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Phosphorus - Nose symptoms - T.F. Allen

Phosphurus, Phosphorous, Phosphor, Phosphur, Phosph, Phos.

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HPUS indication of Phosphorus: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Apprehension, Bruises, Burns, Fear.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Swelling of the nose, that is painful to touch,

Swelling of the nasal bones,

Vesicles in the right nostril, burning only when touched,

Soreness of the Schneiderian and mucous membranes, with bloody scabs on the margins of the nostrils,

Ulcerated nostrils (sore nose),

Dark redness of one wing of the nose, with a smarting pain when touched,

Itching and pimples in the nose,

Internal inflammation of the nose, with a sensation of dryness, and slow bleeding of the nose,

Chronic inflammation of mucous membrane of the nose; nose swollen and dry; cannot draw air through it,

Polypus in the nose,

Fluxion from the nose, which soon became permanent,

Three were laboring under permanent fluxions,

Running from the nose, especially when near a window where air is entering, for two days,

Water, without mucus, runs from the nose, in the open air,

Greenish yellow discharge from the nose,

Yellow mucus in the nose, in the morning, with blowing of blood,

Violent catarrh, with hoarseness,

She is inclined to catarrh; is constantly obliged to blow the nose,

Nasal and bronchial catarrhs,

Serous catarrhs are common,

Stopped catarrh,

Very profuse epistaxis (second day),

Profuse bleeding from the nose (seventh, eleventh, fourteenth, twentieth, and thirty-third days); the later attacks were always accompanied by profuse sweat,

Very profuse nosebleed (after twenty-four days),

Frequent and profuse nosebleed,

Violent nosebleed, in the evening (after seven days),

Frequent blowing of blood, with yellow mucus, from the nose, in the morning,

Frequent blowing of blood from the nose,

Bleeding of the nose (immediately, also after seventeen days),

Epistaxis (sixth day), ; (tenth day),

Bleeding of the nose several times a day, often quite profuse (ninth day), continuing very obstinate, even after three weeks,

Nosebleed, especially during stool,

Bloody mucus from the nose,

Blowing of blood from the nose, with purulent mucus,

Some drops of blood are discharged from the nose,

Bloody streaks in the nasal mucus,


Nostrils stopped every morning,

The nose feels stuffed up (after several days),

Feeling of fulness in the nose,

Heat and dryness of the nasal fossae (first night),

Sensation of dryness in the nose,

Sensation of dryness in the nose, with a constant sensation as if it would be stuck together,

Frequent desire to blow the nose (fourth day),

Frequent sensation as if drops of water passed from the nose,

Sore pain in both nostrils, even when touched,

Violent pain in the nose, in the forenoon,

Boring in the nose until blood comes,

Itching in the nose,

Frequent itching in the left nostril, in the morning,

Itching in the nose and bleeding after rubbing,

Itching tickling in and on the nose, also after dinner,


Smell especially acute, with the headache,

Smell more acute than usual, especially for offensive odors,

The smell of the drug was constantly with him (after two days),


Swelling of the nose, with coryza,

Violent sneezing towards evening, with dulness of the head and heaviness of the limbs (seventeenth day),

Frequent sneezing, without discharge,

Frequent sneezing several evenings in succession, without coryza,

Frequent sneezing,

Frequent sneezing (after half an hour),

Spasmodic sneezing, with violent pain in the head and distortion of the limbs, with constriction in the chest,

Sneezing, immediately after dinner,

Ineffectual efforts, then afterwards complete sneezing and eructations,

Frequent inclination to sneeze and frequent sneezing, with dread of it, on account of violent pain in the throat, as if something would be torn out, several mornings,

Sneezing, with rumbling in the left flank,

Sneezing, with watering of the nose,

Occasional sneezing, which aggravates the unpleasant and stuffed feeling of the breast (after first dose, second day),

Very transient attacks of sneezing, followed by stoppage of the nose, without having taken the slightest cold,

Much discharge of mucus from the nose, without coryza,

Membranous clots in the nose, without itching and stoppage,

Violent fluent coryza, with great dulness of the head, loss of appetite, and general sick feeling (after forty-eight hours),

Fluent coryza, with much sneezing,

Fluent coryza, and discharge of much mucus,

Fluent coryza from one nostril and stoppage of the other,

Fluent coryza,

Fluent coryza of only water,

Very persistent coryza,

Frequent coryza, that suddenly appeared and as suddenly disappeared,

Coryza, with much heat in the head (after eight days),

Profuse coryza, with stoppage of the nose,

Coryza, after a walk,

Coryza, in the evening,

Frequent alternations of fluent and stopped coryza,

Coryza, with frequent sneezing and pressive pain in both sides of the head,

Coryza, with inflammation of the throat and great dulness of the head,

Sensation as though coryza would come on, disappearing after sneezing a few times,

Sensation of coryza and fulness in the nose, especially in the upper part of the left side, with loose mucus,

Stoppage of the nose, now of the right, now of the left side; the nose was stopped, with sneezing, in the house, in the evening,

Stoppage of the nose, with pain extending to the middle of the forehead,

Stoppage of the nose,

Stoppage of the nose and difficult breathing woke him, at night,

Stoppage of the nose, so that she could breathe only with the mouth open,

Sensation of stoppage of the nose, with dulness of the head, as if coryza would develop,

Pressive sensation in the nose, as in coryza,

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