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Plumbum Metallicum - Face symptoms - T.F. Allen

Lead, Plumbum, Plumb, Plb.

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HPUS indication of Plumbum Metallicum: Paleness
Common symptoms: Paleness, Loss of smell, Stiffness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Plumbum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Countenance wild looking,

Frequent sardonic smiling,

Look confused,

During the colicky attacks, the face was expressive of the utmost anxiety,

Most anxious countenance (after five hours),

Face expressive of extreme anxiety and suffering,

Countenance anxious and sunken, frequently of a peculiar livid hue,

Peculiar anxious and distressed countenance,

Face haggard, skin yellow, sclerotic coat of a yellowish tinge,

Anxious expression, , etc.

Melancholy expression; he seems aware of his situation, and to be silently imploring pity,

Expression sad and melancholic,

Languid look and woe-begone countenance,

He has a heavy stupid aspect,

The face has a very stupid expression,

Expression of the face quite peculiar, almost stupid,

Astonished stupid look; patient appears as if ecstatic; risus sardonicus; the patient has a sad, melancholy look, and weeps. Patient gives no satisfactory answer as to the state of his expression,

Face stupid,

Expression rather dull,

Aspect vacant and stupid,

Expression of face and eyes decidedly dull,

The expression was of dull, heavy, unremitting pain,

Countenance expressive of pain,

Countenance entirely changed, and expressive only of extreme pain, which even prevents him from answering when spoken to; the application to his abdomen of a vessel of hot water is scarcely felt,

The whole expression of the child was that of one suffering from pressure upon the brain,

Features almost immovable, except during the paroxysms of colic, when they express the most acute suffering,

Features almost entirely immovable,

Features perceptibly sunken,

During the paroxysms the face is shrunken; he lies on his belly crying out sometimes,

During the paroxysms the face is a little shrunken, and he is somewhat restless in bed,

Countenance shrunken and distorted,

Face sunken (after a few hours),

Countenance fallen,

Expression of face extremely altered,

Face pinched and distorted, during the paroxysm,

Face wrinkled,

His face horribly contracted, was expressive of extreme agony,

Features somewhat contracted,

Features strongly contracted,

Contracted features (tenth day),

The left side of the face is fixed and devoid of expression,

Features drawn,

Features fixed,

Rather astonished expression of face,

The features are sharp and pinched,

Fatigued expression of countenance,

Expression of suffering, idiotic,

Long, shrivelled face,

Pasty, lustreless look about the face,

Countenance haggard,

Peculiar and indescribable expression of countenance,

Face red (after four hours),

Face red, with a slight shade of yellow,

Countenance florid, warm, and moist,

Face somewhat flushed,

Face slightly red, with a tinge of dingy yellow,

Flushed dusky countenance (two very dark),

Face, usually pale, is this evening rather flushed; she has some fever; skin hot; pulse 98,

Face red and turgid,

Face turgid, with violent pulsating in the carotids (apparently the results of violent efforts to vomit), (after a quarter of an hour),

Face dusky,

Livid complexion,

Dingy lead-colored skin of the face and body,

Face meagre, livid, wrinkled; he looks prematurely old,

Livid skin of the face, lips, gums, and even of the whole body,

Slight, livid yellowness of face,

Complexion sallow, ,

He was of a sallow unhealthy aspect,

Sallow pale face,

Sallow haggard countenance,

Sallow and cachectic looking,

All have sallow complexions and discolored sclerotics,

Face of a well-marked dirty yellow color,

Face of a dirty gray color,

Very decided livid yellowness of the face and conjunctiva,

Very decided dirty-yellow complexion,

Face of a decided ashen-yellow color,

Marked dingy yellowness of the skin of the face,

Skin of face and body of a decided dingy-yellow; face all wrinkled,

Deep-yellow cachectic complexion,

Face livid yellow,

Face livid yellow, and somewhat emaciated,

Face of a decided yellow hue, and expressive of pain and anxiety, especially shown by violent spasmodic contractions of the features, when the colic paroxysms are coming on,

Complexion decidedly grayish-yellow,

Complexion yellow,

Yellowness of face and eyes,

Complexion like yellow wax,

Yellowish, cachectic-looking complexion,

Becomes yellow principally at night,

Face spotted with yellow,

Face yellowish gray, somewhat puffy,

Face yellow, and somewhat contracted,

Dingy yellow complexion,

Complexion a little tinged with dingy yellow,

Dingy yellow hue of the face and body, ,

Slight dingy yellow color of the face and body,

Dirty gray yellow complexion,

Grayish-yellow complexion,

Lemon colored complexion,

Face rather yellowish,

Complexion dull yellow,

Face of a very light ashen-yellow hue,

Face pale yellow,

Complexion of little yellow,

Complexion somewhat tinged with dingy-yellow, as also the surface of the body, in a less degree,

