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Platinum Muriaticum - General symptoms

Platinum Muriaticum Natronatum, Platin, Platinum muriaticum, chloratum, Platinum Plat-m.

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HPUS indication of Platinum Muriaticum: Fever

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Platinum Muriaticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Illusions of fantasy on entering the house, after walking an hour as if everything about her were very small, and all persons physically and mentally inferior, but she herself physically large and superior.

the room seemed gloomy and unpleasant, with apprehensive, sad, fretful mood, whirling vertigo, and discontent with the surroundings of which she was usually food.

everything always disappears in the open-air sunshine,.

Violent pressure in the forehead, as if everything would come out, with a feeling of a weight upon the head that presses the eyes together and forces tears out of them, aggravated by stooping and on the slightest motion of the head.

before the attack great anxiety about the heart, followed by a stupid sensation, so that she could not talk.

with increased anxiety, burning heat, great redness of the face and excessive thirst, headache increasing till 10 P.M.

it returns several days at the same hour,.

A numb sensation in the forehead, as if constricted, in a warm room full of people, soon increasing to a violent dull burrowing compression, with fretful impatience, and heat in the upper part of the body, especially in the head, as if anxious sweat would break out.

in the evening in the cool air, an unusual heat, and on beginning to walk a painful shattering in the brain, as if a ball were beating against the skull.

afterwards, while lying in bed, there was an addition of whizzing in the ears, when, relieved of pain, he fell asleep,.

The skin (discolored yellow by the drug) soon becomes covered with a rosy-red eruption, that disappear after three or four minutes. When applied to the glans penis and prepuce, there is very violent itching, that soon becomes associated with a sensation of warmth and a very troublesome sticking, symptoms of acute inflammation of the urethra, pain on urinating, slight dysuria.

after some hours there is an eruption about the glans penis of a somewhat livid color, slightly elevated, of the size of the head of a pin.

on superficial examination, it looks like a commencing syphilitic ulcer, though it disappears in eight to twelve hours.

After a quarter of an hour, slight shuddering, pulse somewhat accelerated, sensation of warmth and heaviness in the epigastrium, severe headache, especially in the occiput, violent constriction of the larynx, so that speech and swallowing were decidedly impeded, nausea with inclination to vomit.

and he became possessed with the idea that he had been poisoned.

metallic taste, lasting several hours.


Same man who took Chloride, of platinum, afterwards took 1 decigram of Chloride of platinum and sodium, without result; next day, 2 decigrams in morning, and 4 decigrams in afternoon.

Feeling of warmth and heaviness in the stomach; rumbling in the abdomen; transient colic; eructations of gas and emission of flatus; slight headache; nausea and inclination to vomit; decidedly increased secretion of urine and saliva.

Attacks of qualmishness, while walking in the open air, especially on walking against the wind, relieved in the house on laying the head upon a table.

but on rising again, intolerably increased, with whirling vertigo, very much worse on looking up.

with obscuration of vision, as from smoke.

on laying the head down there is a condition midway between sleeping and waking, with vivid dreams.

on rising, everything disappeared,.

Pressive drawing pain transversely above the pit of the stomach, increasing and decreasing at intervals, at the same time shooting into the middle of the upper arm as if it were violently pinched, with a numb and paralyzed sensation.

the pain in the side was aggravated by laughing, inspiration, pressure, and every step caused a painful shattering,.

Griping in the region of the pit of the stomach, immediately followed by pressure downwards towards the lower abdomen, like a sensation of flatulence.

disappearing only after the collection of flatus, which was afterwards passed only with difficulty.

the sensation in the hypogastrium constantly returned, with distension of the abdomen,.

Stool forcible, with great noise, after dinner.

at first thin, then hard, with increased urging, in pieces, each one of which he was obliged to press out, dry, so that it almost crumbled, followed by shivering and shaking, especially in the upper part of the body.

and after rising from stool, slight pain and a feeling of weakness about the umbilicus,.

Platinum Muriaticum has achieved beneficial results after Iodine of Potash failed to cure in syphilitic affection; violent occipital headaches, dysphagia, and syphilitic throat and bone affections; caries of bones of feet

Platinum. An Element. (Also called Platinum Metallicum Platina.) Pt. (A. W. 194.3.) Trituration.

