiness of mind and difficult thinking," and who had among other symptoms, "Left foot colder than right," received Pso. 30. It removed these symptoms.

but whilst under its influence these new symptoms appeared Heavy headache across the eyebrows.

greasiness of face and forehead. A woman to whom I gave Pso. 30 complained that after each dose she had a feeling "as if something in the head were being screwed up and drawn".

one of Hahnemann's symptoms is "Spasmodically contracting headache." A patient who took Pso. 500 complained that it had a "filthy taste." From Pso. 20m (F. C.) I have seen produced an eruption of boil-like indurations in both axillae, first (and worst) in left then in right. The general symptoms were very greatly relieved at the same time. One great mark of distinction between Sulphur Sul. and Pso. is that the Pso. patient is exceedingly chilly, likes to have a fur cap on in summer.

whilst the Sulphur Sul. patient is predominatingly hot. H. C. Allen gives another Pso. is indicated in chronic cases when well-selected remedies fail to relieve or to permanently improve (in acute diseases Sulphur Sul.).

also when Sulphur Sul. seems indicated but fails to relieve. Pso. is specially suited to ($51$) Scrofulous, nervous, restless persons who are easily startled. (2) Psoric constitutions.

lack of reaction after severe diseases. (3) Complaints of psoric origin.

patients emit a disagreeable odour. (4) Pale, sickly, delicate children. (5) Peevish, unhealthy-looking children, who have a disagreeable odour about them. (6) Dirty people in whom the body has a filthy smell which no amount of washing can remove. (7) Those subject to diseases of the glands and skin.

and who have had eruptions suppressed. The chief of the keynotes of Pso. is Lack of vital reaction.

prostration after acute disease, depressed, hopeless, night-sweats. Hopelessness, despair of perfect recovery is part of the jack of reaction.

emaciation and foul body odour may accompany it. "Foulness" may be considered the second keynote of Pso. Eruptions have offensive discharges.

the otorrhoea, is horribly offensive. The diarrhoea (especially of cholera infantum) is profuse, watery, dark brown, and even black, and is putrid-smelling like carrion. The Med. Visitor (xi. 378) collected a number of cases illustrating the action of Pso. (I italicise some of the characteristics) ($51$) W. A. Hawley reports a case of cholera infantum which seemed to defy every remedy. Stools very thin and watery, dirty greenish, smelt like carrion. Child very fretful, had no sleep for two days and nights. Pso. 42m (Fincke), one dose in water. In two hours the child went to sleep.

in four days it was well without repetition of the dose. (2) Another case of Hawley's Miss N., 20, had an eruption in bends of elbows and knees, dry, scaly, with little pointed vesicles round the reddened edges.

disappeared entirely in summer and reappeared when cold weather set in.

violent itching, agg. by warmth of bed or by scratching. Pso. 42m, two doses at six weeks' interval, cured. No return the following winter. Pso. also cured.

no appetite. least exertion puts him into a perspiration. Pso. 40 cured rapidly (J. B. Belladonna Bell). Mr. X., 21, was obliged one day to run till nearly exhausted. Though strong and well before he now became weak, perspiring easily, severe pains right side, agg. by coughing, laughing, and motion. Pso. 40 cured rapidly (J. B. Belladonna Bell). (8) Extreme dulness.

fears inflammation of brain.

amel. by nose-bleed. Headache following darkness before eyes. Black spots before eyes. Pso. cured (Haynel). (9) Horribly offensive, nearly painless, almost involuntary, dark and watery stool.

only in night and most towards morning (H. N. Martin). (10) Mr. C., 43, spare, dark. Hypochondriacal. "Nervous" nine months. Had to give up business. Took much Quinine and other drugs. Complains of very disagreeable feeling about the head and manifests mental depression.

thinks he will never recover.

has lost all hope. Cannot apply his mind to business. Seems confused.

cannot reckon. Numbness of legs and arms, agg. left side.

