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Phosphorus - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Phosphurus, Phosphorous, Phosphor, Phosphur, Phosph, Phos.

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HPUS indication of Phosphorus: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Apprehension, Bruises, Burns, Fear.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Jaundice, , etc.

General jaundice (fourth day), ; (third day),

General jaundice, commencing on the fourth day,

General jaundice, especially of the conjunctiva (fourth day),

General jaundice, with delirium, rapid pulse (fifth day),

Jaundice, extending over the whole body, increasing daily, from the fourth to the tenth day, associated with great enlargement of the liver, and with great weakness of the heart's action,

Jaundice (third day); on the following day accompanied by extreme pain in the epigastrium and vomiting of black thready substances consisting of blood,

Jaundice commenced on the fifth day and rapidly increased, with enlargement of the liver, which was very painful to pressure (fifth day),

Jaundice, especially of the chest and abdomen (fourth day),

Commencing jaundice (third day); jaundice very decided (fourth day),

There was a jaundiced condition of the skin, except in the face, which was congested (fourth day),

Jaundice commenced in the face and extended over the whole body (third day),

Skin and conjunctivae were jaundiced (fourth day),

Jaundice commenced in the eye on the third day, and gradually extended over the whole body,

Jaundice (fifth day); increased on the following day, associated with enlargement of the liver, that was also sensitive to pressure,

Jaundice of a yellowish-brown color (sixth day),

Jaundice very intense (seventh day); had decidedly decreased, instead there was remarkable paleness of the skin and of the mucous membrane, which continued for some time (after eight days),

Jaundice commenced after four days, associated with confusion of mind, and later with delirium,

Jaundice commenced in the conjunctiva, on the fourth day, and the next day became more general,

The skin became yellow, with distension and sensitiveness of the epigastric and right hypochondriac region, with constant moaning and semi-unconscious condition, half-open eyes and mouth, pulse 150, respiration difficult, with twitching of the face and arms, followed by great distension of the abdomen, swelling of the liver, that was very sensitive to touch (fourth day),

Skin intensely yellow (eighth day),

Intensely yellow color of the skin (sixth day),

Whole body intensely yellow, towards evening (eighth day),

General yellow color, especially of the eyes,

Jaundice color of the skin,

Icteric color,

Yellow color of the whole body (fifth day),

Skin assumed a yellow color (sixth day); yellow tinge, darker and more visible (eighth day),

The skin suddenly became yellow (fourth day),

Whole body of an icteric tint (sixth day),

Yellow color of the surface of the body (third day); this icterus increased, became associated with delirium, and she died on the sixth day,

Skin deeply orange-yellow, with sclerotic very yellow (fifth day),

Icteric color of the skin and eyes increasing (third day),

Pale-yellow color of the skin,

Skin over the thorax became slightly yellow (third day),

Slight general yellowness commenced to appear on the eyes, the chest, the limbs (after four days and a half),

Paleness of the skin, such as is only seen in leukemia (fourth day),

Remarkable paleness of the skin and mucous membrane,

Peculiar paleness of the whole body,

The skin is pale, at times dirty-yellow, puffy, especially of the face,

Jaundice had disappeared, but has given place to general paleness of the skin; the mucous membrane was entirely bloodless (sixteenth day),

Skin had a dark appearance (sixth day),

Limbs blue (fifth day),

Ends of the fingers and lips cyanotic (third day),

Skin presented a livid shade (seventh day),

The left foot was of a dark-bluish color, and color (third day),

The surface of the body had a general bluish appearance (third day),

Peculiar bluish-red color of the toes and of both elbows, as if suffused with blood (fourth day),

Skin dry (third day),

Skin dry and wrinkled,

Skin perfectly dry (third day),

Skin dry and parched (sixth day),

Skin dry, dirty-yellow in the face, other parts gray,

The skin loses its elasticity; when pinched into folds it returns to its normal condition very slowly,

Raw bleeding surface under the scabs,

Eruptions, Dry.

