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Petroleum - Ears symptoms - T.F. Allen

Crude Rock-oil, Petrol, Petrol., Petr.

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HPUS indication of Petroleum: Nausea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Petroleum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Yellowish bloody discharge from both ears, without odor, thin, more copious from the left than from the right (after two weeks),

Redness, rawness, soreness, and moisture behind the ears,

Inflamed and painful swelling of the meatus auditorius,

The meatus auditorius is swollen,

Pressure in the ears, with heat (after five days),

The ear is painful externally (from the vapor of the drug),

Cramplike drawing in the right ear (after seven days),

Cramplike pain in the right ear (after sixteen days),

Painful drawing and jerking in the right ear (after five days),

Jerking pain in the left ear (after thirteen days),

Tearing in the right ear,

Sticking in the ear (after eight days),

At first, tickling and sticking in the ear, followed by stiffness in the articulation of the jaw, as if it would crack and creak, on moving it,

Cutting in the left ear,

Bubbling in the ears,

Itching within the left ear, with a bloody discharge (after forty-eight hours),


Diminished hearing (after five days),

Loss of hearing in the right ear, within which is a painful drawing, extending from the eye (after thirty-eight days),

Something seemed to come before the ear on eructating, so that he could not hear, immediately,

Noises in the ears, at one time as from a clock, at another as from a waterfall (after eight days),

Roaring in the left ear, like a rushing of water, with at times cracking in it, for three evenings (after twenty-one days),

Roaring, as of a wind, in the ears and diminished hearing,

Roaring and pain in the ears,

Singing and roaring in the ears during the menses,

Ringing in the ears (after eight days),

Singing in the ears,

Cracking in the ear from time to time (after twenty-eight days),

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