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Phosphorus Hydrogenatus - General symptoms

, PHO.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus Hydrogenatus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Phosphoretted hydrogen; Phosphene, PH3

Authority. Dr. Breunar, Peters. Med. Zeit., 1865 (S. J., 127, 163), effects of inhaling the gas, while preparing some "hypophosphites."

After working about three months, he began to notice flickering points in his field of vision, which rapidly enlarged, and in four weeks rendered it impossible to fix his vision upon any object, especially in reading. At the same time a diarrhoea developed, with weakness and unsteadiness of the arms, that gradually rendered it very difficult for him to write. The unsteadiness of the lower extremities was associated with undercurrent shooting pains in them and in the abdomen, and his gait became very tottering. The teeth also began to crumble, both the healthy and carious teeth, without any pain. There was no headache, vertigo, nor anaesthesia, no sensitiveness of the spine, no disturbance of hearing, nor of the mental powers. At last ataxia of the muscles that control articulation became apparent, so that it was necessary to make a great effort of the will to articulate the word he wished to speak.

swallowing also became somewhat difficult. The patient exhibited a complete expression of ataxia.

he stood with the extremities separated.

co-ordinated movement (walking) was wholly impossible when the eyes were closed.

the patient would stagger and fall down. There was no anaesthesia of the skin or muscles.

electric irritability of the muscles was, indeed, extraordinary increased, and there was also no muscular atrophy. The optic nerve was extremely irritable, reflex optic symptoms could be produced not only by irritation of the trigeminus, but also from the nape of the neck, from the lower angle of the scapula, and often from the upper arm. The auditory nerve was normal, though exhibiting some symptoms of hyperaesthesia. The patient was gradually cured by electricity.

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