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Phosphorus - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Phosphurus, Phosphorous, Phosphor, Phosphur, Phosph, Phos.

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HPUS indication of Phosphorus: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Apprehension, Bruises, Burns, Fear.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Blue rings about the eyes,

Broad blue rings around the eyes,

Puffiness of the eyes (second day),

Puffiness and swelling about the eyes,

Swelling of the parts about the eye,

Eyes much sunken (fourth day),

Eyes sunken (fourth day),

Eyes sunken, with a general sickly look (after ten days),

Puffy about the eyes,

Inflammation of the eyes, with burning and itching in them (after a few hours),

Inflammation of the eyes, with stitches,

Inflammation of the eyes (after twenty-seven days),

Inflammation of the right eye, while the left was weak,

Redness, inflammation, swelling, and agglutination of the right eye, with burning pain, for two days,

Inflammation and redness of the eye, with itching and pressive pain,

Rush of blood to the eyes; he is sensible of the eyeball, though not disagreeably so,

Redness of the white of the eye, with itching and smarting, and discharge of much burning-smarting water,

Eyes and skin of the forehead yellow (seventh day),

White of the eye deep yellow (third day),

Jaundice of the sclerotic (ninth day), of the whole body (tenth day),

Jaundice commencing in the sclerotic (second day),

Yellowness of the white of the eye,

Slight icteric color of the white of the eye (third day),

Sclerotic was yellow (fourth day),

Jaundice of the sclerotic (fourth day),

Icteric color of the sclerotic (fourth day),

Twitching of the muscles beneath the right eye,

Eyes dull and expressionless,


Sensitiveness of the eyes to the candlelight, in the evening,

Eyes weak and sleepy,

Great weakness of the eyes, especially in the morning on waking, somewhat better on rising (after five days),

Eyes weak and unsteady (sixth day),

Inclination to look with only one eye,

Burning pain in and about the eye,

Eyes heated, with burning in them, for four or five minutes frequently during the day,

Dryness of the eye, soon disappearing,

Dryness of the eyes, in the morning, on waking,

Dry sensation in the eyes,

Sensation of pressure in the eyes, aggravated by the light (after fifty-one hours),

Pressive pain above the eyes,

Pressure and heaviness in the eyes, like an inclination to sleep,

Pressure and sticking in the eyes; they are dim and weak,

Pressure in the eyes, with dimness,

Pressure in the eyes,

Pressure and burning in the eyes for two days,

Pain in the eyes; it seemed to the patient as though grains of sand were under the upper lids (fifteenth day),

Pressure inward above the margin of the left eye, after dinner,

The eyes are painful when reading by daylight or candlelight,

Deepseated pain in the eyes (third day),

Burrowing pain in the eyes,

Tension in the eyes,

Stiffness in the eyes, with lachrymation,

Sensation of sand in the eyes,

Sticking and dryness in the eyes,

Sticking behind the eyes,

Stitches in the left eye, and a stye on the lower lid,

Biting and dryness in the eyes, while reading,

Biting in the left eye (after three hours),

Itching in the eyes,

Itching in the left eye, relieved by rubbing,


Violent tearing in the lower margin of the orbit, as if the flesh would be torn loose,

Dull pressive pain in the orbits,

Flashes of pain in the upper part of the orbits (third day),

Tickling in the periosteum about the eyes,


Agglutination, in the morning, with burning and sticking in the eyes, and dimness of vision, as from a veil,

Agglutination, in the morning, on waking, and difficult opening of the eyes,

Eyes gummy, on waking, in the morning (after twenty hours),

Agglutination of the inner canthi, in the morning,

Agglutination of the lids, followed by watering of the eyes,

Agglutination in the morning, with suppuration and lachrymation during the day,

Swelling of the right upper lid, with itching and pressure,

Swelling of the left eyelid, with painfulness of the bones of the orbit when touched,

A kind of gaseous swelling of the right upper lid,

Puffiness, especially of the lids and face, so that a depression, caused by the pressure of a finger, was but slowly obliterated; on other parts of the body, nape of the neck, back, etc., the relaxed tissues, when pinched by the fingers, but slowly regained their smoothness,

Twitching in the lids and external canthus of the left eye, very frequently repeated,

