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Phosphorus - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

Phosphurus, Phosphorous, Phosphor, Phosphur, Phosph, Phos.

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HPUS indication of Phosphorus: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Apprehension, Bruises, Burns, Fear.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



A very weak, empty, or gone sensation, felt in whole abdominal cavity (this is an indicative point whether found existing among a complication of troubles or occurring alone, and esp. when accompanied by sensation of heat in the back between shoulder-blades.)

H. N. G.).

Sharp pains through abdomen.

Shootings in hepatic region.

Abdomen hard and distended.

(Distended abdomen with bilious tendency.)

R. T. C.).

Acute yellow atrophy of the liver.

Enlargement and induration of liver, with pain.

Pain in hepatic region on pressure.

Enlargement of spleen.

Sensitiveness in hepatic region, agg. when lying on r. side, with pain on touch.

Painful pulsation in r. hypochondrium.

Contractive pain in abdomen.

Spasmodic colic.

Pinchings, cuttings, and tearings in abdomen, esp. in morning, in bed at night, and in evening, and often with urgent want to evacuate and diarrhoea.

Shooting pains in abdomen, sometimes with pallid face, shiverings, and headache.

Sensation of coldness, with heat and burning sensation in abdomen.

Inflammation of intestines.


Uneasiness in abdomen after breakfast.

Pressure outwards against sides of abdomen.

Soreness of abdomen to touch when walking.

Flaccidity of the abdomen.

Obliged to lie down from weakness across abdomen.

Inguinal hernia.

Large yellow spots in abdomen.

Swelling and suppuration of inguinal glands.

Flatulent colic, deeply seated in abdomen; agg. when lying down, with grumbling (rumbling and rolling in bowels) and borborygmi.


Clammy or cheese-like taste.

Bitterness in mouth and throat after eating, with roughness.

Loss of taste.

Want of appetite from a sensation of fulness in gullet and violent thirst.

Excessive craving for cooling things.

Longing for acids and spicy things.

Bulimy, even at night (during an attack of gout), with great weakness, so great that he faints if the hunger is not soon allayed.

Thirst, with longing for something refreshing.

Sensation of faintness and softness in abdomen after breakfast.

Throwing up of ingesta by mouthfuls.


Distension of abdomen, esp. after a meal.

Frequent risings, generally empty, esp. after a meal and after drinking; sometimes also abortive, or spasmodic, or else sour, or with taste of the food.

Sour regurgitation of food.

Nausea of various kinds, esp. in morning or in evening, or else after a meal.

As soon as the water (or food) becomes warm in the stomach it is thrown up.

Vomiting of food, esp. in evening.

Sensation of contraction in cardia; the food, scarcely digested, returns into throat.

Shootings and pressure in stomach, esp. after a meal, with vomiting of food.

The pains in the stomach are amel. by cold food (ice-cream, ice).

The pains in stomach manifest themselves chiefly after a meal, as well as in evening and at night.

Taste saltish, sour, or sweetish in mouth, esp. after a meal.

Hunger after a meal.

After a meal drowsiness and indolence, heat and anxiety, burning sensation in hands, acidity increased, pressure and fulness in stomach, chest, and abdomen, accompanied by obstructed respiration, vomiting of food, inflation of abdomen, or headache, risings of sour ingesta, hiccough, debility, colic, and many other sufferings.


Incarcerated flatus.

Flatus in general.


Tabacum Tobacco smoke produces nausea and palpitation of heart.

Nausea with violent hunger or thirst, which disappears on eating or drinking water.


Vomiting with violent pains in stomach and great weakness.

Greenish or blackish vomiting.

Vomiting of acid matter.

Vomiting of bile or of mucus at night, sometimes with coldness and numbness of hands and feet.

Vomiting of blood.

Vomiting with diarrhoea.


Risings, with pain in stomach, as if something were being torn out of it.



Waterbrash, esp. after eating acid things.

Pain in stomach, esp. when it is touched and when walking.

Violent pains in stomach, amel. by a cold drink.

Fulness in stomach.

Pain in scrobiculus when it is touched, also in morning.

Sensation of coldness, or heat and burning sensation in stomach and scrobiculus.

Inflammation of stomach.

Ulceration of stomach in anćmic girls (R. T. C.).

Spasmodic pain, sensation of clawing and contraction in stomach, sometimes with choking.

General uneasiness, but which is felt more particularly in stomach.

Oppression and burning in epigastrium.

Drawing pain in pit of stomach, extending to chest.

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