agg. going to bed, formication and crawling with prickling and smarting on scalp, and same on extremities. Tongue coated white. After three months treatment was stationary. It was then ascertained that he sweated easily on least exertion, and somewhat at night, and had loss of memory. Pso. 400 soon caused improvement, and enabled the patient to return to business (J. B. Belladonna Bell). G. A. Whippy (Am. Hom., xxiii. 391) cured the following case with Pso. 200, a dose every third night Carpenter, 40, long-standing discharge of reddish cerumen from left ear, agg. at night. Sensation of valve opening and shutting in left ear, agg. afternoon. Buzzing in ear, which stopped suddenly and was followed by violent itching. Dull, heavy pain in base of brain in afternoon, with sensation as though skin of abdomen was greatly relaxed and drawn down. Face sallow and greasy.

several pustules on chin and neck which itch intensely and bleed when scratched.

Other leading indications of Pso. are Sick babies will not sleep day or night, but worry, fret, cry.

or good and play all day, restless, troublesome, screaming all night. Weakness from loss of fluids.

after acute disease. with or without organic lesion. Whole body painful, easily sprained and injured. Great sensitiveness to cold air, change, storms.

to sun. restless for days before a thunderstorm. A symptom not seldom met with in practice and useful to remember is "Feels unusually well day before attack." Headache amel. by eating.

from suppressed menses.

amel. by nose-bleed. Dry, lustreless hair.

plica polonica. Acne agg. during menses.

from fats, sugar, coffee, meat. Quinsy, throat burns, feels scalded, cutting, tearing, intense pain on swallowing, profuse, offensive saliva.

tough mucus in throat.

must hawk continually.

tendency to quinsy. Profuse sweat after acute diseases, with amel. of all suffering. Skin has dirty look as if never washed. Pso. has cured more cases of hay fever in my practice than any other single remedy. Many cases have a psoric basis, and when the basic taint is corrected the irritating agents have no effect. Nasal polypus I have also cured with Pso. when the general symptoms indicate the remedy. Peculiar Sensations are As if frightened. As if he would lose his senses. As if stupid in left half of head. As if brain had not room enough in forehead. Eyes as if pressed outward. As from heavy blow on forehead. As if brain would protrude. Back of head as if sprained. Right side of occiput as if dislocated. As if piece of wood lying across back of head. As if head separated from body. As if sand in eyes. As if he heard with ears not his own. Cheek-bones as if ulcerated. Condyle of jaw as if lame. Tongue as if burnt. Teeth as if glued together. Plug in throat. Throat as if narrowing. As if intestines hanging down. Everything in chest as if raw, scratched.

torn loose. Arms as if paralysed. Hip-joint as if ulcerated. Joints as if encased in armour.

as if would not hold together. Hands and feet as if broken. The pains of Pso. may be erratic and alternate (headache and toothache). The symptoms are agg. by touch.

pressure (of truss). rubbing.

scratching. riding. bandage.

blow. fall. Slight emotions = severe ailments. (Pso. cannot bear to have the limbs touch each other at night; or weight of arms on chest.) amel. When eating.

agg. immediately after (rush of blood to head). agg. After cold drinks (pain in chest). Drinking = cough. amel. Lying down (most ailments, especially of chest; but agg. cough, and = gurgling at heart). agg. Lying r. side (liver). agg. Riding in carriage or exercising in open air.

(riding amel. short breath). amel. By rest and in room. Overlifting = thoughts to vanish. agg. Walking.

moving. agg. Evening and before midnight night.

morning on waking. Open air agg. (amel. taste; cough; itching) nose sensitive inhaling. agg. Before thunderstorm (restless for days before). Winter = cough. Summer = diarrhoea.

itching eruptions. agg. During full moon (enuresis). agg. Periodically.

Itching on forehead. tip of nose.

l. arm. biceps of l. arm.

r. elbow. soles in evening after a glass of Muscat wine, with tickling and heat.

of face, neck, and hands on touch.

over whole body after rubbing papules and vesicles.

between fingers, and vesicles filled with lymph.

on r. carpus, with red spots.

voluptuous, where a flea had bitten, with white, hard blisters on a red base.

