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Psorinum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - H.C. Allen

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Continuous, constant trembling, also in some cases beating with the hands, the arms, the legs.

Upper extremities

Attacks of lameness and soreness in right shoulder, extending to hand.

Arms as if paralyzed and lame from shoulders to hands.

Tearing in armsfont

Tetter on arm with small millet-like eruption exuding a yellow fluid; itches intensely in heatfont

Eruption in bends of elbows and around wristsfont

Itchlike eruption on wrists with tearing in limbsfont

Dry tetter on wrists with rheumatism in limbsfont

Trembling of handsfont

Swelling and tension of backs of hands and of fingersfont

Malignant boil; on hand a cone-shaped scab the size of a quarter of a dollar on a base as large again, bluish-red and strongly demarcated, where scab extends over ring there is another moist, white ring which forms a new scab; much tension and burningfont

Pustules on hands, near finger-ends suppuratingfont

Cuprum Metallicum Copper-colored eruption or red blisters on backs of handsfont

Itching between fingers; vesiclesfont

Herpes in palms of hands; itching tetterfont

Sweaty palms, especially at nightfont

Small warts size of pin's head on left hand.

Nails brittlefont

Itch in axillae; bends of elbows; arm; forearm; elbow and wrist; hands; finger joints.

Arthur D., aged 21, has had for two months a papular eruption on his hands, forearms, between his fingers, in the popliteal and elbow flexures, with intolerable itching; bleeding and burning after scratching.

Great thirst for cold water in large quantities.

Itching worse at night, when warm in bed; sweats easily and profusely; very weak and emaciated; is anxious regarding his condition.

Psorinum cm., one dose, cured.

Was attended with periostitis on right tibia, resulting in abscess.

After removal of sequestrum, under Psorinum, completely recovered.

M. V. had chronic eczema on legs, of twenty years' standing.

Had been treated by specialists, and spent months in various hospitals, with all kinds of external applications, without relief.

The front of left leg, from knee to ankle, covered with thick whitish crusts, and the skin drawn and wrinkled.

At the edges of the crusts the skin was red and irritable.

White bran-like scales shed in large quantities, during sleep, by scratching or rubbing the leg; underlying surface red, angry looking, bleeding; with intolerable itching.

Psorinum 200, one dose dry on tongue, effected a permanent cure.

Child, aged 3, had milk crusts since three months old; was emaciated, with enlarged cervical glands, and a sickly, puny appearance; the whole scalp was involved, and emitted an offensive odor.

The hair was matted, impossible to keep it clean; bowels constipated, never moving without artificial aid.

Psorinum 200, one dose, produced severe worse, then a permanent curep

Lower extremities

Pain in hip-joints as if dislocated, worse when walking, with weak arms.

Sciatic pains; tension down to knee while walking.

Ischias sciaticafont

Paralysis of legs from suppression of eruption on armsfont

Purpura on inner side of thighfont

Old itch eruption on inner side of thigh and in popliteal spacefont

Knees give way under himfont

Dry herpes, especially in bend of kneesfont

Eruption about joints makes walking difficult, as if encased in armorfont

Pain in knee caused by a fall a year ago.

Chronic gonitisfont

Pains in legs, especially in tibiae and soles after too much exercise in walking, with a peculiar restlessness in legs, so that he frequently changes position, passing off after rising.

Oozing blisters on legs, from small pustules, increasing in size, with tearing painsfont

Vesicles becoming ulcers, on feetfont

Ulcers on legs usually about tibiae and ankles or other joints; ulcers are indolent, slow to heal; on lower legs with intolerable itching over whole body; on feetfont

Large swelling about anklefont

For four or five weeks, feeling when walking as if left foot were pulled around inward; worse for last two weeks, so that he sometimes looked to see if it were really sofont

Locomotor ataxia.

Feet go to sleep.

Eruption on insteps soon becoming thick, dirty, scaly, suppurating; painful and itching at times, keeping him awake.

Heat and itching on soles.

Corns between second and third toes of left footfont

Gout in lower extremitiesfont

Weakness in all the joints as if they would not hold together.

Trembling of hands and feet.

Hands and feet feel as if broken early in morning and after a little workfont

Herpetic and itching eruption especially in bends of joints, in bends of elbows and in popliteal spacesfont

Tearing in limbs; in left knee and left axillafont

Chronic rheumatism in limbs, with a dry eruption on wristsfont

Arthritis rheumatism, especially in chronic formsfont

For many weeks gouty pains, etc.; dry cough; constrictive pressure and cutting, tearing pain at sternum near fourth and fifth ribs; greatest despondency and ill-humorfont

Heat in hands and feetfont

Hands moist, with cold, clammy sweat, the very touch of which was unpleasant; profuse sweating of feet; feet very painful, causing shuffling gaitfont

Caries; rachitisfont

In the limbs, drawing (tearing), tensive pains, partly in the muscles and partly in the joints (rheumatism).

In the periosteum, here and there, especially in the periosteum of the long bones, pressive-drawing pains.

Stitching pains in the fingers or toes.

Stitches in the heels and soles of the feet while standing.

Burning in the soles of the feet.

In the joints a sort of tearing like scraping on the bone, with a red, hot swelling which is painfully sensitive to the touch and to the air, with unbearably sensitive, peevish disposition (gout, podagra, chiragra, gout in the knees, etc.).

The joints of the fingers, swollen with pressive pains, painful when touching and bending them.

Thickening of the joints; they remain hard swollen, and there is pain on bending them.

The joints, as it were, stiff, with painful, difficult motion, the ligaments seem too short.

Joints, painful on motion.

Joints crack on moving, or they make a snapping noise.

Numbness of the skin or of the muscles of certain parts and limbs.

