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Phosphorus - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Phosphurus, Phosphorous, Phosphor, Phosphur, Phosph, Phos.

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HPUS indication of Phosphorus: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Apprehension, Bruises, Burns, Fear.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sensation of taking cold in the whole of the body, with chilliness and drowsiness.

Hysterical lassitude, so that she cannot move a foot, with constant yawning, hiccupping, and torment and pressure on the chest.

During the fits of pain, constant yawning and watery urine.

Fatigue, bruised feeling of the limbs.

Disagreeable sensation all over the body, lassitude and weakness in the joints, especially of the knees, when moving and sitting (aft. 14 d.).

Much weakness and lassitude, especially in the legs and knees, with sensation of looseness in the knee-joint, so that he can hardly stand, at times improved by walking.

Weakness and lassitude in the limbs, especially in the knee-joints, with slight shooting and burning there; occasionally most in the morning after rising, and aggravated by resting, relieved by walking, for several days.

Walking fatigues him much.

Unusually fatigued by a slight walk, and then some headache.

Weary and fatigued, toward noon, without any cause; she had to lie down for an hour (aft. 15 d.).

Often sudden fits of great lassitude.

Great lassitude, with nausea.

Weary, oppressed sensation all day.

After taking a little wine, in the afternoon, he soon feels so weary that he had to sleep for several hours; then a sleepless night (aft. 48 h.).

Frequent yawning, with chilliness in the evening.

Frequent yawning, stretching and drowsiness, also after dinner.


Much drowsiness, in the evening.

At night, bruised pain in the lower limbs, as from too great fatigue.

Sleep and dreams

Anxious dreams about necessary business, to accomplish which she frequently rises, and makes preparations.

Sound, long sleep in the morning (2d d.).

Difficulty in falling asleep, and frequent awaking.

Sleeplessness (aft. 16 d.).

Sleeplessness and restlessness, in the evening in bed (aft. 36 h.).

In the evening in bed, he is not sleepy, then a light sleep, so that even the least noise awakes him.

She could not fall asleep at night, on account of a sensation as if her eyes could not close, but had to be kept closed with the hands, and would turn around in her head (aft. 6 d.).

In the evening and at night, after waking up, he is long in getting to sleep again.

He cannot fall asleep before midnight, he feels impelled to rise, and only then, after lying down again, he falls asleep.

He lies abed for a long time in the evening, before he falls asleep.

He can only lie on his right side, at night.

Lying down on his left side, at night, causes him anxiety (aft. 19 d.).

General sensation of illness keeps him from going to sleep before 2 A.M.

Disturbed sleep at night.

He cannot get to sleep at night before two to four hours.

He could not fall asleep for restlessness before 1 A.M., nor get his feet warm, for four nights successively.

Sleeplessness at night, from one to four o'clock.

Restless sleep, with lascivious dreams and pollutions, which rouse him fully, then but little sleep, only some confused slumber in the morning hours before six o'clock.

Waking up at 10 P.M., with intense vertigo and nausea.

Frequent awaking at night, with an actual chill.

Restless sleep with tossing and dreaming, and while awake, anxiety all over the body.

Having falling asleep, after long restlessness, she awoke with an oppression as from a load on the chest, impeding the respiration (aft. 22 d.).

Very restless sleep.

At night, confused dreams.

Vexatious dreams.

Nights, restless, owing to many dreams.

Sleep, restless and full of dreams; in the morning on awaking, headache.

Restless sleep, with many dreams; and frequent awaking, for several nights.

Sleep full of dreams, interrupting, fatiguing.

He has to keep turning over at night.

He lies on his back at night, the left hand under his occiput.

Restlessness at night, impeding sleep, for several nights.

Very restless at night, and constant dreams.

Heavy, anxious dreams, toward morning.

Awaking after 3 hours sleep, tormented with heavy anxious dreams.

Vivid dreams.

Vivid dreams, full of restless activity and business, which he could not finish.

Anxious dreams (aft. 48 h.).

Many anxious dreams.

At night, screaming and talking in sleep.

Anxious dream about animals that bite, she screamed and awoke in great anxiety.

Anxious dream, as if an insect stung her behind the ears.

Dream, as if she was pinched in the back, in the chest, etc., and tickled on the soles of her feet.

Dreams about robbers.

Dreams of fire, with screaming and beating about with her hands.

Dreams about haemorrhage.

Sad dreams.

Frightful and anxious dream (1st n.).

Funny dreams.

Historical dreams, every night.

At night, uninterrupted well-remembered dreams about the business of the day.

Dreams vivid, can be partly recalled.

