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Phosphorus - Modalities Etc

Phosphurus, Phosphorous, Phosphor, Phosphur, Phosph, Phos.

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HPUS indication of Phosphorus: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Apprehension, Bruises, Burns, Fear.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), peevish; vertigo; dulness of head; uneasiness in head; 10 A.M., neuralgic pain from left temple to occiput; pain in nose; nausea and qualmishness; pressure in lower abdomen; indolence in limbs; towards noon, exhaustion.

(Noon), Vertigo; dulness of head; before eating, thirst; sticking colic, etc.

(Toward evening), Rush of blood to head.

(About 9 o'clock), Throbbing headache.

(Open air), Sensation as if brain stiffened; rush of blood to face; water from nose; throbbing, etc., in teeth; pain in kidneys; cough; while yawning, crawling in hands.

(Walking in open air), Toothache; sticking pinching in neck; pain in genitals; pain in shoulder-joints.

(After walking in open air), Pain in genitals; itching and crawling in anus.

(Cold air), Pulsation in left hollow canine tooth; cough.

(When alone), Anxiety and irritability.

(Ascending a hill), Gasping.

(Ascending stairs), Bruised feeling in extremities; weakness and weariness of lower extremities.

(Odor of beer), Nausea.

(After a glass of beer and a segar), Heartburn.

(Bending to one side), Pain in sacrum.

(At breakfast), Pain in throat.

(Breathing), Stitches in side of chest.

(Burning in choanae), Unnatural smell.

(Burning in larynx), Cough.

(Chewing), Pain in molar and maxillary bones and in teeth; toothache.

(After a chill), Paroxysms of cough.

(On closing eyes), Vertigo.

(Cold), Toothache.

(Coming into house), Feeling of ants over whole body.

(Coughing), Sore pain in throat; pain in stomach; pain in abdomen and chest; pain at base of sternum; pain in sacrum.

(On crossing legs), Stitches in right leg.

(In the dark), Sparks before eyes.

(After every dose), Chilliness.

(Drinking), Cough.

(After drinking milk), Sour taste; sour eructations; vomiting.

(Drinking water), Thirst; empty eructations.

(Drawing long breath), Pain in lower part of chest.

(During attacks of pain), Yawning and watery urine.

(When eating), During menses, toothache in abdomen; at noon and evening, pains; soup, mounting of heat from chest into head.

(After an emission), Weakness in loins.

(Unpleasant emotional excitement), Pain from scapula through chest.

(Exercise), Cough; slight perspiration.

(Mental exertion), Headache; pressive headache; headache on right side.

(After exertion at stool), Pain above anus.

(During eructation), Pain in cardiac orifice of stomach.

(Every other day), Constrictive headache.

(Warm food), Tearing toothache.

(After food), Tightness of breath.

(After a fright), Stitches in elbow-joint.

(Fulness in abdomen), Impedes respiration.

(Going into house from out of doors), Cough.

(Going from a cold to a warm room), Pain in malar and maxillary bones, and in teeth.

(Grasping anything), Pain in thumb.

(In the house), Dulness and heaviness in the forehead.

(Becoming heated), Toothache.

(Inspiring cool air), Toothache.

(Inspiration), Heaviness in chest; pain in chest; stitches in sternum; deep stitches through lungs.

(Irritation in larynx), Cough.

(Lifting), Pains from scapula through chest.

(Lifting and carrying anything with hands), Sensation in scapula.

(Light), Pressure in eyes.

(Daylight), Blinding of eyes.

(Looking), Pain in eyeballs.

(On lying down), singing in ears; heaviness and weariness in back.

(While lying down), Headache throbbing in head; pain in haemorrhoids; dry cough.

(Lying on right side), At night, anxiety; pain in hepatic region.

(Lying on left side), Numbness of left leg.

(After a meal), Waterbrash; nausea, etc.

(During menses), Sticking headache in forehead; pain in place of hernia; colic; sticking itching in haemorrhoids; pressure on urinating; pains from scapula to chest; pain in back; contraction of left lower extremity; sticking itching over whole body; chilliness, with cold feet.