The salt from a product of Psora. Hering. A Nosode.

* * *

Psorinum is closed allied to Sulphur Sulphur

Many of the complaints of the skin are worse from bathing and from the warmth of the bed. The skin itches when warm.

itches when wearing woolens. Itching when warm in bed.

he scratches until the part becomes raw, and then it becomes scabby. When healing takes place there is itching and then it becomes scabby. When healing takes place there is itching and then he has to scratch. Legs and arms raw and scabby from scratching. Violent itching from the warmth of the bed, even, without any eruption.

The skin is unhealthy, looks dirty, dingy, studded with capillary blood vessels and enlarged veins. This is the state before the eruption appears. Scabs form from scratching and then comes the eruption.

Papules, pimples, crusts, boils, vesicles, and eruptions ooze a watery moisture. When the eruption has gone on for some time the crusty formation and vesicles mingle.

the skin becomes thickened and indurated, and new crops come out under the old crusts.

rawness, itching, tingling, crawling, bleeding eczema of the scalp and face.

the crusts cover the scalp.

the hair falls out. the oozing lifts up the crusts and exposes new vesicles.

it looks like raw beef, and it tingles so that the child cannot keep its fingers off it.

worse at night, worse from the warmth of the bed, worse from warm applications, anything that would keep the air away from it.

ameliorated by cool air and worse from covering. This is the opposite of the general Psorinum state, which is aggravated from the open air. He has an aversion to open air.

The eruption goes on, spreads, and the true skin becomes elevated, thickened, indurated, with an increased vascularity and redness. The oozing is offensive like carrion or decomposed meat; nauseating odor from the oozing fluid.

Offensiveness runs through Psorinum in such a characteristic way that is worth while mentioning it here.

foetid odors, foetid breath discharges and oozing from the skin smelling like carrion.

stool so offensive that the odor permeates the whole house, in diarrhea, summer complaint, cholera infantum.

perspiration foetid. leucorrhoea abominably offensive.

eructations taste as if be had eaten bard boiled eggs and they had spoiled, and they smell so to others.

stool flatus, and eructations smell like spoiled eggs.

offensive to sight and smell is the subject who needs this medicine.

The skin grows increasingly thick and bleeds, and the eruption spreads to other parts. Eruptions on the lips, on the genitals.

very offensive. soreness and rawness about the anus.

the vulva ulcerates and is very offensive.

ulcers on the legs. on the tibia.

on the backs of the hands.

on the dorsum of the foot.

behind the ears and upon the ears.

over the scalp. over the cheek bones.

on the wings of the nose and on the nose and eyelids.

Greasy skin. The eruption is accompanied by redness of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, lips and eyes. Eyelids thickened and turned out, like ectropion.

granulation and induration of mucous membranes, so that they become like gristle.

redness and ulceration. Ulceration of the cornea.

lachrymation. turning out of the lids with loss of the eyelashes.

Accumulation of foetid pus in the eyes. Coryza with thick, yellow discharge. Always taking cold. In the coryza, the nose dries up part of the time and runs part of the time; he must use the handkerchief continually; must blow the nose all the time.

In the early stages of the coryza he blows it all the time, but there is no discharge or relief. This state is so marked that some think of it as a continuous hay fever, which runs all the year and rippens up in the Fall.

It is closely related to hay fever; stuffing up of the nose in the Fall; catarrhal state of the eyes and nose. Hay fever is one of the most difficult conditions to fit a remedy to. It belongs to a low constitution which must be built up before the hay fever will cease.

It is an expression of psora which comes once a year, and the psoric miasm must be changed. In a few years most subjects can be changed, but not in one season, so do not be disappointed. In catarrhal states, hay fever often dates back to low fever improperly treated.

The Psorinum patient himself is one of debility. He wants to go home after a short walk. He is worse in the open air. He cannot breathe in the open air; cannot breathe while he is standing up; wants to go home and lie down so that he can breathe.

