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Oleander - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nerium Odorum, Rose-laurel, Oleand, Olnd.

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HPUS indication of Oleander: Lightheadedness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Oleander in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Nos. 1 to 8, from Hahnemann, R. A. M. L., 1, 326). 1, Hahnemann; 2, Franz; 3, Gross; 4, Gutmann; 5, Hartmann; 6, Langhammer; 7, Morgagni, de sedib. et caus. morb., Ep. LIX, ยง 12 (from expressed juice, in a woman of sixty, -Hughes); 8, Petrus de Abano, de Venenis. (cap. 33, statement, -Hughes); 9, Buchner's Repertorium, second ser., vol. 15, three women drank a small glass of the tincture, thinking it brandy; 10, Kurzak, Zeit. der K. K. Gesellschaft d. AErzte. zu Wien (Vjs. fur Hom., 11, p. 154, case quoted from Gaultier's Toxicology, 1855), effects in some soldiers, who ate a broth that had been stirred while cooking, with an Oleander stem; 11, ibid., another case from Gaultier, a person took 15 centigrams of powdered leaves, three times a day, afterwards 1 gram and 10 centigrams at one dose; 12, ibid., a third case from Gaultier, a woman took 4 drops four times a day (till she took 40 drops) of a solution of 30 grms. of the extract in 120 grms. of wine; 13, a man took repeated doses of same solution, beginning with 3 drops, and increasing by 1 drop to 60 drops; 14, effects of swallowing some flowers, in a child, Lindley's Veg. Kingdom; 15, Kurzak (l. c.), effects of eating two handfuls of flowers, in a weakly child; 16, Krug, Schmidt's Jahrb., 76, 184, a woman drank a tea made of the leaves; 17, Broughton, Br. and F. Med.-Chir. Rev., 25, p. 387 (1860), from Trans. Med. and Phys. Soc. of Bombay, 1859, a man, aged thirty-five, swallowed a cup of "Kunaree," which contained more than an ounce of the expressed juice of Oleander.


Nerium oleander, L.

Natural order, Apocynaceae.

Common names, Rose-laurel; (G.), Larbeer-rose; (Fr.), Le laurier rose.

Preparation, Tincture of the leaves.



Authority.18, Dr. T. Murray, Indian Med. Gaz., 1877 (Lond. Med. Rec., Feb., 1878, p. 87) R. D., aged thirty-five years, took a strong infusion of 4 ounces of the root for the cure of a Guinea-worm in his left leg, and died on the fifth day.


Eyes turned up,

Stiffness of the muscles of the jaws,

Bitter taste in his mouth,


Severe cramps in the abdomen,

Weak, thready pulse; afterwards barely perceptible pulse,

Severe cramps in the extremities,

Fingers rigid, and the thumbs turned into the palms,

Convulsive spasms, with cold and clammy skin, and the pulse was barely perceptible,

Cold, clammy skin,

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