(After midday nap), Paralyzed feeling in back.

(Motion), Pressive headache; slight headache; violent, dull pain in forehead; tension in abdomen; bruised pain in upper part of chest; stitches in sternum; beating of heart; rapid, dislocated feeling in all the limbs; joints painful; boring in right shoulder; pain in joint of thumb; pain.

(Moving about), Dizziness; numb and dizzy sensation in head.

(Moving wrist), Tearing in swollen wrist.

(Pressure), Pain in epigastrium and stomach; sensitiveness of epigastric region; pressive sensation in stomach; deep burning pain in epigastric region; pain in hypochondria; pain in hepatic and epigastric regions; pain in abdomen; pain behind right breast; pain in skin.

(Putting one leg over the other), Pain.

(Raising arm), Tension and pressure in shoulder; pain in right shoulder; pressure in right shoulder.

(While reading), Biting and dryness in the eyes; watering and dimness of eyes; giving out of eyes.

(Reading a foolish story), Vivid fancies.

(While reflecting), Anxious respiration.

(Respiration), Full, pain in left side.

(During rest), Weakness and prostration in extremities; stitches in wrist; pain in thighs.

(During midday rest), Drawing in thighs.

(Riding), Headache.

(While riding in a carriage), Nausea; drawing and tension in stomach; micturition.

(After riding in a carriage), Cramp in chest.

(Riding horseback), Pain in right side.

(Rising up in bed), Nausea; vomiting, etc.

(Rising from a seat), Vertigo; stitches beneath left breast; weakness in small of back.

(Rising from stooping), Pain in small of back.

(After rubbing), Nosebleed.

(Scratching), Red streaks on abdomen.

(Scratching in throat), Cough.

(After scratching), Burning in pimples in axilla.

(Singing), Hawking.

(After sitting a long time), Throbbing and beating in head; dyspnoea; pain in small of back; pain in left ischium; pain in nates; paralyzed feeling.

(Sneezing), Pain in throat.

(While standing), Desire to urinate; pain in small of back; pain in sacrum; stitches in right leg.

(Before stool), Pain and stitches in rectum.

(During stool), Difficult, jerks in head; pressure; smarting in rectum; crawling and itching in rectum.

(After stool), Protrusion of haemorrhoids; burning in anus and rectum; scratching in anus; soreness in anus; tenesmus in anus and rectum.

(Stooping), Vertigo; headache; dulness of head; dulness and heaviness in forehead; pressure in right temporal region; tensity of parotid gland; regurgitation of bile; bruised pain in upper part of chest.

(Stooping and rising again), Pressive headache.

(During a storm), Heaviness of the limbs; uneasiness.

(After supper), Rumbling in abdomen.

(Swallowing), Pain in malar and maxillary bones, and in teeth; sore throat; swelling of tonsils; bread, pressure at cardiac orifice of stomach.

(Talking loudly), Vibration in head.

(Excited talking), Heat in head and chest.

(Tension in pit of stomach), Difficult respiration.

(Thinking intently), Heat.

(Thirst), Pain in spleen and groins.

(Tickling in throat), Dry cough.

(Odor of tobacco), Nausea.

(Touch), Pain in nose; burning in vesicles in right nostril; pain in wing of nose; tearing toothache; pain in stomach; pain in upper part of chest; burning in thigh.

(Turning head), Pain in head; dull pain in forehead.

(Turning and raising head), Vertigo.

(Twisting head to left side), Soreness in nape of neck.

(While urinating), Pain in urethra; burning and cutting; pain in urethra and penis; pain in prepuce.

(After urinating), Pain in forepart of penis.

(Vexation), Anger; rage; headache; pains from scapula through chest.

(Walking), Pain in stomach; rapidly, respiration impeded; pain in blister on heel.

(After walking), Coryza; pulsation in right ear; pain in back.

(In a warm room), Pressure in ears.

(Warmth), Toothache; cough.