Amenorrhoea. Chlorosis. Constipation. Convulsions. Delusions. Dentition. Depression of spirits. Dysmenia. Erotomania. Fear. Gout. Haemorrhage. Haemorrhoids. Hysteria. Lead poisoning. Masturbation. Melancholia, Menorrhagia. Menses, suppressed. Mind, affections of. Neuralgia. Neurasthenia. Numbness. Nymphomania. Ovaries, affections of. Pruritus vulvae. Rheumatism. Sexual perversion. Spasms. Tapeworm. Uterus, induration of. Vaginismus. Yawning, spasmodic.

Lost sense of proportion in both ocular and mental vision.

Objects look small or the patient thinks them small.

Platinum Muriaticum becomes pride and hauteur in the mental sphere; the patient (generally a woman) looks down on everything and everybody.

Platinum Muriaticum is a keynote of Platinum Metallicum Plat.

Another is the occurrence of cramps, cramping pains and spasms, developing into convulsions.

The cramping pains = numbness and tingling in the parts affected.

Pains as if nipped, squeezed in a vice, and these pains increase gradually to an acme and then as gradually decline.

In the rectum this becomes tenesmus; in vagina, vaginismus.

Another general keynote is the alternation of mental and physical symptoms as physical symptoms disappear mental symptoms appear, and vice versâ.

Nash cured a case of insanity of some duration with Platinum Metallicum Plat., being led to the remedy by an alternation of the mental symptoms with a pain the whole length of the spine.

Platinum Muriaticum alternating feature is also seen between one mental state and another Changing moods; sad and gay alternately; laughs and cries by turns.

There is also a perverse state Laughs immoderately, but in the wrong place; laughs at serious things.

The mental disorder at times takes a homicidal form.

Jahr cured with Platinum Metallicum Plat. a woman who had an inspiration to kill her child, and Jules Gaudy recorded (Jour. Belge d'H., quoted Amer. H., xxii. 314) the case of a woman who was tormented with an almost irresistible impulse to kill her husband, whom she loved passionately, and with whom she was perfectly happy.

The sight of a knife had an irresistible fascination for her, and she was often obliged to leave the table to free herself from the impulse.

A few months before, she had lost a child a short time after confinement, which had been followed by profuse and desperately persistent haemorrhage.

Recovering from this she became restless, irritable, and her whole existence was ruled by this terrible impulse. Platinum Metallicum Plat. 6x and 30x relieved and finally cured her.

Kent (Med. Adv., xxv. 184) records the case of a middle-aged lady, mother of several grown-up daughters, who complained of a peculiar mental symptom A fear, in the absence of her husband, that he would never return, that he would die, or be run over.

She wept all the time he was away.

Kent discovered that she had been treated for uterine displacement, and was then wearing a pessary.

Platinum Muriaticum was removed. Menstrual flow was copious, black, clotted.

The external genitals were so sensitive that the usual napkin was intolerable. Platinum Metallicum Plat. cured the whole case, including the displacement.

Almost every symptom in this case was a characteristic.

The sensitiveness of the external genitals is often so great as to make coition impossible. Digitalis Purpurea Digital examining of such a patient causes great pain.

The action of Platinum Metallicum Plat. to a large extent centres in and radiates from the sexual organs, male and female.

It corresponds to masturbation before puberty, and also to the effects of masturbation.

It was one of Gallavardin's remedies for the impulse to pederasty and sodomy.

Tendency to uncover completely in sleep is a leading note of it.

Excessive desire, especially in virgins.

Premature and excessive development of sexual instinct and organs.

Nymphomania agg. in puerperal state.

During menses uterine spasms, convulsions.

Convulsions of puerperal state.

Catalepsy during menstruation.

Spasms alternate between convulsive actions and opisthotonos; full consciousness.

Spasms alternate with dyspnoea.

Excessive itching in uterus; pruritus vulvae. Platinum Metallicum Plat. has some characteristic symptoms in relation to the bowels.

Its cramping tendency makes it an antidote to lead poisoning; and it has constipation scarcely less marked than that of Pb., though differing from it.

The stools of Platinum Metallicum Plat. are tenacious and sticky, adhere to the rectum and anus like putty; or they may be hard as if burnt; the constipation comes on whilst travelling; in emigrants; during pregnancy.

Peculiar Sensations and Symptoms are As if her senses would vanish.

As if parts of malar bones were between screws.

As if everything about her were very small.

As if she were constantly growing longer and longer.

As if she did not belong to her own family.

