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Phosphorus - Head symptoms - Hahnemann

Phosphurus, Phosphorous, Phosphor, Phosphur, Phosph, Phos.

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HPUS indication of Phosphorus: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Apprehension, Bruises, Burns, Fear.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Muddled and heavy feeling in the sinciput, the head tends to fall forward; diminished by cool air and by frowning; it recurs in the room and is aggravated by stooping.

Stupid and muddled sensation in the head, more in the upper and anterior part of the head.

Gloomy feeling in the head.

Gloomy, uncomfortable sensation, in the morning, after rising.

Long-continued gloominess in the head, as if not done sleeping.

She feels stupefied on awaking at night.

Weakness in the head; when he reflects about anything, his head aches.

Great weakness in the head, so that she cannot stand any sound on the piano.

Weakness of the head; from laughing, from a decided treading, or when stretching the limbs, there is a beating and throbbing in the head, especially severe after prolonged sitting.

Tearing in the temples, vertigo in the sinciput, and beating with shooting on the crown.

Periodic twitching beating headache in the root of the nose, for 8 days, every day about the 9th hour, also passing into the nose and the eyes, most violent at noon, when she vomited.

Much heat and sensation of heat in the head, especially in the forehead and in the face (as also on the hands), at times with beating in the head, at times rising up (from the back), and sometimes passing off in the open (cool) air.


Inability to comprehend, as if he could not grasp a thought, with headache.

Painful stupefaction of the head, in the morning on awaking; this only disappears some time after rising.

Slight stupefaction and headache between the eyes, in the forehead, ceasing after dinner, but returning an hour later, and continuing till evening.

Violent headache from stooping (in the open air) (aft. 11 d.).

Headache above the left eye, with flying specks before the sight.

Headache, on reflecting, in the evening.

Headache, at the least vexation.

Headache in the morning, when starting to walk, and renewed at other small exertions.

Headache in the forehead, over the eyes, awakes her every morning, and gradually passes off after rising from bed, for 21 days in succession.

Headache, beginning immediately after lying down in bed, two evenings in succession.

Headache, at night, after nausea in the evening.

Violent dull headache with nausea, eructation and gathering of water in the mouth.

Dull pain in the left side of the head.

Stupid headache in the forehead with heat.

Stupid headache and ill-humor, in the morning on awaking, and after rising (2d d.).

Dull, stupefying headache (on the top of the crown).

Dull headache, as after reveling at night.

Chaotic headache, as from incipient coryza.

Pressive headache, here and there, turning into a pain, as if the brain was shattered and bruised on its surface.

Pressive headache in the forehead, extending into the eyes, as if they would be pressed out.

Pressive headache in the forehead, in the evening.

Pressive and pinching headache.

Pressive headache in the forehead over the eyes, for two days in succession, from morning till night, with burrowing in the top of the head (aft. 4 d.).

Pressive, or, as it were, chaotic headache, with jerks in the head or tearing, every morning; on awaking, aggravated by moving.

Pressive semilateral headache, disappearing when walking in the open air (at once).

Pressive headache, here and there, on the surface of the brain in the crown.

Pressive headache, alternately in the temples and in the upper part of the head, with feeling of fullness in the brain, but not as if from congestion of blood (aft. 2 h.).

Pain in the head, pressing outward, above the eyes, as if the forehead would fall out, more externally (aft. 24 h.).

Pain as if the head would burst, so violent that she wept aloud, from 6 A.M. till lying down in bed in the evening.

Constrictive headache, every other day.

Drawing pressive pain in both temples.

Drawing pressive headache, now on the right side, now on the left, with a muddled sensation.

Drawing pain on a small spot on the right side of the head, in the evening.

Pain in the sinciput, periodically mingled with stitches, especially in the left side, more in the afternoon and evening.

Stitches in the temples, in the evening, with pain in the whole head.

Throbbing pain in the temples, often for half an hour at a time.

Throbbing pain in and upon the upper part of the head, especially painful when chewing and when touched.

Pulsating pain in the right side of the head, deep in the brain, in the evening.

Shooting pains, from side to side of the head toward the root of the nose, and toward the ball of the right hand.

Transient crawling headache in the forehead.

Burning headache in the frontal region, at times with nausea.

Burning headache in the forehead.

Coldness of the left side of the head, with pain, deep in the ear.

After dinner, when walking in the open air, the headache almost disappears, excepting a chaotic feeling in the head and obstruction in the ears, but it recurs in the warm room.

Burning pain externally on the head; it was hot to the touch, without any increase in the heat of the rest of the body; accompanied with lack of appetite and with lying down (aft. 9 d.).

Pain on the crown, as from a bleeding sore.

Shining, but not inflamed, painless swelling on the forehead, with the most violent headache above the eyes.

Spasmodic contractive pain on the top of the head, in the afternoon and evening (aft. 5 d.).

In the whole left side of the head, a cold, spasmodic pain.


Sensation of vertigo, in the afternoon, as if the chair on which he was sitting became much higher, and he was looking down from above; then hypochondriac mood with drowsiness and lassitude, till about 9 P.M.

So severe a vertigo, at noon, that he thought he would fall from his chair.

Tearing pain in the upper and right part of the head, as if she was being pulled by one hair, while sitting.

External sensitiveness and twitching on the crown, as if some one pulled her by the hair.

Boring and throbbing in the right side of the scalp, when sitting.

Tearing drawing pain on both sides of the head, with pain of the hair when touched; this comes on in the evening and increases during the night (3d d.).

Pressure on the hairy scalp, in the face and on the neck.

Severe itching on the hairy scalp.

Much dandruff on the hairy scalp which at times itches (aft. 8 d.).

Itching little lumps on the hairy scalp; when touched they are painful like a furuncle.

The hair falls out frequently (the first days).

Falling out of the hair, the roots of the hair seem dried up.

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