Asthma or cardiac dyspnoea, when the patient wants to go home and lie down so that he can breathe. Usually this condition is relieved by sitting up and from the open air. Not so with Psorinum, he wants a warm place and to he down and to be let alone.

Psorinum is slowed down in all of its functions.

a state of paretic weakness. He does not rally after a fever.

his digestion is slow.

the stool is normal, yet it requires a great effort to expel it.

the bladder is full of urine, yet it passes slowly and he feels that some remains.

he can never finish stool or urination.

he has to go back several times. Although the stool is soft and perfectly normal it cannot be expelled at one sitting.

he does not convalesce.

he wants to lie down and does no desire to, be moved.

he is worse when sitting up, lies upon his back.

he has troublesome breathing and lies with his arms abducted from his side, thrown across the bed.

this relieves his breathing and allows the chest to operate properly.

so tired and so weak. one dose of Psorinum will cause a reaction, stop his sweat, increase his appetite, cause better breathing.

The Psorinum complex of symptoms is one in which remedies cause improvement but a short time and then the symptoms change and another remedy must be selected. It is a state of feeble reaction.

He thinks his business is going to be a failure; that he is going to the poor house; that he has sinned away his day of grace. It is a fixed idea during the day and he dreams about it at night. Overwhelming sadness; dejection; he takes no joy in his family; feels that these things are hot for him.

His business is prosperous, yet he feels as if he were going to the poor house. No joy or realization of benefit . Extremely irritable, wants to be alone. Does not want to be washed.

Full of anxiety, even of suicide. Despair of recovery his sick. Though there is no eruption at night he is driven to despair by the continual itching. If he throws the covers off then he becomes chilly; if he covers up, then there is itching.

Sensitive to cold yet the skin is worse from heat. Tingling, itching, formication, crawling like ants running over the surface, as of insects in the skin.

Especially suited to broken down individuals, who have vertigo as soon as they go into the open air; become dizzy and want to go home. and lie down; afraid they will lose their breath.

The headache is sometimes improve by eating. If he goes without a meal he has a headache.

Violent rush of blood to the head, hot face, hair wet with the perspiration, hunger. Every one, two, or three weeks a recurrent headache. Every time the air blows on his head it slacks up the catarrh and a headache comes on.

Either coryza or headache from catching cold. Headache is violent, throbbing, pecking as of little hammer, red face, hot head-congestive at times sweat. Hungry headache in such as have a dry cough in winter. Dry, teasing, racking cough with no expectoration. If the cough ceases he has a periodic headache. So complaints alternate. Head ache goes and cough appears or eruption in winter alternating with headache.

Scalp cold; wears fur cap in summer; worse uncovering the head (Silicea Sil), worse front getting the hair cut (Belladonna Bell., Glonoin Glon., Sepia Sep.). Hep Sulph Calc Hepar is also worse from cold.

Salt Rheum rheum, psoriasis in winter. Dry, cold weather, cold wet weather; washing in cold water; dish washing, aggravate the salt Rheum rheum.

"Hair dry, lusterless, tangles easily, glues together; must comb it continually."

"Otorrheoa with headache; thin, ichorous and horribly offensive like spoiled meat; very offensive, purulent; brown, offensive from left ear, for almost four year."

Otorrheoa associated with watery, offensive diarrhea. Scurfs in ears, and humid scurfs behind cars.

Ulcers about the tongue and mouth; ulcers as found in infancy; aphthae, thrush; ulcerated sore mouth, sore throat, chronic ulcers of throat. Chronic thickening and elongation of the uvula.

Enlargement of tonsils, parotids and submaxillary glands; they become hard and tender to touch; swelling from taking cold. Glands of the neck sore.

He will strain to pass a soft stool (Nux Vomica Nux moshata., Alumina Alumina).

Chronic diarrhea; horribly offensive; frequent stool day and night (unlike Sulphur Sulphur, the remedy it most resembles). He must go several times to pass a normal stool.