Vertigo as if torn and pulled with threads.

Forehead as if constricted; screwed on; as if a board pressed against it.

As if temples too tightly bound.

Scalp as if contracted; as if a heavy weight on it.

As if head were enlarged.

As if throat constricted; palate elongated; tongue scalded.

As if abdomen, chest, nape, limbs, thigh, great toe, tightly wrapped or constricted.

Back and small of back as if broken.

Crawling, tingling, numb sensations.

Spasmodic yawning. Pains go from right to left.

The right side is somewhat more pronouncedly affected than the left.

Severe stitches in right ovary.

The symptoms are periodic and paroxysmal, as well as alternating. Platinum Metallicum Plat. is suited to women with dark hair; thin, sanguine, bilious; with too frequent and too profuse menses; sexual organs exceedingly sensitive.

Hysterical and haemorrhoidal patients.

The symptoms are agg. By touch and pressure. agg.

Fasting. agg. During menses. agg.

Rest; sitting; standing; bending backward. amel.

By motion. Walking and going upstairs agg. pressure in genitals; amel. hysteric rheumatism.

Walking against wind = sudden arrest of breathing. agg.

Evening and night. Headache commences on waking. agg.

In warm room; amel. in open air (but open air = fluent coryza and shaking chill on going from room; heat amel. cramp pain in legs and irritability and chilliness. Obliged to stretch, which amel.).

Violent itching on glans and prepuce, with sensation of warmth and very troublesome sticking.

symptoms of acute inflammation of urethra, pain on urinating, slight dysuria.

after some hours an eruption about glans penis, somewhat livid, slightly raised, size of pin head, looks like commencing syphilitic sore, but disappears in twelve hours. skin.

The Platinum proving represents the woman's mind perverted.

It is especially suited to hysterical women such as have undergone fright, prolonged excitement, or from disappointment, shock, or prolonged hemorrhages. She becomes arrogant and haughty.

Fear is a very prominent feature in Platinum Muriaticum. Fears that something will happen, fears that her absent husband will never return to her, though he comes back regularly. Restless disposition, excitable, walking, moving about, and weeping.

The mental symptoms alternate with the physical symptoms. Strange illusions of fancy. Imagines than she do, not belong to this race and becomes insane over religious matters, sits in the corner and broods and says nothing. Takes on insanity; becomes a sexual pervert, utters unchaste speech and trembles.

Spasms will come on from vexation or anger. Whistles, sings, and dances. Talks constantly about fanciful things. She may go into melancholy or into mania. Any disturbance of her pride will bring on her symptoms.

Sexual excitement will bring on her symptoms. The usual mental symptoms are intermingled with trembling of the limbs, sexual excitement, and numbness of various parts of the body and limbs. Compressing sensations, pressing pains, pressure of the limbs as if bandaged or constricted, tension of the skin of the limbs as if bandaged.

Sensation of numbness of the scalp with, pressing pain in the head, boring, compression of the head. Tension of the scalp, cramplike constrictions of the scalp gradually increasing to violence, cramplike pains gradually increasing to violence.

Squeezing sensation in the head. These pains may be in the temple, in the top of the head, or in the forehead. Again, there is crawling, creeping, numbness of the scalp. Sudden shocks in the head. There is no symptom in the head more persistent than numbness of the scalp, it prevails throughout all sensations and pains.

All headaches gradually increase until they are severe. Violent neuralgia in the head with sensitiveness in hysterical persons. Sometimes numbness in the head is described as if the brain were numb. Headaches come on from chagrin, from fear, from vexation, from hemorrhages, and from sexual excitement.

Sensation of coldness in the eyes, spasms, spasmodic trembling and twitching of the muscles of the eyes.

The numbness of the ears extends to the face, nose and scalp. Platinum is a hemorrhagic remedy. Bleeding from various parts of the body and mucous membranes. The hemorrhages wherever observed are black clots with fluid. On examining the symptoms of the nose hemorrhage is observed. Black, coagulated blood from the nose. Oversensitive to smell. Violent crampy pains at the root of the nose with redness of the face.

Pulsating and digging through the lower jaw, especially the right side, together with numbness and coldness. The pains come gradually and go gradually. Sensation as if the tongue were scalded, crawling in the tongue.

