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Psorinum - Face symptoms - H.C. Allen

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Face pale, yellow, sickly; broad blue rings around eyes; bluish appearance, burning heat and redness; swollen, with eruption.

Painful tension and pressure in right zygoma, towards earfont

Cheek bones pain as if ulcerated.

Pain as if lame in condyle of jawfont

Sweat of face with general heatfont

Much roughness of skin of face; eruption on forehead between eyes; stools very offensivefont


Scrofulous ophthalmia.

Scabby face; especially cheeks from ears; lips and eyelids swollen, sore about eyesfont

Crusta lactea on face and scalp, especially over either ear and cheek, exfoliating numerous scabs, or it cracks and discharges a yellow, fetid humorfont

Moist scab behind ears with dry tetter on back of head, on both cheeks extending upward to eyes and downward to corners of mouth, reddish, very closely packed, millet-seedlike, itching, dry pimples, with frequent loose stools; a child one and a half years oldfont

An offensive-smelling, crusty eruption extending over whole face for three months, had completely closed eyesfont

Eruption on face of a child; whole face covered with a crust, lips and eyelids swollen, aversion to light, large moistening spots on head and behind earsfont

Humid eruptions on face; whole, face covered with humid scurfs or crusts, with swelling of lips and eyelids and humid soreness behind earsfont

Pimples on forehead.

Red, small pimples on face, especially on nose, chin and middle of cheeks.

Closely packed, itching pimples on both cheeks from eyes to corners of mouthfont

Ulcers in facefont

Coppery eruption on facefont

Tinea facieifont

Lips painful; swollen, particularly upper; dry; burning; brown and black, dry; ulcerated; swollen and covered with scurfsfont

Corners of mouth sore, often ulcerated; sycotic condylomatafont

Soreness of jaw, right side, around ear; could not open wide enough to admit fingers.

Submaxillary and lingual glands swollen, sore to touch; at same time suppurating pustules on same place.

Paleness of the face during the first sleep, with blue rings around the eyes.

Erysipelas on the face.

Frequent redness of the face, and heat.

Yellowish, yellow color of the face.

Sallow yellowish complexion.

Gray, yellow color of the face.

Painfulness of various spots on the face, the cheeks, the cheek-bones, the lower jaw, etc., when touched; while chewing, as if festering inwardly; also like stitches and jerks; especially in chewing there are jerks, stitches and a tension so that he cannot eat.

Under the nose or on the upper lip, long-lasting scales or itching pimples.

The red of the lips is quite pale.

The red of the lips is dry, scabby, peeling off; it chaps.

Swelling of the lips, especially of the upper lip.

The inside of the lips is lined with little sores or blisters.

Cutaneous eruptions of the beard and of the roots of the hairs of the beard, with itching.

Eruptions of the face of innumerable kinds.

Glands of the lower jaw swollen, sometimes passing over into chronic suppuration.

Glandular swellings down the sides of the neckp

Teeth and Gums

Stitching in teeth from one side to other, radiating to head, with burning in right cheek, which is swollen.

Sensation of soreness of teeth.

Stinging in teeth (while eating).

Looseness of teeth; they feel so loose, fears they may fall out, worse from touch, especially from teethfont

Toothache worse at night and from cold; better from warmthfont

Gums ulcerated, bleedingfont

Gums bleeding at a slight touch.

Gums, the external or the internal, painful, as if from wounds.

Gums, with erosive itching.

Gums, whitish, swollen, painful on touching.

Gums, recession, leaving the front teeth and their roots bare.

Gnashing of the teeth during sleep.

Looseness of the teeth, and many kinds of deterioration of the teeth, even without toothache.

Toothache of innumerable varieties, with varying causes of excitation.

She cannot remain in bed at night, owing to toothachep

Taste and Tongue

Loss of taste with coryzafont

Taste bitter, goes off when eating or drinking; foul, much mucus in mouth; better in fresh air; bitter with yellow-coated tongue; flat, sticky, dinner tastes oilyfont

Tongue dry, tip feels burnt as far as middle, he has hardly any taste; tip very dry, as if burnt, painful; white yellow; thickly coated with whitish-yellow slime; ulceratedfont

On the tongue, painful blisters and sore places.

Tongue white, coated white or furred white.

Tongue pale, bluish white.

Tongue full of deep furrows here and there, as if torn above.

Tongue dry.

Sensation of dryness on tongue, even while it is properly moist.

Stuttering, stammering; also at times sudden attacks of inability to speakp

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