Chronic vomiting; ulcer of the stomach, distension of stomach are commonly associated. Always sour belching, sour stomach. Vomiting of blood and bloody stools. This is not strange, because Psorinum has a tendency to hemorrhages, especially from the uterus.

Women All sorts of menstrual disorders, especially a prolonged menstruation. When a woman has passed through an abortion and the placenta has come away, but every few days a little gush of fresh, bright red blood and clots, or going days and weeks with a little oozing of bright red blood.

every time she gets on her feet there is a new start of the flow.

no tendency to permanent recovery.

Two remedies that fit this state are Sulphur Sulphur and Psorinum A marked state of relaxation, sub-involution. The uterus does not go back to its normal size and there is this tendency to bleed; a state of inertia.

Soft stool, passed with difficult do not forget this. Obstinate constipation. Haemorrhage from the rectum.

Cholera infantum. often in the early days the stool is horribly offensive, slimy, undigested.

there is vomiting and prolonged weakness and the whole child has an offensive odor.

child dirty. nose sunken in (Antimonium Tartaricum Ant. t), sunken, countenance. Psorinum causes reaction and cures, or brings the child into such a condition that a simple remedy completes the cure.

It is not the sourness of Hep Sulph Calc Hepar.

in spite of washing, the child smells so sour.

like sour milk. the diaper, urine, and faeces and perspiration are sour. This is a strong general feature of Hep Sulph Calc Hepar The stool smells like spoiled eggs, so also the eructations and flatus. The offensiveness of the stool is horrible, but not so permeating as Baptisia Tinctoria Bapt, which is thick and clay-like, while the Psorinum stool is watery, brown, gushing and may be bloody.

Chronic diarrhea, early morning, urgent. Hot flatus, burning the anus; smells of spoiled eggs, Arnica Arn and Staphysagria Staph Involuntary stool at night (China China has a black, profuse, watery stool at night and after meals.)

In Psorinum, we find the haste of Sulphur sulphur, the flatulence of Olean and Aloe Socotrina Aloe, and difficulty of expelling a soft stool like Alumina Alumina, China China and Nux Moschata Nux mosch.

Men There is prostration in some Psorinum cases; prostration of the genitals.

It is not such an unusual thing in the female to have aversion to sexual intercourse, but man is not often subject to the complaints that cause aversion to coition. Yet we have in man as well as in the woman actual aversion or a state of no enjoyment. He can perform the act and he has no difficulty in obtaining an erection, so it is not impotence, but there is no enjoyment. Impotence comes later.

"Absence of erections; parts flabby, torpid."

"Aversion to coition; impotence; want of emission during coitus."

"Prostatic fluid discharged before urinating."

Old gleet, painless discharge.

the "last drop;" relaxed and cold genitals.

a drop of white or yellow pus after a well selected remedy. (Sepia Sepia, Sulphur Sulphur, Alumina Alumina, Psorinum.) Psorinum is indicated above all others if there is an unusually offensive state of the genitals, Thuja Thuya, if the odor is of a nauseating, sweet character.

warts exposed by rolling back the foreskin.

sweet odor in spite of washing.

Palpitation from the least exertion, better lying. Stitching pain better lying. Cardiac murmurs of either side. Mitral regurgitant murmur. Pericarditis of rheumatic origin. Heart symptoms with general weakness, dusky face, dazed look.

Weak, irregular and rapid pulse. But mark the modalities. Aggravation in the open air, aggravation when sitting up, aggravation when sitting at the writing table.

wants to rest the chest and breathing apparatus by lying down. Asthmatic dyspnoea ameliorated by lying down, and worse the nearer the arms are brought to the body. Such symptoms are found in very few remedies and in none so marked as in Psorinum.

Febrile state. Intermittent, bilious fever, fever from a cold. The patient is so hot that the hand under the covers feels as though in a steam bath and the sensation of heat causes one to draw it back.