The skin is covered with numerous peach-colored spots, in the centre of which were discovered red spots of purpura (fourth day),

Numerous red spots on the body, associated with great weakness, recognized as purpura; on the next day the oldest spots became brownish-red, while the newest were bright-red,

Upon the arms are seen some red spots, which disappear on pressure (sixth day),

Red points, with corrosive itching, in a spot as large as the hand, in the bend of the right elbow,

Bluish-red spots under the skin, especially on the legs; bleeding from the leech bites was very difficult to stop; it was necessary to keep them constantly and tightly bound (fifth day),

Numerous small bluish spots, almost like petechiae, on the legs,

A large yellow spot on the abdomen, to the side of the navel,

Brownish, dark, at times elevated, spots in the hollows of the knees, on the chest, forehead, and below the corner of the mouth,

Transparent coppery spots on the body,

Spots on the feet,

Petechial spots in the skin,

Spots similar to purpura haemorrhagica, at the base of the neck, on the shoulders, and backs of the hands (sixth day),

Numerous petechiae, of a dull livid hue, over the epigastrium,

Some spots of purpura were observed on the chest (seventh day),

Small ecchymosed spots on the chest and face (after seventh to eighth day),

Ecchymosis over the abdomen,

Spots of ecchymosis over the skin (third day),

Purple-like exanthema over the whole body, especially on the lower extremities (fourth day),

Exanthematous spots over the anterior portion of the abdomen, disappearing on pressure with the finger,

Desquamation of the skin of the face,

Desquamation of the epidermis,

The skin of the hands is very rough and dry,

The skin cracked over the finger-joints, as from great cold,

Indurations in the skin (of the nates),

Itching, scabby, cracked, and scaly eruption on different parts of the body; the arms and hands most affected,

On the anterior and posterior borders of the axillary space the skin was chapped, rough, and scaly; appeared first on the right and then on the left side,

OEdema of the lids and about the eyes,

Lips and eyelids became oedematous,

Both had urticaria; in the younger, much resembling measles, in the elder, more raised, crimson, and less crescentic,

Violent urticaria, with numerous large hives and great itching (first and second days),

Anaesthesia of the skin,

Covered with itching eruption of a troublesome character,

Sore abraded spots, with redness and smarting or sticking pain, in the skin of various parts,

Pimples and indurated spots and also brownish and reddish-blue spots have an increased color,

Pimples all over the body; color bright-red, with an almost intolerable itching; scratching seemed to relieve it for the time being only, in the afternoon,

Fine gritty eruption on the forehead and chin,

Pimples on the face and wing of the nose,

Papular eruption on the face,

Some red pimples on the face,

Eruption on the face, raw, red, mottled, somewhat elevated,

Papular eruption on both cheeks,

An itching spot on the left side of the lower jaw; was obliged to scratch till sore,

A painful pimple on the right wing of the nose,

Papular eruption in the right corner of the mouth,

Many freckles on the nose, in the morning, after being heated by exercise at night (after twelve days),

A few pimples, with burning-sticking pain, on the margin of the labiae, lasting fourteen days,

Violently itching pimples in the axilla, that burn after scratching,

Itching eruption upon the anterior surface of the arms, from the bends of the elbow down nearly to the wrist,

Itching eruption on the anterior surface of the arms,

Eruption on the right hand, extends along the anterior surface of the ulnar side of the hand; on the left, it extended over the metacarpal bone of the thumb,

Warts appear on the hands,

Eruption on the thighs and legs,

Large pimples on the posterior portion of the thigh, painful to touch,

Several small spots, like freckles, on the lower portion of the tibia,

Eruptions, Moist.

A peculiar eruption affected the skin about the joints, consisting of small vesicles, in groups, without any areola, followed by desquamation of thin scales, that were frequently renewed,

Vesicular eruption, with thin transparent fluid, afterwards milky,

Much itching, eruption, and itch-vesicles,

Itching nettlerash eruption, with large blisters, over the whole body, even on the face,

Vesicular eruption behind the ears,

Vesicles, with burning pain, in the concha,

Vesicles in and about the nose, so that it is almost inflamed,

Vesicular eruption, more on the right than on the left hand; also between the fingers of both hands; crusty and cracked,

Itching vesicles between the fingers and in the hollows of the knees,

Painful hard blisters, here and there, without itching,

Exudation of black blood from the scar of an old blister,

Blisters, like gangrene, that burst and exude water,

Heat blisters on the backs of both hands, with itching, worse at night,

The blisters and ulcers on the feet increased,

Blister on the heel, which breaks, becomes moist, and is very painful on walking (after fourteen days),

Eruptions, Pustular.

