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Petroleum - Modalities Etc

Crude Rock-oil, Petrol, Petrol., Petr.

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HPUS indication of Petroleum: Nausea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Petroleum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Pain in arms, chest, and back; chill, with headache; 10 A.M., violent chill.

(Noon), Sleepiness.

(Afternoon), Sticking in left side of occiput; after eating, eructations; distension of the stomach; pressure in the stomach and diarrhoea; stitches in the stomach; abdomen distended; hoarseness; pressure and tightness in the chest; 3 or 4 P.M., chilliness; febrile coldness and blue nails.

(Toward evening), Sneezing, with sleepiness; heartburn; eructations; burning pain in urethra; cough.

(Before midnight), Heat, with burning pain in mouth.

(About midnight), Awakened by pressure and griping in abdomen.

(After midnight), Chilliness.

(Acid and salt things), Smarting on tongue.

(Open air), Lachrymation; entering teeth, pain.

(Bending arm), Stitches up and down arm.

(Bending body to left), Cutting pain in right side of chest.

(After breakfast), Toothache; bitterness in mouth; uprisings of sour water.

(During caresses), Emissions.

(When chewing), Gum sore.

(Coughing), Sticking in chest, and pain in head; nausea.

(Paroxysms of cough), Pain in groin.

(After dinner), Dizziness; heat of the face; sour eructations; moderate one, fulness, with pressure in the stomach.

(Eating a little food), Disorders his stomach, and causes fulness and oppression.

(After eating), Head scams befogged; rush of blood to head; rising of heat into left side of head, with red cheeks; accumulation of saliva; in the morning and at noon, cramplike spasm in chest; insipidity and uneasiness; heat and perspiration on head.

(Following nocturnal emission), Sticking in the right groin.

(Incomplete eructations), Painful jerk in back.

(Exerting eyes), Burning and cutting in them.

(Physical exertions), Stitches in hepatic region.

(Flexion of arm), Pain in axillary fossa.

(Going upstairs), Violent pulse.

(Keeping quiet), Throbbing in soles of feet.

(Lying upon part), Pulsation in occiput.

(During menses), Singing and roaring in ears; tearing in thigh; places in knee painful to touch; weakness and prostration; heat in soles and hands.

(Menstrual blood), Itching on genitals.

(During micturition), Constriction in region of neck of bladder; cutting in neck of bladder; burning pain.

(After micturition), Dribbling of urine.

(After a glass of milk), Eructations, with pressure in the stomach.

(Motion), Rapid, feeling of a rush of blood to brain; slight, violent circulation of blood; pressive pain in nape on neck; cramp in upper arm; pain in hips; pain in left thigh.

(Moving about), Cutting pain in small of back.

(Moving foot), Cramp in ankle and sole.

(Pressure), Painfulness of bone above right eye; lower jaw painful.

(Pronation of the arm), Pain in arm.

(Putting right foot to ground in walking), Pain in hip an knee.

(Raising eyes), Vertigo.

(Raising arm), Shoulder-joint painful.

(During rest), Stitches up and down arm.

(Riding in a wagon), Spine painful.

(Rising from a seat), Vertigo; pain in small of back.

(Rising up from lying down), Vertigo.

(Sewing), Fulness and heat in head.

(Sitting in cold air), Oppression of chest.

(While sitting), Crawling; falling asleep of the abdominal muscles; cramplike pain in both groins; pain in small of back; coccyx painful; pressure in the hips; sticking sensation from above knee to foot.

(On going to sleep), Itching in anus.

(During sleep), Noon and night, twitchings.

(Smoking), Befogs him; cough.

(Stepping), Pains in first joint of toe.

(After stool), Dizziness; ravenous hunger.

(Stooping), Vertigo and nausea; pressure in head; sticking and jerking in head; sensation of fulness and heat in head; pain above right eyebrow; lower jaw painful; cutting pain in small of back.

(Stormy weather), Diarrhoea, with disordered stomach.

(Before an approaching storm), Faintness.

(Swallowing), Sticking pain in throat; rawness in pharynx; liquid, vomiting; painful jerk in back.

(After supper), Discomfort.

(Touch), Finger-nails painful.

(On urinating), Itching in the female urethra; stitch in penis.

(After walking), Weakness; nervous weakness of whole body; weakness in small of back.

(Warm room), Shivering in the back and loins.

(Wine taken at dinner), Goes to his head and makes him stupid.


From anger, morning, when heated.

Worse, dampness, before and during a thunderstorm, from riding in cars, Passive motion; in winter, eating, from mental states.




Weather Cold; winter Changing






(Bending backward), Drawing in back.

(Eating), Pressure in stomach.

(After eating), Weakness.

(Exercise on foot), Heaviness in stomach.

(After eructations), Pressure upon sternum.

(Haemorrhage from nose), Headache.

(Lying down), Vertigo.

(Motion), Pulsating roaring in forehead.

(Stooping), Cramplike spasm in chest.

(Walking rapidly in open air), Stiffness in fingers and arm.


BETTER, warm air; lying with head high; dry weather.

Warm air

Desires and aversions

Hunger immediately after stool.

Ravenous hunger.

Aversion to meat and fat, as well as all warm, cooked food.

Loss of appetite.

Drinking all the time; passed water often.

Violent thirst (for beer).


Rancid taste in the fauces.

Much thirst all day.

Much thirst for beer, for a whole week.

No appetite, no thirst.

Ravenous hunger, frequently, so that she feels quite sick from it, and it also awakes her at night.

Insatiableness at dinner.


His stomach and digestion get spoiled from but a little food, especially from sour-krout, brown cabbage, particularly in stormy weather, so that he gets diarrhoea from it, day and night.

The slightest amount of food and every kind of food, spoil her stomach; she cannot bear anything.

Position etc

Motion 29, 31, 34. Rising 2. Stooping 9. Bending double 19. Sitting 31. Rest 29.

Morning 4, 7, 9, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 22, 40. Evening 31, 40. Night 1, 21, 23, 26, 27, 40, 44. After midnight 40. Toward morning 19, 20. Day 20, 23, 40, 44.