(Warmth of bed), Toothache.

(After wetting hands in warm water), Drawing in hands and fingers.

(Previous to a change of weather), Pain.

(Odor of wine), Nausea.

(Working), Sticking through chest; pain from scapula through chest; numbness of arms.

(While writing), Heaviness of right arm.

(Yawning), Pain in throat.


WORSE, touch; physical or mental exertion; twilight; warm food or drink; change of weather, from getting wet in hot weather; evening; lying on left or painful side; during a thunder-storm; ascending stairs.

LYING ON LEFT or painful side BACK







COLD HANDS (in water)

Open air




Sexual excesses

Weather Sudden changes Windy


Morning and evening

Mental fatigue


(Morning), After rising, headache; paralysis of limbs; weariness.

(Afternoon), After eating, the symptoms; pain in lobule of right ear; after lying, bitterness in mouth.

(Open air), Vertigo, etc.; dulness of head; heaviness and dizziness of head; dulness and heaviness in forehead; dull headache in forehead; pressure in right temporal region; the symptoms; warmth of body; heat in head.

(Walking in open air), Pressive headache; after dinner, headache.

(Cold air), Dulness of head; digging and burrowing in head; pressure in ears.

(Becoming erect), Oppression of chest.

(Bending up), Colic.

(Coffee), Distension of abdomen; diarrhoea.

(After dinner), Stupefaction in forehead; the symptoms.

(Drinking water), Nausea.

(Eating), Tearing in maxillary bones; griping pain in epigastric region; anxiety about heart.

(After eating bread), Sour taste.

(After eating), Dryness of throat.

(Emission of flatus), Pain in left side of thorax and abdomen.

(Eructations), Pressure in stomach; oppression of chest; pain in left side of thorax and abdomen.

(After eructations), Stitches in pit of stomach.

(Deep inspiration), Stitches in left side of chest.

(Lying quietly), Numb and dizzy sensation in head.

(Lying upon abdomen), Colic and sticking pain.

(Lying on back), Numbness of left leg.

(Lying on right side), Colic; numbness of left leg.

(Motion), Dulness of head; sensation of distension in abdomen; pain in joints; stitches in left shoulder; stitches in malleoli.

(Moving about), Heat in head and dulness; dull pain in surface of thigh.

(Moving jaw), Tearing in maxillary bones.

(Pressure), Tearing in right upper back tooth; tearing in lower cavity; pains from scapula through chest; exanthematous spots over the abdomen.

(Rest), Pains from scapula through chest; boring in right shoulder.

(Scratching), Itching in right side of chest and abdomen.

(Shaking head), Headache.

(While sitting), Desire to urinate; cough.

(Smelling of spirits of wine), Headache.

(While standing), Vertigo; anxiety and heat in head.

(Stimulants), General prostration.

(After supper), The symptoms.

(After supper and a glass of beer), The symptoms.

(Swallowing), Sensation in throat.

(After swallowing), Pain in throat.

(Walking), Weakness and prostration in extremities; weakness and prostration in lower extremities; pain in thighs; pain in tibiae; cramp in calves.

(Warmth), Pains from scapula through chest.

(Washing face with cold water), Dulness of head.

(Wrinkling forehead), Dulness and heaviness in forehead.


BETTER, in dark, lying on right side, cold food; cold; open air; washing with cold water; sleep.



Cold Food

Water; to face

Rubbing (Magnetic)

Sitting up

Desires and aversions

Wants to eat, but as soon as food is offered, does not want it.

Hunger must eat during the chill, before he can get up; at night, feels faint.

Wants cold food and drink, ice cream, etc.

Thirst, longs for something refreshing.

Aversion to sweets, or to meat.

Want of appetite, from fulness in the throat.

Loss of appetite, alternating with bulimia; burning, cutting, pressing in stomach, nausea and vomiting.


