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Phosphorus - Generalities symptoms - Clarke

Phosphurus, Phosphorous, Phosphor, Phosphur, Phosph, Phos.

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HPUS indication of Phosphorus: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Apprehension, Bruises, Burns, Fear.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Great weakness and paralytic lassitude, which sometimes come on suddenly, esp. in bed in morning, or after a very short walk.

Hysterical lassitude.


Falling asleep late.

Complaints preventing sleep.

Over-powering sleep coming on after dinner, if only a moderate dinner has been eaten.

Sleeplessness before midnight.

Sleepy at 7 p.m.; wakeful at night (produced.)

R. T. C.).

Strong tendency to sleep by day, as from lethargy.

Stupefying sleep.

Sleep retarded in evening, and sleeplessness at night, or frequent waking, with difficulty in going to sleep again, caused by restlessness, with anguish, tossing, heat, vertigo, and ebullition of blood.

Inability to remain lying on back or on side.

Coma vigil.

Sleep unrefreshing; sensation in morning as after insufficient sleep.

At night vertigo with nausea, painful sensibility of limbs, pains in stomach and abdomen, suffocating and spasmodic asthma, &c.

Frequent waking from feeling too hot, without perspiration.

Frequent waking, with starts and fright.

During sleep, jerks in limbs, cries, talking, tears, complaints, lamentations, and moans.






Affections of inner chest; shinbones; bones of legs; of r. upper or r. lower extremity; r. upper or r. lower side.

Profuse secretion of mucus.

Affections of axillary glands; inflammation of glands in general; glands painful, particularly stitching pains; hot swelling of glands.

Glandular diseases, esp. after contusion.

Bleeding from inner parts; threatened phthisis pulmonalis.

The pains of Phos. are continuous, or, at least, irregular as to time.

Arthritic and rheumatic tearings and stitching pains, principally in limbs, sometimes after a slight chill, esp. in bed at night.

Burning pain in limbs.

Tension, cramp, jerking, and distortion of some of the limbs.

Sprains, easy dislocations.

Ataxia and adynamia.

Rigidity of some parts.

Fits of paleness and numbness in some of the limbs, which then appear dead.

Mucous membrane pale.

Trembling of limbs from least exertion, but chiefly during labour.

Tendency to strain the back.

Ebullition and congestion of blood, sometimes with pulsation throughout body.

Sensations of fulness; of itching or tickling; of knocking, beating, or throbbing; of darting; darting pain; of roughness-all occurring in inner parts.

Sensation of dryness or of festering in internal parts.

Bleeding from various (internal) organs.

Inflammation and stinging pain of inner parts.

Itching of inner parts.

Small wounds bleed much.

Blood fluid non-coagulable.

Weakness and soreness in joints, esp. knees.

Can only lie on the r. side.

Lying on the l. side at night causes anxiety.

Spasms of the paralysed side.

Paralysis, formication, and tearing in limbs; anćsthesia; increased heat.

Exostosis, esp. of skull.

Hip-joint disease, oozing a watery pus.

Epilepsy with consciousness.

Fainting fits; from strong odours.

Excessive sensibility of all the organs.

General dejection and nervous debility.

Heaviness of limbs and sluggishness.

Paralysis with tingling in the parts affected.

Emaciation and consumption.

Inability to remain in open air, esp. when cold.

Strong tendency to take cold, which is often followed by headache and toothache, coryza, with fever, shivering, &c.

Effects of hair-cutting and chill to head.

Pains in limbs on change of weather.

The majority of symptoms manifest themselves morning and evening, in bed, as well as after dinner, while several others appear at the beginning of a meal and disappear after it.

amel. In the dark; lying on r. side; from being mesmerised; from rubbing; from scratching; after sleep; from cold things; cold food; cold water (till it gets warm).

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