It is not the dry heat of Belladonna Belladonna, yet it is as intense. It is a steam. He is covered with a boiling sweat in fevers. Head and body hot and hot air or steam beneath the covers. (Opium has this, but it is in a violent congestion to the head, an apoplectic condition.) In intermit tents he is taken on the street with difficult breathing. He wants to go home.

he is weak and exhausted, crawls up stairs on the hands and knees.

The chill is not marked, but the heat is intense and the sweat copious. He is almost in a stupor, befogged, bewildered, cannot answer questions; face red, puffed, mottled.

"Sweat profuse, cold, clammy from least exertion."

Marasmus. shriveling of the skin.

dirty skin. cannot wash it clean. Offensive discharge from the bowels.

great emaciation. increased growth of hair on the face.

a fuzz (Nat Mur Nat-mur., Psor., Sulphur Sulph Calc Carb Calc.).

horribly offensive in spite of washing.

ravenous appetite yet grows thin. Foetid odors would lead one to think of Psorinum.

s and nose He looks frightful with his red eyes, eruption on the face, red skin oozing a thick yellow discharge. In the early stages the oozing is a whitish thin or whitish thick moisture. In old eruptions ulceration takes place beneath the crusts and there is a thick, yellow, purulent discharge. Yellow green discharge from the eyes and nose. Horribly offensive discharge from the nose.

gluey discharge from the nose.

offensive like Merc Viv Merc., Silicea Sil., Calc phos Calc. p., Hep Sulph Calc Hep..

Very sad, hopeless, despondent; "bluest of the blue."

Great debility; sweats on slightest movement; wants to give up and lie down.

Eruptions on the skin, dry, or moist; or skin scaly and dry as parchment; dirty, the great unwashed, unwashable.

Intense itching of skin worse in warmth of bed.

Discharges and exhalations exceedingly offensive.

Very sensitive to cold air; wears a fur cap in summer.

Modalities worse in cold air, worse in warmth of bed (itching); sitting up or motion; better bringing arms down close to the body, better lying down (even the dyspnoea); wrapping up warm; psoric manifestations.

Great weakness and debility; from loss of fluids; remaining after acute diseases; without any organic lesion or apparent cause.

Cough and dry, scaly eruptions return every winter.

Quinsy; to eradicate the tendency.

The disease products are powerful remedies, and when used in the potentized form have made many wonderful cures. It is believed by some that in the potentized form they are so changed that they become homoeopathic to the disease which produced them, especially in any other person than the one in whom the original disease existed.

All nosodes are as capable of curing as they are of poisoning. If not, why not? We must not let prejudice hinder honest investigation. As if in corroboration of the theory that the potentized disease product will cure the disease producing it, the provings of Psorinum indicate that the chief action and curative power of the poison is upon the skin. And is it not remarkable that Psorinum should so strongly resemble Sulphur Sulphur, the old-time remedy for itch, and again that they follow or complement each other in curing skin troubles? Notice some of the leading skin symptoms.

"Itching when the body becomes warm."

"Itching, intolerable in warmth of bed." (Merc Viv Merc. sol.)

"Itching scratches until it bleeds."

"Itching between fingers and in bends of joints." (Sepia Sepia).

"Dry, scaly eruptions which disappear summers and return winters."

"Repeated outbreaks of eruptions."

"Skin has a dirty dingy look, as if the patient never washed, and the body has a filthy smell even after a bath." These and many other symptoms, too numerous to mention here, show what an invaluable remedy this should be in skin troubles, and abundant experience and observation corroborate the truth of our law of cure in the curative power of disease poisons, as it also does in vegetable, and mineral and insect or animal.