Violent appetite, amounting to ravenous hunger (after second dose),

Great appetite, with ravenous hunger,

Ravenous hunger, at night, that no eating quiets, followed by weakness, with heat and sweat, afterwards chill, with external coldness and chattering of the teeth,

Increased hunger and appetite (first and second days),

Ravenous hunger,

Patient complained of great hunger (fourth day),

Ravenous hunger, preceded by pressure in the stomach,

When eating, I do not know whether I am satisfied or not, and so eat less than usual,

In the evening, he is satisfied with eating only a little, but immediately he feels uncomfortable in the pit of the stomach; sleep restless, and no appetite the next morning,

A comfortable feeling of satisfaction, after eating, that he usually never really experienced,

Appetite impaired and irregular,

Diminished appetite, ; (second day),

Little appetite, and also no satiety,

Diminished appetite, with weakness,

No hunger all day; when she eats, has an appetite,

In the morning, he not only has no appetite, but after eating breakfast he feels full and uncomfortable, as if overloaded,

No relish for breakfast, with a natural taste,

Want of appetite from the very commencement of their work,

Loss of appetite, , etc.

Great loss of appetite, for several days,

Complete loss of appetite, ; (fourth day),

No appetite and no thirst,

No appetite, no hunger (after three days),

Complete anorexia,

Great longing for acids and spicy things,

Easily satisfied with tobacco; he can smoke but little, though it has not a bad taste,

I was repeatedly obliged to lay aside the sugar that I had scarcely begun, because I became so averse to it, and it caused such a feeling of emptiness in the stomach and abdomen, as if I had smoked too much; this disappeared after sleep (fifth day),

Aversion to meat and especially to fat (fifth day),

Very averse to cooked milk,


Thirst intolerable; drink did not quench it, but caused drops of cold clammy sweat to exude from the pores of the skin the moment the water entered the stomach,

Constant excessive thirst, which was rather increased by drinking water,

Excessive thirst; he drank, during the night, six quarts of water,

Excessive thirst, only momentarily relieved by copious draughts of cold water (first night),

Constant and excessive thirst (second day),

Excessive thirst, , and many others.

Unquenchable thirst, ; (third day),

Increased thirst, ; (after eight hours),

Abnormal thirst began to be developed (second day); the thirst was intolerable, and large quantities of water were taken at a draught (fourth day); the first was fairly consuming, being more urgent at night than during the day (tenth and eleventh days),

Burning thirst (after fifty-one hours),

Burning thirst, in the afternoon (second day); thirst increased (third day),

Thirst, with burning in the throat (after ten days),

Intolerable thirst (seventeenth day),

Frequent thirst for small quantities,

Great thirst, at night,

Lively thirst (second day),

Constant thirst,

Thirst, , etc.

Much thirst for water,

Thirst, at noon, before eating,

Thirst, after eating,

Constantly wanting drink (fifth day),

Thirst, in the morning, immediately after rising,

Thirst for large quantities of water, at rather long intervals,

While eating supper, great thirst,



Frequent eructations (after first dose, second day),

Frequent eructations, and she declared there issued from her mouth fumes of a strong garlicky taste, which were luminous in the dark (immediately); painful regurgitations, with expulsion of gas having an alliaceous odor (third day),

Violent eructations, followed by pain in the chest (after a few hours),

Frequent eructations; the stomach seems distended by gas,

Constant eructations, with fermentation in the abdomen (after twenty-four hours),

Regurgitations of a mouthful of bile, on stooping low down,

Burning uprisings from the stomach into the chest, while sitting, with anxiety, and perspiration on the forehead and chest (after two hours),

Frequent eructations and yawning (after six hours),

Eructations, with burning,

Frequent loud eructations,

Eructations, with pain in the stomach,

Many eructations (fourth day),

A pressive rising up, as in eructations,

Frequent eructations of white tasteless mucus,

Foul eructations,

Eructations of tasteless water (after one hour),

Frequent eructations, tasting like bad eggs, with a feeling as if diarrhoea would occur,

Eructations, with accumulation of water and constriction in the mouth, increasing to retching, with mucus expectoration, followed by eructations and yawning (after a few hours),