Pustular eruption on the chin,

Frequent pustules and scabs on the face, after the slightest injury of the skin,

Pustular eruption on the hands and arms, like ecthyma; purpura of the whole body,

Round spots of tetter over the whole body,

Tetter above the upper lip,

Tetter in the left corner of the mouth, with cutting and sticking,

Tetter above the knees and below the patellae,

Corners of the mouth ulcerated (after thirteen days),

Obstinate ulcer about the nail, that would not heal,

Ulcers bleed on the appearance of the menses,

Inflammation and swelling of the left nipple and whole left breast, with great pain and suppuration, after ten days,

Erysipelatous inflammation of one breast (covered with eruption), with swelling, redness, burning, sticking, and at last suppuration,

A boil on the margin of the orbit,

Small boils on the nape of the neck, chest, and thighs,

Two boils on the abdomen,

Suppurating boil, with burning pain, in the groin,

Two boils, surrounded by red areola, with a dark color in the centre, on the thigh,

Large boils on the thighs, chest, and forehead,


Peculiar insensibility of the skin of the extremities (first day); sensibility so much diminished that she could not pick up a pin between her fingers (second day),

Skin dry, hot, and burning (eighth day),

Skin painful to the slightest contact (hyperaesthesia), (second day),

The skin is painful, especially on the vertex, as from a blow, aggravated by pressure,

A soft relaxed feeling of the skin,

Sticking pinching, externally, on the neck, while walking in the open air,

Pinching contractive pain in an old scar,

Burning itching over the whole body (after ten days),

Burning in a wart, as in a suppurating wound, in the evening, after lying down,

Burning smarting in the skin of the face, as after being in the cold sharp air,

Burning in the skin of both upper arms,

Burning in the arms and thighs,

Burning sensation in the palms of the hands,


In the left arm he experienced a continued sensation of formication under the skin,

Formication on the right fingers,

Formication of the right fourth and fifth fingers (first day),

Formication of the left thumb,

Formication in the thighs (first night),

Creeping and twitching sensation under the skin,

Intolerable feeling of ants over the whole upper part of the body, especially on the neck, chest, and occiput, on coming into the house,

Crawling on the hands, in the open air, while yawning (after a quarter of an hour),

Violent crawling on the second knuckle of the left third finger,

Crawling in the feet, at night, as if asleep,

Crawling, as from ants, on the feet and toes,

Crawling beneath the toes,

Frequent stitches in the skin, like fleabites,

Stitches in a boil on the throat,

Frequent small stitches in the skin of the abdomen,

General itching over the whole body (after twenty-two days),

Itching over the whole body, at night, with much heat and dryness of the mouth (after twelve hours),

Sticking itching over the whole body, during the menses,

Itching (or biting like formication), here and there, relieved by rubbing,

Irresistible desire to scratch, which temporarily relieved; continued scratching caused a raw, smarting, burning, sore feeling,

Itching formication in the paralyzed parts,

Itching of a wart on the forehead,

Violent itching of the face, so that she scratched till it was all bloody and raw,

Itching of the upper lip, with pain, after rubbing,

Much itching and biting about the abdomen; on the arms and thighs, red streaks, caused by scratching (after twenty-six, and twenty-seven days),

Itching in the navel itself, that could not be relieved by rubbing (after six hours),

Itching on the right side of the chest and abdomen, disappearing on scratching,

Violent itching, at night, on the arms, lower extremities, back, and abdomen (after twelve days),

Violent itching in the right axilla, and a glandular swelling as large as a pea,

Much itching on the arms,

Itching of the hands,

Intolerable itching in the hands, in the evening, in bed,

Very acute sticklike itching on the backs of both hands, so that he cannot fall asleep, at night; scratching does not relieve it,

Itching on the hips,

Violent itching in a small spot on the thigh, with smarting, after scratching,

Itching on the thigh and patella,

Itching on the back; and in the hollows of the knees,

Troublesome itching of both legs,

Violent itching on the calves and tibiae,

Violent itching on the soles and toes; in the evening,

Itching beneath the toes and on the soles,

Skin and conjunctivae of a distinct yellow tinge,

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