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Petroleum - Generalities symptoms - Clarke

Crude Rock-oil, Petrol, Petrol., Petr.

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HPUS indication of Petroleum: Nausea

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Petroleum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Heaviness and lassitude in all limbs.

Great lassitude morning and evening.


Disposition to sleep by day and in evening when sitting quietly (yawning).

Broken and agitated sleep at night, with many vivid, anxious, and frightful dreams (as if somebody were lying alongside of him in bed), frequent awakening with a start, and heat with anxiety.

Sensation in morning as of having slept too short a time.


Affections in general of any kind, appearing on the r. eye; internal or external occiput; behind ears; inner surface of thighs; ball or under part of toes; knee-joint.

Drawing pains in limbs.

Stiffness and tendency to numbness of limbs.

Cracking of joints, with arthritic rigidity and drawing, tearing pains.

Swelling and induration of glands, also after a contusion.

Jerking of limbs by day and during sleep.

Catalepsy; tonic spasms.

Epileptic fits.

Fainting fits, with ebullition of blood, heat, palpitation, and pressure at heart.

Great weakness after least exertion, sometimes with confused sight, trembling of body, buzzing in ears, and nausea.

Weakness, nausea, and other sufferings, from motion of a carriage.

Weakness in morning in bed.

Many of the symptoms appear, or are agg., during stormy weather.

Transient heat, ebullition of blood, and perspiration after a walk, or after a fit of anger.

Emaciation; also in children.

Sensation of insupportable and general-uneasiness, with trembling and dejection.

Great tendency to take cold.

Repugnance to open air, with shivering when exposed to it.

Several symptoms manifest themselves in morning.

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