Eructations, tasting like bad eggs, at night,

Belching of large quantities of wind, tasting like rotten eggs,

Eructations of the odor of olive oil, and a rising up through the nose, from which a white vapor issued,

Uprisings of bitter water,

Bitter eructations,

Uprisings of bitter rancid water,

Frequent eructations, tasting of urine,

Eructations, tasting like oranges,

Uprising of water from the stomach into the throat, as after taking saltpetre,

Eructations tasting of the drug (first day),

Eructations of the odor and taste of Phosphorus, with blue exhalation from the mouth,

Eructations, tasting of Phosphorus, with yawning, burning, and rawness in the mouth, mucous expectoration, and dulness of the head,

Frequent eructations of sour bitter water,

Frequent eructations, as from a fluid rising from the stomach, once of a sour taste, after breakfast (after one hour),

Frequent acid eructations and prostration of the whole body,

Sour eructations (fourth day),

Eructations sour, and at times foul, towards evening (third day),

Sour eructations, in the evening,

Sour eructations, always after eating,

Sour eructations, after drinking milk,

Acid eructations,

Frequent empty eructations, especially after eating,

Empty eructations, soon after a dose,

Frequent empty eructations, even while eating,

Empty eructations (after three hours), ; (after ten minutes),

Empty eructations, after eating,

Empty eructations (after ten minutes),

Frequent empty eructations (fourth day), ; (after half an hour), ; (first day),

At first ineffectual, and then empty, eructations,

Many ineffectual eructations, with pressure in the chest (after eleven days),

Ineffectual eructations, with griping in the abdomen (after ten days),

Frequent ineffectual efforts to eructate, with a feeling as if everything about the hypochondria were filled with air that could not be sufficiently expelled,

Ineffectual eructations, with at times ineffectual efforts to yawn,


Frequent hiccough during the day, even before eating (after fifteen days),

Hiccough after eating (after seven days),

Persistent hiccough,


Heartburn (first days),

Heartburn, in the morning and afternoon,

Heartburn, two afternoons in succession,

Violent persistent heartburn after a glass of beer with a sugar (quite unusual), (fifth day),


Acidity after eating,

Increased acidity, always after eating, with pulsating headache in the forehead,

Everything causes acidity, even the most harmless things,

Bread is not relished, it tastes like dough.

She relishes no food, but could drink continually.

Diminished appetite.

Lack of appetite, in the morning, with tongue coated white, and fullness in the scrobiculus cordis, while food has its normal taste.

He has a strong aversion to boiled milk.

He is without any appetite except in the morning, and feels full and uncomfortable after breakfast, as if his stomach was overloaded.

The appetite is increased and food has its normal taste.

Diminished appetite, with lassitude.

He does not relish his breakfast, though everything has its normal taste.

No appetite, no hunger (aft. 3 d.).

He easily satisfied with tobacco, he can only smoke a little, though it does not taste badly.

Lack of appetite.

No appetite, no thirst.

Little appetite, but also no satiety.

Thirst at noon, before dinner.

Thirst after a meal.

Thirst in the morning, immediately after rising.

Constant thirst.

Much thirst for water.

No hunger all day, but when she eats, she eats with appetite.

Increased hunger and appetite (1st, 2d d.).


Intense appetite like rabid hunger.

Voracity at night, not to be appeased by eating, then lassitude with heat and perspiration, then a chill with external coldness and chattering of teeth.

Position etc

Motion 17, 31, 32. Walking 26, 34; in open air 23. Change of position 46. Exertion 34. Cannot exert himself 29. Rising 2, 31. Stooping 3. Must lie down 19. Lying on back; on left side 27; on right side 18.

Morning 2, 13, 20, 26, 27, 37. Morning till noon 3. Afternoon 40. Evening 13, 25, 26, 27, 33, 40. Evening till midnight 40. Night 6, 14, 20, 26, 27, 32, 33, 37, 40, 44. Before midnight 37. Day 3, 7, 32. Day and night 13.