Dying off of certain fingers or of the hands and feet.

Crawling or also pricking formication (as from the limbs going to sleep) in the arms, in the legs and in the other parts (even in the finger-tips).

A crawling or whirling, or an internally itching restlessness, especially in the lower limbs (in the evening in bed or early on awaking); they must be brought into another position every moment.

Varices, varicose veins in the lower limbs (varices on the pudenda), also on the arms (even with men), often with tearing pains in them (during storms), or with itching in the varies.

Erysipelas, partly in the face (with fever), partly in the limbs, on the breast while nursing, especially in a sore place (with a pricking and burning pain).

Whitlow, paronychia (sore finger with festering skin).

Chilblains (even when it is not winter) on the toes and fingers, itching, burning and lancinating pains.

Corns, which even without external pressure cause burning, lancinating pains.

Boils (furuncles), returning from time to time, especially on the nates, the thighs, the upper arms and the body.

Touching them causes fine stitches in them.

Tumefaction and suppuration of the humerus, the femur, the patella, also of the bones of the fingers and toes (spina ventosa).

Thickening and stiffening of the joints.

They continually extend further to the circumference with redness, while the middle seems to become free from the eruption and covered with smooth, shining skin (herpes circinatus).

Freckles, small and round, brown or brownish spots in the face, on the hands and on the chest, without sensation.

Liver spots, large brownish spots which often cover whole limbs, the arms, the neck, the chest, etc., without sensation or with itching.

Yellowness of the skin, yellow spots of a like nature around the eyes, the mouth, on the neck, etc., without sensibility.

Warts on the face, the lower arm, the hands, etc.

Encysted tumors (wens) in the skin, the cellular tissue beneath it, or in the bursae mucosae of the tendons (exostosis), of various forms and sizes, cold without sensibility.

Glandular swellings around the neck, in the groin, in the bend of the points, the bend of the elbow, of the knee, in the axillae, also in the breasts.

Watery swelling, either of the feet alone, or in one foot, or in the hands, or the face, or the abdomen, or the scrotum, etc., alone, or again cutaneous swelling over the whole body (dropsies).

Attacks of sudden heaviness of the arms and legs.

Attacks of paralytic weakness and paralytic lassitude of the one arm, the one hand, the one leg, without pain, either arising suddenly and passing quickly, or commencing gradually and constantly increasing.

Sudden bending of the knees.

Children fall easily, without any visible cause.

Also similar attacks of weakness with adults, in the legs, so that in walking one foot glides this way and the other that way, etc.

While walking in the open air sudden attacks of faintness, especially in the legs.

While sitting the patient feels intolerably weary, but stronger while walking.

The predisposition to spraining and straining the joints at a misstep, or a wrong grasp, increases at times even to dislocation; e. gfont, in the tarsus, the shoulder-joint, etc.

The snapping and crackling of the joints at any motion of the limb increases with a disagreeable sensation.

The going to sleep of the limbs increases and follows on slight causes; e. gfont, in supporting the head with the arm, crossing the legs while sitting, etc.

The painful cramps in some of the muscles increase and come on without appreciable cause.

Slow, spasmodic straining of the flexor muscles of the limbs.

Sudden jerks of some muscles and limbs even while walking; e. gfont, of the tongue, the lips, the muscles of the face, of the pharynx, of the eyes, of the jaws, of the hands and of the feet.

Tonic shortening of the flexor muscles (tetanus).

Involuntary turning and twisting of the head, or the limbs, with full consciousness (St. Vitus' Dance).

Sudden fainting spells and sinking of the strength, with loss of consciousness.

Attacks of tremor in the limbs, without anxiety.

Attacks of loss of consciousness, lasting a moment or a minute, with an inclination of the head to the one shoulder, with or without jerks of one part or the other of the body.

Almost constant yawning, stretching and straining of the limbs.

Increasing susceptibility of straining a joint, even by a very slight muscular effort, by light mechanical labor, on stretching the arms above the head for the purpose of reaching something elevated, on lifting light things, on turning the body quickly, on rolling something, etc.

Thus, often slight, straining or extending the muscles sometimes induces the most violent diseases, swoons, hysterics, complaints of all degrees, fevers, hemoptysis, etc., whereas a person that is not affected with psora is able to lift any burdens he pleases, without any inconveniencep

Rest. Position. Motion

Sitting aggravates dyspnoea (asthma) and pain in heart; these and other ailments are better while lying down.

Many ailments are worse or come on when riding in a carriage, and when exercising in open air, and better by rest and in room.

Rest stitches in spleen.

Lying down waterbrash; cough worse ; chest symptoms better ; pain in heart better ; gurgling in region of heart; pericarditis better.

Lies in same position in morning as when he fell asleep.

Lies on face inflammation of eyes.

Lying on right side pain in region of liver worse.

Must lie down dizziness; to breathe more easily.

Cannot lie down rheumatic pericarditis.

Cannot straighten out backache.

Changes position restlessness in legs.

Sitting up to write dyspnoea worse.

The nearer arms are brought to body, dyspnoea worse.

Bending forward pressure in chest worse.

Bending backward painful stiffness of neck.

Stooping tough mucus in nose; lumps in groin prevent.

Had to rise at night to collect his senses.

Getting up waterbrash better.

Standing stitches in spleen better.

Morning stitches in spleen worse ; pain in chest worse ; does not worse pressure in chest; pains in small of back worse.

Exertion causes perspiration; eczematous eruption; urticaria.

Slightest exercise profuse perspiration.

Walking pain in region of liver hinders; pain through groin; cannot walk without assistance; cutting in left loin shortness of breath in open air; backache; pain in hip joints worse; tension to knees; difficult, eruptions above joints, as if left foot were pulled around inward; profuse sweat with debilityp

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