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Phosphorus - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Phosphurus, Phosphorous, Phosphor, Phosphur, Phosph, Phos.

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HPUS indication of Phosphorus: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Apprehension, Bruises, Burns, Fear.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Chilliness (fourth day), ; (third night),

Severe chill; followed by a fever; flushed cheeks; the left one much more than the right (after two hours); fever; with headache; but no chill (second day); considerable fever; in the evening; with a whitish discharge from the vagina (fifth day); fever; with headache; in the afternoon (sixth day),

Chilliness and trembling of the whole body; especially of the abdomen; at night; on waking from anxious dreams; great orgasm of blood and oppression of the chest; so that he could not get a breath and could scarcely rise (after ten days),

Constant chilliness towards evening (first day), ; (third day),

The patient complained of constant chilliness (third day),

Frequent chilliness (first day), ; (second day),

Feeling of chilliness; alternating with heat (second day); fever increased (after three days),

Chilliness with increased temperature and pulse (third day),

Chills; accompanied with ringing in the ears; most in the right,

Chilliness on rising,

Chilliness even in a warm room (second morning),

Chills at 1 P.M.; lasting 5 P.M. (this symptom came three days in succession),

Chilliness over the whole trunk; as if it were in cold water; without thirst; not relieved by an overcoat and a glass of beer,

Chilliness over the whole body; lasting half an hour; after every dose,

Internal chilliness several afternoons; for half an hour or an hour; and at times with a sensation as of hot water in the pit of the stomach and in the back,


in the evening; on falling asleep,

with cold hands and pale face; frequent nausea; empty eructations; while walking in the open air; at 7 P.M.,

Chilliness while sitting; not while walking,

Chilliness and symptoms of fever (third day),

Chilliness for two hours; in the morning; with yawning; without subsequent heat,

Much chilliness; with cold hands and feet; during the menses,

Chilliness in the hands; though they were warm; red; and the veins distended,

Chilliness towards 6 P.M.; and falling asleep from weakness; towards midnight; waking from heavy dreams; with profuse general perspiration,


every evening; with shivering; without thirst; though with dryness of the throat,

with anxiety; in the evening,

He was so chilly that he trembled all over; even by a warm stove,

Violent chill before the stool,

Chilliness in the back and arms; followed by chilliness in the head (second day),

Chilliness and shivering; with loss of appetite; and without; subsequent heat,

Creeping chill up the back during the day,

Chilly; several evenings; after lying down in bed,

Violent shaking chill

cold creeping over the back; was obliged to lie down and cover himself when he became warm only slowly; and on putting the hands out of bed there was immediately renewed shivering; with stiffness of the hands from cold and painful dulness of the head; without subsequent heat (after twenty-six hours),

at night; with looseness of the bowels four times; followed by great heat and perspiration all over; and preceded by perspiration before midnight; for several nights,

followed by sweat; at night; on the days previously; great restlessness for two days together (ninth day),

Shivering chill over the back,

Shaking chills,

Constantly more shivering then warmth; lasting only a short time; the shivering was not relieved by the warmth of the stove (after three hours),

Frequent shivering; with yawning; and with at times gooseflesh on the arms,

Shivering over the whole body; without chilliness,

Shivering; with pain in the head and stomach (after three hours),

Slight shivering; alternating with heat of the head and hands (after three hours),

Slight shivering at 7 P.M.,

Great coldness,

General coldness (after three weeks),

Coldness of the whole body; especially of the extremities (second day),

Complained of being very cold (fifth day),

Long-continued coldness; without thirst; then thirst; at night; after the fever; diarrhoea,

Coldness every afternoon; and weakness for several days,

Coldness; lack of warmth in the whole body,

Cool feeling over the whole body,

Skin cold (after three days and a half), ; (second day),

Skin dry and cold (second day),

Coldness in the head and body; frequently alternating with heat (after two hours),

Body cold (fifth day),

Face and hands cool,

Extremities cold; bluish (seventh day;,)

Coldness of the limbs,

Extremities cold, ; etc.

Cold hands,

Icy coldness of the hands and feet all day; even in bed,

Sensation of coldness in the lower extremities (second day),

Coldness in the knees constantly; at night; in bed,

Cold feel in the insteps of both feet,

Feet icy cold; he could not get them warm even in bed (in June),


Violent fever; with red; hot face (fourth day),

Of one hundred and seventy workers in match factories (mostly boys); one hundred and twenty were attacked with typhus; often complicated with pneumonia and bronchitis; that often developed into consumption,

Woke; at night; in fever; alternations of heat and chill; with violent pains in the head; abdomen; and lower extremities; afterwards vomiting; before midnight; lasting more than twenty-four hours; with disappearance of appetite and sleep (after fourteen days),

Sudden fever; with great restlessness; colicky pain in the epigastric region; with retention of stool and urine (third day),

Fever; two days in succession; during the menses; in the first afternoon chilliness; then heat and headache; without thirst; the second day chilliness; for an hour; at noon; then spasmodic shaking of the whole body; with chattering of the teeth; followed by heat; especially in the head; and headache (after ten days),