Psorinum is also found useful in the consequences of suppressed eruptions, and in such cases should never be forgotten when other anti-psoric fail. Dr. Wm. A. Hawley, of Syracuse, N. Y., once made a brilliant cure of a very bad case of dropsy in an old woman, being led to prescribe Psorinum by the appearance of the skin. One dose of Fincke's 42m. potency, dry on the tongue, cured the whole case in a very short time. It was a case of long standing. Now, if we examine we will also find that Psorinum resembles Graphites Graphites in many points. A close comparison will pay the earnest student of Materia Medica. Psorinum is very depressed in mind. "Greatest despondency, making his own life and that of those about him almost intolerable." This state of mind, following acute diseases, like typhus, is especially benefited by Psorinum. When writing of Graphites Graphites we mentioned the resemblance of the two remedies in the "stools, dark-brown, watery, and of intolerably offensive odor." This is found in bad cases of cholera infantum or chronic diarrhoea. There is one valuable diagnostic difference between them, although the remedies are so much alike, and that is that the Graphites Graphites moisture from the eruption is glutinous or sticky and not markedly so with Psorinum.

Again, Psorinum is very useful for weakness or debility during convalescence from severe acute diseases. The patient sweats profusely when taking the least exercise. Notwithstanding, as a rule, the skin is generally dry, inactive, and rarely sweats. Here, again, as in the stool symptom, choice may have to be made between Psorinum and China China. Loss of fluids, blood, suppuration, etc., would decide in favor of the latter and itching eruptions or tendency thereto, before or during the sickness, the former. One thing I forgot to mention in connection with the offensive stool. "All excretions, diarrhoea, leucorrhoea, menstrual flow and perspiration, have a carrion-like smell, even the body has a filthy smell, notwithstanding frequent bathing." The Psorinum subject is very sensitive to cold air, or change of weather (Hep Sulph Calc Hepar), wants to wear a fur cap, overcoat or shawl, even in the hottest weather.

Chronic complaints following or dating back for years to some imperfectly cured or suppressed acute disease. (Carbo Veg Carbo veg.) I advise everyone to buy a copy of Allen's "key-notes," which has a very good rendering of the nosodes. So we see in Psorinum when proven a great remedy for very grave conditions. I have no doubt that all nosodes are equally valuable when as well understood.


In the subsequent list of antisoric remedies no isopathic remedies are mentioned, for the reason that their effects upon the healthy organism have not been sufficiently ascertained. Even the itch miasm (psorinum), in its various degrees of potency, comes under this objection. I call psorin a homeopathic anti-psoric, because if the preparations of psorin did not alter its nature to that of a homeopathic remedy it never could have any effect upon an organism tainted with that same identical virus. The psoric virus, by undergoing the processes of trituration and shaking, becomes just as much altered in its nature as Aurum Metallicum gold does, the homeopathic preparations of which are not inert substances in the animal economy, but powerfully acting agents.


Two hundredth and higher potencies. Should not be repeated too often. Psorinum requires something like 9 days before it manifests its action, and even a single dose may elicit other symptoms lasting for weeks ( Aegedi.)


Especially adapted to the psoric constitution.

In chronic cases when well selected remedies fail to relieve or permanently improve (in acute diseases, Sulphur Sulph.); when Sulphur Sulphur seems indicated but fails to act.

Lack of reaction after severe acute diseases.

Appetite will not return.

Children are pale, delicate, sickly.

Sick babies will not sleep day or night but worry, fret, cry (Jalapa Jalap.); child is good, plays all day; restless, troublesome, screaming all night (rev. of, Lycopodium Lyc.).

Great weakness and debility; from loss of animal fluids; remaining after acute diseases; independent of or without any organic lesion, or apparent cause.

Body has a filthy smell, even after bathing.

The whole body painful, easily sprained and injured.

Great sensitiveness to cold air or change of weather.

Stormy weather he feels acutely; feels restless for days before or during a thunderstorm (Phosphorus Phos.); dry, scaly eruptions disappear in summer, return in winter.

Feels unusually well day before attack.

Extremely psoric patients; nervous, restless, easily startled.

All excretions diarrhea, leucorrhea, menses, perspiration have a carrion-like odor.

Anxious, full of fear; evil forebodings.

Religious melancholy; very depressed, sad suicidal thoughts; despairs of salvation (Mel.), of recovery.

