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Paraffinum - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

Purified Paraffin, Paraf.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Paraffinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sense of lassitude in abdomen amel. when supported.

Feeling in the abdomen as if he had been disembowelled; he wishes to walk fast which causes the parts to pain severely.

Cutting pains in abdomen, preventing sleep the whole night.

At 9 a.m. colicky pains in abdomen, which ceased after some minutes, and a quantity of white mucus issued from vagina; these attacks are often repeated.

Under umbilicus a cutting pain as if caused by a sharp knife, extending downward to genitals.

Colicky pains for some hours internal to umbilicus with a painful sensation as if a cord was bound around abdomen above stomach, lasting ten minutes.

Griping sensation in region of umbilicus, extending to spine.

When sitting, spasmodic pains in lower abdomen, extending into rectum and coccyx.

After long sitting the pains are amel., but walking makes them agg., so that the body must be held in a slightly curved position.

At 10 p.m., without having supped, abdomen suddenly swelled as if she had eaten to excess; before and during the attack flat and viscid taste in mouth.

She went to bed in this condition, and on waking in morning the attack was entirely gone, the bowels, however, refused to move.

Painless swelling of abdomen lasting twenty-four hours.

Abdomen hard, tense, and swollen, with painless rumblings unaccompanied with belching of wind; he goes to bed with these symptoms but they are gone in morning.

Pressing arm against stomach and squeezing it amel. the pain, and then she was able to breathe deeply, which she could not do otherwise.

Griping in abdomen, extending down into rectum, with a feeling as if this organ was ligated; she feels so weak that she has to support herself to keep from failing, with cold sweat in face, lasting half an hour.

Severe itching in abdomen which ceases, and is always followed by copious white expectoration, with flashes of heat in face and great weakness.

At first coldness in feet, then stinging and pressing pains in r. hypochondrium.

From here the pains pass to stomach with swelling of abdomen; then they extend up the spine to the shoulders.

Spasmodic stabbing pains one after the other in mons veneris, when standing on her feet she has a desire to put one foot over the other.

Spasmodic pain in l. inguinal region as of incarcerated wind, which extends upward across abdomen, causing a painful spot in region of spleen.

Drawing and cutting pain from one iliac crest to the other as if a knife had traversed abdomen; often intermitting, and always returning.

Pain as if from a beating in region of stomach; she wished to gape and was obliged to support region of stomach with hand, thereupon a fixed pain in l. hypochondrium as if some of the parts were being twisted.


Toward 6 p.m. griping and cutting internal to umbilicus with nausea, afterwards vomiting of acid water and at the end a little food, with twisting pains in vertex and temples; dryness of mouth with much thirst.

Stomach swollen in the afternoon; went to bed at 10 p.m. and slept one hour, awoke with urging to vomit, and soon after threw up acid water and the food taken the preceding day.

Weight in stomach as if there was a stone placed upon it, in morning, evening, and after dinner during time of digestion (from half an hour to an hour after meals).


Swelling of abdomen and nausea as if about to vomit.

Inclination to vomit at 9 p.m.

After eating repeated urging to vomit with expulsion of the ingesta.


Acid eructations some hours after eating.

A constant feeling of satiety.

Appetite good, but nothing seems to taste as it should.

Disturbance of stomach with increase of saliva in mouth as if emesis must occur, with stinging pains in forehead and cold over whole body, without thirst or feeling of heat following.

Hunger almost all the time.

Pain across stomach as if a blow had been received; lasts thirty-six hours; can only breathe slowly and carefully.

The pains in stomach extend to chest, causing oppression thereof, and then pass into shoulders, with much belching, and alternating with pains in throat and spine.

Great sensibility of stomach; cannot draw the vest together.

In walking, feeling of relaxation in region of stomach, as if a sore in it were causing pain.

Smoking soon = pain in stomach, and tobacco is distasteful.

Stomach swells up like a ball and forces itself upwards; hard and very painful to the touch; there is also very little appetite.

When the pains in stomach subside, those in teeth also disappear (as if a causal relation between the tow).

Palpitation of heart with stomach symptoms, so severe as to incapacitate him.

After breakfast, between 9 and 10 a.m., griping and drawing with crawling in stomach, which extends into chest and between shoulders, causing oppression of chest with a sense of heat.

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