Much flatulence, fermentation in the stomach. Jerking of the muscles of the stomach and abdomen. Sensation as if the whole abdomen were tightly constricted or bandaged. Tension of the skin of the abdomen. Violent, cramping pains in the abdomen, drawing pains in the navel as if by a string, which causes a sensation of retraction of the abdomen. Pressing, bearing down pains in the abdomen.

These pains are much like Plumbum Metallicum Plumbum and Platinum, has been used as an antidote to Plumbum Metallicum Plumbum Pressing, drawing pains from incarcerated flatus. The torpor of the intestinal canal is much like that which is found in Plumbum Metallicum Plumbum Inveterate constipation, much flatus.

The stool is half digested and papescent or hard as if burnt, or may be scanty and very difficult, or may be glutinous and adherent to the anus like soft clay. Frequent urging to stool and inability to strain at stool, inveterate constipation and unsuccessful urging to stool.

Pain in the abdomen after lead poisoning and colic after lead poisoning. Constipation in travelers. Prolonged efforts to pass a stool. Aching pains, burning pains and protrusion of hemorrhoids during stool. Burning in the rectum during stool. Itching, tickling, and tenesmus of the anus, especially in the evening.

In the male there is great sexual erethism driving to secret vice. It has cured epilepsy arising from onanism. Sexual erethism is one of the most prominent features of Platinum, in women. Unbearable sexual excitement and voluptuous crawling in the genitals.

Such extreme sensitiveness of the external genitals that it is impossible for the woman to wear a napkin during menstruation. Such extreme sensitiveness of the vagina that it is impossible for the physician to make an examination with the index finger. It is not an inflammation but a hyperesthesia.

Increased sexual excitement in young girls, in hysterical girls. Violent sexual desire in married women with itching, tingling, and voluptuous sensations. Pain in the ovarian region, especially the left. It has cured sterility of long standing, especially sterility that is supposed to come from excessive sexual excitement, Burning, stitching pains in the ovaries.

Inflammation of the ovaries coming with hemorrhage of the uterus, and during the menstrual period. It has cured ovarian tumors and cystic tumors. Inflammation of the uterus, bearing down, as in prolapsus. Prolapsed uterus and dragging in the pelvis.

Polypus of the uterus and uterine hemorrhages. Copious menstrual flow. The flow is dark, even black, and clotted with much fluid blood. These nervous women constantly feel as if the menstrual flow was going to appear.

The menstrual flow comes too early, is too profuse, and then generally of short duration. The hemorrhage is somewhat like the menstrual flow in old women. The menstrual periods sometimes return every fourteen days or the menstrual flow may be entirely absent. The vulva and vagina are extremely sensitive during coition, sometimes preventing the act.

The woman suffers from albuminous leucorrhoea, mostly in the daytime without much sensation. There are many complaints of pregnancy, threatened abortion, exhausting hemorrhages, discharges of black clotted blood.

During labor the contractions are interrupted by sensitiveness of the vagina and internal parts. It is impossible for the obstetrician to make the usual examination. Cramping in the limbs during parturition or profuse hemorrhage; hysterical convulsions, puerperal convulsions.

After every mental exertion palpitation, trembling, numbness, quivering, and excitement in the limbs. Tremulous restlessness in the legs with numbness. Cold feet. Pains in the great toe as if bandaged. This sensation prevails throughout.

The limbs feel as if bandaged about the thigh or leg. The nerves are in a great state of excitement most of the time. The patient is prostrated. Paralytic weakness, which is worse during rest. Numbness, stiffness and coldness. Painful tremulousness all over the body, with throbbing in the blood vessels. Numbness of the scalp, of the feet, of the bands, of the limbs. Shifting, neuralgic pains. Spasmodic affections of hysterical women. Spasms from sexual erethism. Coldness, crawling, and numbness of the skin, especially during fever.


The original name of Platinum was "Platinum Metallicum Platina," being a Spanish word meaning "like Argentum Metallicum silver" (Platanus Plata being Spanish for Argentum Metallicum silver). Titanium Metallicum The metal was introduced into Europe from South America in the middle of the eighteenth century. It is always found in association with other metals, chiefly Rhodium Metallicum Rhodium, Osmium Osmium, Iridium, Palladium Palladium. Hahnemann was the first to think of it as a medicine, and his proving in the Chronic Diseases is the basis of our knowledge of its action. One characteristic symptom, either when found alone or in association with other conditions, has led to many cures with Platinum Metallicum Plat.

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