Despondent fears he will die; that he will fail in business; during climaxis; making his own life and that of those about him intolerable.

Driven to despair with excessive itching.

Headache preceded, by flickering before eyes; by dimness of vision or blindness (Lac d., Kali Bich Kali bi.); by black spots or rings.

Headache always hungry during; better while eating (Anacardium Anac., Kali Phosphoricum Kali p.); from suppressed eruptions, or suppressed menses; better by nosebleed (Mel.).

Hair, dry, lustreless, tangles easily, glues together (Lycopodium Lyc.). Plica polonica (Bar., Sarsaparilla Sars., Tuberculinum Tub.).

Scalp dry, scaly or moist, fetid, suppurating eruptions; oozing a sticky, offensive fluid (Graphites Graph., Mezereum Mez.).

Intense photophobia, with inflamed lids; cannot open the eyes; lies with face buried in pillow.

Ears humid scurfs and soreness on and behind ears; oozing and offensive viscid fluid (Graphites Graph.).

Otorrhoea thin, ichorous, horribly fetid discharge, like decayed meat; chronic, after measles or scarlatina.

Acne all forms, simplex, rosacea; worse during menses, from coffee, fats, sugar, meat; when the best selected remedy fails or only palliates.

Hungry in the middle of the night; must have something to eat (Cina Cina, Sulphur Sulph.).

To not only better acute attack but eradicate the tendency.

Hawks up cheesy balls, size of a pea, of disgusting taste and carrion-like odor (Kali Muriaticum kali m.).

Diarrhea sudden, imperative (Aloe Socotrina Aloe, Sulphur Sulph.); stool watery, dark brown, fetid; smells like carrion; involuntary, worse at night from left to 4 A. M.; after severe acute diseases teething in children; when weather changes.

Constipation obstinate, with backache; from inactivity of rectum; when Sulphur Sulphur fails to relieve.

Enuresis; from vesical paresis; during full moon obstinate cases, with a family history of eczema.

Leucorrhea large, clotted lumps of an intolerable odor; violent pains in sacrum; debility, during climaxis.

During pregnancy most obstinate vomiting, fetus moves too violently; when the best selected remedy fails to relieve; to correct the psoric diathesis of the unborn.

Profuse perspiration after acute diseases, with relief of all suffering (Caladium Seguinum Calad., Nat Mur Nat. m.).

Asthma, dyspnoea worse in openair, sitting up (Laurocerasus Laur.); better lying down and keeping arms stretched far apart (rev. of Arsenicum Album Ars.); despondent, thinks he will die.

Cough returns every winter.

Hay fever; appearing regularly every year the same day of the month; with an asthmatic, psoric or eczematous history.

Patient should be treated the previous winter to eradicate the diathesis and prevent summer attack.

Cough after suppressed itch, or eczema; chronic of years' duration, worse mornings on waking and evenings on lying down (Phosphorus Phos., Tuberculinum Tub.); sputa green, yellow or salty mucus; pus-like; coughs a long time before expectorating.

Sleepless from intolerable itching, or frightful dreams of robbers, danger, etc. (Nat Mur Nat. m.).

Psorinum should not be given for psora or the psoric diathesis, but like every other remedy, upon a strict individualization the totality of the symptoms and then we realize its wonderful workp


Itching over the whole body; when rubbed, small papules and vesicles arise,

Voluptuous itching at the point where a flea bit; can hardly stand it; white hard blisters on a red base at such points,

Itching in the face, on the neck and hands, when she touches these places,

Easy crawling and tingling of all extremities, for several days (after 10 drops of 30th),

Itching in the biceps of the right arm,

Itching on the left arm,

Itching on the right elbow,

Itching between the fingers, so that he has to scratch continually; small vesicles full of lymph,

An itching in the knee-joints, which he had for several years, especially of the left, becomes aggravated, and the herpetic eruption begins to become pustular (from 49 drops of 29th),

In the evening, after a glass of Muscat wine, itching of the soles, with tickling and heat (from 49 drops of 29th potency),