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Psorinum - Chest symptoms - Clarke

Scabies Vesicle, Psorin, Psor.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Psorinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Twitching through l. chest, anterior side.

Feeling as if everything in it were torn when lifting.

Pain as if a lung had been torn loose and something were pressing it down.

Cutting as with knives; in evening, with burnt feeling in throat, eructations, then emission of flatus.

Pain under sternum when coughing as if something would be torn away, extending to throat.

Oppression; pressure; contracted feeling in chest.

Dull feeling in chest, with pain in back.

When in bed has to remove the arms as far as possible from chest, otherwise they increase the pain.

Hot sensation in chest.

Suppuration of lungs.

Chronic blennorrhoea of lungs.



Pain in heart amel. lying down; thinks the stitches will kill him if they continue.

Gurgling in heart region esp. noticeable when lying down.


Palpitation; with anxious oppression.

Pulse weak; irritable, indicating a return of abscesses on neck.


Sticking in l. chest; l. mamma; under l. false ribs; in r. side on coughing or breathing; even when not breathing; in sternum on deep breathing, and on touch a pressing and bruised pain.

Boring in r. chest, with oppressed breathing.

Pain on spots; ulcerative pain under sternum; pain as from a load, agg. bending head forward, with want of breath.

Stitches in cardiac region, low gurgling extending to heart, for a moment breathing is impossible.

Hoarseness; when talking phlegm sticks in larynx.

Talking is very fatiguing.

Suffocating, crawling sensation in larynx, producing a paroxysmal, dry, hacking cough.

Tickling in trachea, with cough.

Inclination to cough, with sensation of coldness.

Cough in evening, amel. keeping quiet, with pain in chest and throat, talking = cough.

Cough with weakness of chest; so that he could not remain in bed at night, with weakness and vertigo.

Dry cough all day, with nausea and retching and tickling in throat from tickling in trachea, as if narrowing; with soreness under sternum with heaviness on chest.

Cough, agg. morning on waking, and in evening on lying down, with expectoration of green mucus, nearly like matter, with nausea, chest is affected and expectoration is difficult; with copious expectoration; sometimes of mucus streaked with blood; with salivation and vomiting of acid mucus.

Suffocation in larynx when sitting bent backward, with crawling, causing paroxysmal, dry, hacking cough, and at same time contraction and heaviness in chest and pain in upper part of sternum.

Dyspnoea in evening.

Short breath; in fresh air, amel. riding and lying down.

Want of breath on walking in fresh air; agg. sitting, amel. lying, with pain in chest.

Whistling respiration on waking, with constriction, again in evening whistling in chest.

Breathes easily when doing some light work, as trimming trees.

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