Complexion dull and yellowish,

Cachectic complexion, ,

Face pale and eyes sunken, immediately,

Most of the girls lost the color of health from their faces; they became pale, puffy, and dark under the eyes,

Face pale, anaemic,

Pale cachectic face, with dry lips with sordes, pale mucous membranes,

Patient looks pale, emaciated,

Face pale, icteric,

Face pale and cachectic looking,

The face is pale and sallow,

Face pale, with an expression of great anxiety (first day),

Pale dirty-white complexion, and the physiognomy peculiarly marked,

Face very pale,

Face of a decidedly pale color,

Pale face,

Face pale and puffy,

Looks very pale (first days),

Looks like a corpse,

He looks pale and cachectic,

His countenance was pale and sunken, his expression melancholic,

Great pallor of the countenance,

Unusual pallor,

Countenance blanched but no sallow,

Pale sallow, complexion,

Pale, cachectic-looking,

Face pale, livid, and sunken,

Face pale and rather anxious,

Face pale or yellowish,

Face pale or somewhat yellow,

Face pale and yellowish,

Face pale, somewhat yellowish,

Face pale and slightly yellow, meagre, and livid,

Face rather pale and yellow,

Face yellowish white,

Face pale, covered with sweat,

His face, pale, and wan, was marked by the deepest despair, from extreme suffering,

Face pale and distorted from the severity of the pain,

Erysipelas appeared in a slight wound on the face received in falling in the epileptic fit, rapidly spread over the face and head, associated with nausea and vomiting, delirium, pulse only 52; tongue coated white; violent headache; violent stitches,

Great swelling of the face, especially of the lids,

The face became very much swollen, especially about the eyes and lids,

Swelling of the right half of the face, with very violent pains in the ear, especially on swallowing saliva,

OEdematous swelling of the face,

OEdema of the face,

Face swollen and purple (fourth day),

Face swollen (after one day),

Bloated though anaemic countenance,

Face especially emaciated, and wrinkled to such a degree as to impart an appearance of premature old age, and in some cases, a melancholy expression,

Her face was thrown into active convulsions, so that it took her some seconds to get control enough to articulate a monosyllable,

Face frequently affected with choreic convulsions,

Has had quivering of the right side of the face from the first; latterly the left side is becoming similarly affected. There seems to be no actual paralysis of the facial muscles, but the mouth is a little drawn to the right,

Face much drawn to the left side,

Paralysis of the right side of the face,

Face contracted,

Paresis of the facial nerve; when talking all the muscles of the face twitch,

The pains in the face and head become so violent at times, as to extort loud screams,

Sensibility of the face considerably diminished, especially in the right side,

Considerable diminution of sensibility on the face and neck, so that it is hard to find out which side is most affected,

The whole right side of the face is devoid of sensibility in quite a marked degree, as respects simple contact, changes of temperature, and especially pain,

Slight degree of anaesthesia on the left side of the face,

Slight hypalgesia of the right side of the face,

Lancinations in both sides of the face, increased by movement, but not by pressure. The pain is worse in the cheeks than anywhere else; is not felt in the nostrils, eyes, tongue or teeth, but extends into the ear,


The cheeks are somewhat flushed and covered with sweat,

Cheeks sunken,

A stitch in the right malar bone (after six hours),

Slight anaesthesia of the left cheek,

Slight diminution of sensibility in right side of face,

Two tearings in the right upper jaw (after three-quarters of an hour),


Frequently moves his lips, as if smoking a pipe,

The hair falls from the mustache,

Lips cyanotic,

Dry and fissured lips,

Lips and tongue blanched (eighteenth day),

Lips, teeth, and tongue covered with thick fissured scabs,

Desquamation of the lips every day without pain, indeed with unusual dryness,

Lips covered with thin, brown scabs,

Sharp drawing in the flesh of the upper lip beneath the right wing of the nose (first day),



Violent loud movement of the lower jaw, with frightful grating of the teeth,

Boring in the left side of the lower jaw and in three corresponding teeth (after one hour and a half),

Boring in the right angle of the lower jaw, lasting a long time (after one hour and a half),

Frequent violent tearing in the lower jaw, near the chin, and in the corresponding tooth (after one hour and a quarter),

Tearing in the left side of the lower jaw extending upwards towards the left ear (after a quarter of an hour), disappearing on rubbing; while rubbing feels a beating in the left side of the occiput, that lasts a long time,

Tearing in the lower jaw and lower teeth, not relieved by rubbing,

Sticking and tearing in the right side of the lower jaw (after one hour and a half),

Contractions of the jaws (first day),

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