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Paraffinum - General symptoms

Purified Paraffin, Paraf.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Paraffinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Valuable in uterine affections. Particularly serviceable, in constipation. Knife-like pains. Pains extend from one part to another, and alternate. Pain in stomach alternates with pain in throat and spine.

Paraffin. Trituration.

Abdomen, swelling of. Breasts, affections of. Constipation; of children. Diaphragmitis. Indigestion. Leucorrhoea. Menorrhagia. Muscae volitantes. Spine, pains in. Spleen, pain in. Umbilicus, pain in. Uterus, affections of. Vertebrae, affections of. Vision, disorders of.

"Paraffin" as a generic term includes all those substances which have no affinity for Sulphuricum Acidum Sulphuric Acid, and cannot be destroyed by it, Petroleum Petroleum itself coming within this designation. Specifically "Paraffin" is a "tasteless, inodorous, fatty matter, which resists the action of acids and alkalis, obtained by the dry distillation of wood, peat, bituminous coal, Petroleum petroleum, &c." In the distillation of Petroleum Petroleum, Naphthalin Naphthalin is the first substance that comes off.

Paraffin is the next. This is the substance the attenuation of which I have successfully used on the indications of Wahle's proving (translated by W. F. Robinson from the Italian, H. R., v., 193), and I conclude this is the substance Wahle proved, though no description of it is given. The symptoms of the proving, which was made on persons of both sexes, are very striking. The pains are Knife-like stabs.

twisting, wrenching pains.

stinging and twisting.

electric pains. The pains extend from one part to another and alternate. Pain in the stomach alternates with pains in throat and spine. There is sensitiveness to touch about the head. Sensation as if there were fat on the eyes. Sensation as if whole body was swaying to and fro. Sensation of a cord round abdomen. The pains are agg. bending over. agg. Standing or walking (these soon bring back the symptoms). amel. After sleep. amel. After rest. amel. By supporting the part. Aversion to tobacco.

smoking = pain in stomach. Palpitation accompanies stomach pain. A number of pains were experienced in the groins.

stabbing in mons veneris.

cutting pain from one iliac crest to the other. With these pains there was leucorrhoea, pruritis vulvae, and other disturbances of the female generative organs. The homoeopaths of Rome (says the H. R.) have found it serviceable in uterine and other troubles, particularly constipation. I have recorded (H. W., xxvi. 319) this case Mrs. W., 37, mother of three children, suffered since last confinement, five years before, with bearing-down pains, excessive menses, leucorrhoea, constant and violent indigestion with morning retching or vomiting. Pain in back, shoulders, and abdomen after any food, however light. The pains, which "double her up," are agg. on standing. Much thirst. Constipation with piles. Constant desire to pass water. After Murex Murex and Alston. had given some relief, the indigestion returned in full force. A few globules of Paraf. 30 were dissolved in water and a teaspoonful taken every two or three hours.

Twisting and wrenching in sinciput so that he must lie down (which amel.).

having lain down a quarter of an hour, and having placed r. hand under head, there was experienced a feeling of painless shock so that the hand under the, head was drawn away and the legs were thrown down from the sofa.

soon afterward occurred severe palpitation of heart.


Lower triturations and thirtieth potency.


In a few days all symptoms of indigestion were gone and did not return. Other symptoms were markedly ameliorated. The catamenia instead of recurring too soon were delayed much beyond the normal time. Paraf. has a remarkable action in nodous joints. Cooper has seen swollen joints lessen considerably from its use as a liniment.

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