Fever from 5 to 6 P.M.; first violent chill; so that he could not get warm; followed by heat; with thirst; and internal chilliness; and after the latter had passed off; heat and perspiration all night; in bed; till morning (after eight hours),

With very quick pulse


during the night; and vomiting (after twelve hours),

with thickly coated tongue,

Well-marked fever,

The greater number suffer from fever,


in the afternoon; for many days; heat; with or without previous chill,

with tossing about the bed,

Inflammatory fever,

Feverish (sixth day); more feverish (seventh and eighth days),

Moderate fever at first; afterwards sinking of the temperature,

Feverish excitement,

Temperature exceedingly high,

Temperature very much increased (eighth day),

Increased heat of the whole body,

Febrile heat from 2 to 3 and from 6 to 7 P.M.; especially in the face (after fourteen days),

Dry heat; at night; without thirst; with pain in the part upon which she lies; as from a hard bed,

General heat towards 8 P.M.; with loss of thirst; not preceded by shivering,

General heat; with sweat; without thirst; from 7 to 12 A.M.,

General; not disagreeable; increased warmth of the body,

Great heat in the body (second day),

Great heat from 1 to 4 A.M.; with short breath; without thirst; with general transient perspiration; dry lips; and dry tip of the tongue; the posterior portion of the mouth is moist,

Paroxysms of anxious heat at times (after six days),

Sensation of heat; and heat,

Heat through the whole body; with a sense of internal pruritus; with rush of blood to the head,

Anxious heat over the whole body; after breakfast (after half an hour),

Heat over the whole body; especially in the head and hands; with bitterness in the mouth and nausea in the stomach (after two hours and a half),


in the forenoon; lasting two hours; with thirst for beer; and preceded by shaking chill; and followed by chilliness; all this transpired in a dreamy slumber; with much motion of the hands,

at night; without thirst; and sweat; from which he frequently woke,

Febrile heat and sweat; at night; with ravenous hunger; that could not be appeased; followed by chilliness; with chattering of the teeth; and external coldness; after the chill internal heat; especially in the hands; with constant external coldness,

Some heat of the body preceding the stool,

Attacks of flushes of heat; especially in the evening; with slight febrile restlessness and burning heat in the palms,

Flashes of heat and cold across the shoulders (after six hours),

On thinking very intently she is attacked with heat; as if dashed with hot water,

Constant heat; sweat; and thirst,

Internal warmth through the whole body; with dulness in the head,

Frequently increased warmth of the whole body at times; while sitting; disappearing in the open air or after dinner; at times also with anxiety as if sweat would break out,

Warmth of the whole body; with itching internally,

The warmth of the room seemed intolerable; on account of dry heat in the face; head; and feet,

Warmth over the whole body,

Warmth and sweat over the body; especially on the shoulders; lasting a long time; only the feet are dry; an hour after dinner,

Heat first in the hands; then in the head; then in the nape of the neck; with a feeling as if sweat would break out (after three hours),

Mounting of heat from the chest into the head and whole abdomen; while eating soup; with a feeling as if sweat would break out,

Frequent rising of heat from the back into the head; with redness of the face; in the afternoon; while sitting,

Increased sensation of warmth in paralyzed parts,

Skin very hot (tenth and eleventh days),

Skin hot and dry, ; (second day),

Skin dry; not very hot (third day),

Skin hot (fifth day),

Skin of the whole body very hot; alternating with chilly sensations; in the night; then profuse perspiration during sleep,

Heat in the head and chest on excited talking,

Heat in the head; with dulness; better by moving about,

Much heat; and sensation of heat in the head; especially in the forehead and face (also in the hands); at times with throbbing in the head; at times mounting up (from the back); and disappearing in the cool open air,

Heat in the head; then in the whole body; and also in the feet; as if sweat would break out; an hour after dinner,

Heat and perspiration on the head and hands; even on the feet; with only moderate external warmth; lasting three minutes; afterwards; about 2 o'clock; almost every half an hour; and also the following day; though at longer intervals; and even in the open air,

Increased heat in the head (after one hour and a half),

Transient heat and perspiration on the head and hands (after two hours),

Heat and redness of the face; with slight perspiration on the forehead and dulness of the head (after twelve hours),

Heat and redness of the ear,

Violent heat in the face; with red spots after washing,

Much heat in the face; immediately after eating,

Great heat in the face; towards evening (after fourteen days),

Much heat; in the evening; especially in the face; with vertigo (after eight days),

Frequent paroxysms of heat; especially in the face; with dryness of the mouth; without thirst,

Heat of the cheeks (first day),

Glowing heat of one or the other cheek; every evening; lasting two hours; without thirst,

Temperature 39.8° in the axilla (second day),

The chest is very warm externally,

Feverish feel in hands and feet; at night,

Feet; which were habitually cold; very warm (after one hour and a half),

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