Sensation in the right external canthus as if something sharp, salt, or biting were in it, without redness,

Burning in the upper lids (after three hours),

Pain in the margins of the lids,

A feeling in the right eye as if the edge of the lid had been roughly grazed or rubbed,

Pressure in the upper lids,

Fine sticking in the inner canthi, worse in the open air, in the morning,

Itching in the lids, frequently during the day,


Profuse lachrymation, even at night,

Profuse lachrymation (after several days),

Lachrymation very easy, in the open air,

Lachrymation, in the morning, while at work, with dimness of the eyes (after four days),


Lachrymation, biting, and mucus in the right eye, in the evening,

Watering of the eyes, in a warm room,

Watering and dimness of the eyes, while reading,


Redness of the conjunctiva, with a feeling as if something were in the eye, that obliged constant wiping and rubbing,

Conjunctiva and whole body slightly jaundiced, but on the face there were portions of the skin of a deeper and redder color, as if from circumscribed erythema or from subcutaneous effusion (fifth day),

Icteric color of the conjunctiva and of the whole skin,

The conjunctiva had a deep-yellow tint (seventh day),

Conjunctiva yellow (after eight days), ; (third day), ; (second day),

Conjunctiva dirty yellow,

Slightly jaundiced color, especially of the conjunctiva; this icterus increased until the seventeenth day, after which it steadily diminished until the forty-eighth day,

Icterus of the conjunctiva and skin, with enlargement of the liver and spleen, and appearance of bile in the urine,

A little yellowish tint appears in both conjunctivae, especially at the internal angles; the icteric coloration of the eyes became more and more manifest, and extended also to the face and extremities (third day); jaundiced hue very evident all over the body (fourth day),


Icteric color of the eyeballs (third day),

Burning in the eyeball for half a minute,

Sticking and tearing extending into the right eyeball, in the afternoon, while sitting,

The eyeballs are painful, as if pressed; looking aggravated the pain,

Darting pains in the eyeballs (fourth day),


Pupils of both eyes were greatly contracted,

Pupils very much contracted,

Pupils contracted under the influence of light (fourth day),

The pupils were so dilated that only a narrow ring of the Iriswas visible, and they were uninfluenced by light (fourth day),

Pupils were widely dilated, and reacted feebly to light (third day),

Pupils very much dilated,

Pupils dilated; the patient did not perceive objects brought near the eyes (fifth day),

Pupils dilated, sluggish,

The pupils were equal, but dilated,

Pupils dilated (third day), ; (after nine days),

Pupils slightly dilated, sensitive to light (fourth day),

Eyelids closed, pupils dilated and insensible to light,


He sees more distinctly in the morning, in the twilight, than during the day,

The patient, who retained perfect consciousness, stated that in the horizontal position he could perceive a feeble ray of light, but that when he sat up he could not see at all (fourth day),

The sister stated that there had been a loss of sight during the evening (fifth day),

She said at times her sight left her (third day),

Shortsightedness; contours of distant objects are undefined (as if washed),

Giving out of the eyes while reading,

Vision very weak, dazzling of the eyes; she was unable to thread a needle (twenty-first day),

She was obliged to hold objects near in order to see distinctly; at a distance everything seemed enveloped in a smoke or mist, but she could long retain distinct vision by holding objects near her; she could see better when the pupils were dilated by shading the eyes with the hand,

Dreamy and indistinct sensation, as if objects were passing to and fro before the eyes (after one hour and a half),

Vision lost during delirium (fifth day),

Frequent sudden blinding, and a sensation as of a gray covering before the eyes,

Blinding of the eyes by the daylight,

The patient complained that she was constantly blinded by the light, although the room was darkened, with dilated pupils almost insensible to light,

Cloudiness or dimness of vision,

The eyes are very dim; he sees little,

Everything seems in a mist, with some loss of consciousness,

A green halo about the candlelight, in the evening,

Trembling objects in front of vision, in the morning, on waking; they seem to have indistinct contours,

Flickering before the eyes and roaring in the head,

Sparks before the eyes, in the dark,

It seems as though a back veil were before the right eye,

Black floating points before the eyes,

Floating dark points before the eyes; these points change their position from time to time,

Dark objects and spots before the eyes,

Large black spots float before the eyes, after eating,

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