Dreams about deceased people, about scuffling, etc.

Drowsiness by day (aft. 10, 11 d.).

Drowsiness by day, after walking in the open air, and after dinner.

Intense drowsiness by day, even before dinner.

Great tendency to go to sleep, sitting, with the head inclined forward (aft. 5 h.).

Great somnolence.

Dull, very long sleep.

In the morning has not slept enough, languid and indolent.

Extending the limbs and stretching the chest, in the morning, in bed.

In the morning on rising, much weariness.

In the morning, soon after rising, great weariness in the limbs, chiefly in the thighs.

Even quiet sleep does not refresh her.

In the morning after rising, as if paralyzed and bruised (aft. 6 d.).

In the morning after rising, the hands and feet feel paralyzed.




Itching formication in the paralyzed parts.

Tensive drawing in the glands, also on the neck.

Increased sensation of warmth in paralyzed parts.

Burning in the hands and legs.

Burning on the arms and thighs.

Burning on the whole of the right side of the body.

Shooting on the chest and in the back, also in the right arm, on moving, especially at night, in bed (aft. 11 d.).

Drawing in the arms and legs, with tendency to weep (aft. 13 d.).

Tearing in the right fore-arm and knee, as soon as she gets cold.

After eating, in the afternoon, most of the troubles cease.

The open air relieves him, and he seems to feel better in it (aft. 1, 2 h.).

Sensitiveness to cool weather.

He feels changes in the weather in advance, by his pains.

During a thunderstorm, heaviness in the limbs.

She feels impelled to walk way off into the open air.

Readiness to take cold in the open air, and thence colic pain in the nape, stiffness of the arms, toothache, lachrymation, hiccups, cutting and shooting in and above the scrobiculus cordis, muddled feeling in the head, or finally cold and clammy feet and hands, accompanied with a hot cheek, etc.

A walk is followed by coryza.

After slightly wetting and chilling the feet, weariness in all the limbs, burning in the hands, headache and has to lie down; the next day, coryza.

After slight nocturnal perspiration, on rising, cold and toothache with slight jerks in the teeth.

Blood in great ebullition.

Frequent ebullition of the blood, and occasional intense palpitation.

In the evening, always ebullition of blood, and sensation of warmth.

Rush of blood to the chest and head (aft. 48 h.).

Ebullition of blood, at night, he, as if were, hears the blood rush along in the body.

Ebullition of blood; from his customary smoking of tobacco (aft. 24 h.).

Ebullition of blood, at night, with chill and trembling, at the same time restlessness in the intestines.

Small wounds bleed violently.

Discharge of blood from various parts of the body, as coughing blood, bleeding of the gums of the varices ani, etc.

She perspires violently, at the least motion.

Lively speaking causes heat in the head and chest.

All the limbs feel sprained, with quick movements.

The hands and the feet are asleep.

Hands and feet feel dead.

Hands, feet and nose feel numb.

A sort of insensibility in the whole body.

Cold, lack of warmth in the whole body.

Icy cold hands and feet, all day, also in bed.

Chilliness while sitting down, not while walking.

In the morning, he is tremulous, with sensible twitching in the limbs (aft. 8 d.).

Sensation of chattering of the teeth, and general trembling, in the morning, on awaking.

Trembling of the hands.

Trembling of the hands, so that he cannot write.

Tremulous feeling all over the body, like pulsation.

Trembling in the thighs, like shuddering.


Tremulous in the chest and in the hands, as if she had drunk too much coffee.

Disagreeable sensation of illness and discomfort in the whole body, especially in the stomach, even in the open air.

Emaciation, especially of the hands, so that the veins clearly show.

Consumption and hectic fever.

Pain in all the limbs.

The pains are worst from the afternoon at five, six o'clock till toward morning.

All the joints are painful, most when moving.

Languid, prostrated, joyless, not disposed to anything.

Bruised pain of all the limbs.

Bruised sensation all over the body, strengthless and always drowsy; at the same time very pale, yet with appetite for eating.

Bruised pain and heaviness in the left knee and elbow.

Hands and feet feel as if beaten all over.

Heaviness of the hands and feet.

Heaviness of the whole body.

Clumsiness of mind and body (2d d.).

Painful heaviness of the whole body, now in the head, now in the chest, now in the thigh, then in the leg, then again everywhere at once; this makes him quite inactive and peevish; before the heaviness, general weakening perspiration.

Hands and feet are heavy, like lead.

Heaviness in the legs (aft. 4 d.).

Heaviness of the limb, in the back, in the legs, almost solely in the morning, on awaking.

Heaviness of the limbs, in the morning before rising.

Heaviness in the joints of the arms and knees.

Indolence and heaviness of the limbs.

Indolence of the limbs, more in the forenoon.

Constant weakness in the joints of the arms and knees.

Great weariness in the limbs, for more than three weeks.

Great weakness, in the morning, on rising and through the day, general sensation of weakness, heartburn, and after moving quickly, ravenous hunger and trembling of the limbs.

General great, sudden prostration.

Sudden general prostration, with much heat in the face (aft. 11 d.).

Weariness all over the body, especially in the thigh (in a man else robust) (aft. 9 d.).

Lack of tension for several days, especially in the chest.

Lack of tension in mind and body, in the morning.

Weariness and lack of tension in the whole body, in the morning after awaking; it goes off after rising.

General lack of tension toward noon, less in the afternoon.

Sensation in the chest and abdomen, as if everything would collapse.

After sitting down, he feels paralyzed, for several minutes.

He feels paralyzed and ill, all over the body.

Lack of strength in all the limbs, especially in the joints, as if paralyzed, with good appetite.

The whole right side feels paralyzed, with nausea.

He walks as if lame, without perceiving it himself.

He feels mentally and bodily, as it were, paralyzed, in the morning after rising and all the day.

Paralysis in all the limbs, in the morning in bed; it goes off after rising.

Feels paralyzed in the back and in the arms, after the siesta.

All the strength seems annihilated.


Fits of swooning.

He wants to yawn continually and cannot, it is abortive.

At night in bed, dull pain in the bones of the hips, as from a hard mattress; he had continually to change his position; in the morning after rising it soon went off.

After the noonday-nap, he feels as if his back were asleep or sprained.

At night, she awakes from a pressure in the hypogastrium, almost as if on the bladder.

At night, severe drawing in the right arm and leg.

At night, sensation as from a spoiled stomach.

At night in bed, unbearable itching of the hands.

At night, very keen, stinging itching on the dorsum of both the hands, so that he could not go to sleep; not relieved by scratching.

At night, eructation as from rotten eggs.

At night, great thirst.

At night, restlessness from pressure on the stomach and nausea.

At night, painfulness of the external ear, which wakes him from his sleep.

At night, violent stitches through the ear and the teeth.

At night, frequent awaking from boring in the tooth.

At night, violent palpitation (5th n.).

At 1 A.M., awaking, from colic, for one hour (aft. 21 d.).

He wakes up very much discouraged, every night after midnight.

In his sleep by day, even while sitting down, saliva runs from his mouth.

At night, a pressure in his abdomen (the first days).

Fit of asthma at night; he feels as if he would suffocate.

At night, awaking with a sensation of constriction of the larynx and windpipe, as if he should suffocate.

At night, much inclination to vomit and continual eructation of the ingesta.

At night, he is awaked by stuffing of the nose and difficult respiration.

In the evening, when turning over in bed, a sort of vertigo, as if all the blood rushed to the head.

In the evening in bed, vertigo, as if the bed turned about in a circle.

At night on awaking, he feels stupefied intoxicated, dizzy and reeling.

Drowsy, as if reeling, without being able to sleep.

She lies by day in a stupefied slumber.

Frightened starting up when falling asleep.

After falling asleep, he at once dreams of frightful things and awakes again.

She cannot go to sleep in the evening, for restlessness, and when she wakes up she has the same restlessness (aft. 5 d.).

In the evening in bed, at once great anxiety and restlessness.

Anxiety the whole night, without heat, as if he had killed somebody, with constant tossing about.

Frightful fancies when falling asleep, as if a wicked man seized him by the throat and was going to throttle him (aft. 4 d.).

She awakes toward morning with a start.

She awakes every morning with anxiety.

At night, great restlessness with anxiety.

Repeated awaking, at night, with chilliness.

Frightened starting up in sleep, toward morning.

Tormenting dreams about lice.

Tossing about and whimpering, all night, with very anxious dreams.

Anguish during an unconscious sleep, subdued weeping, wringing the hands as if in despair, lamenting, tossing about, short breathing; she timidly clings to those standing about, or snatches at them in a frenzy.

At night, much heat and dryness in the mouth, she had to drink, for several nights.

At night, repeated awaking, from sensation of heat, without any sweat.

At night, dry heat, without thirst, with pain of the parts on which she had lain, as from a hard bed.

At night, after awaking from anxious dreams, chill and trembling all over the body, especially on the abdomen, violent ebullition of blood and constriction of the chest, so that he can get no breath and could hardly rise (aft. 10 d.).

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